Note these 5 points to make home enjoyable during lockdown

For most people, home must be a place where one returns to after a day's hard toil.

Around 20 million people in more than 50 countries are under lockdown as part of measures to tame the deadly virus that is spreading at lightning speed. India is the latest to join the list of countries that have declared a nation - wide lockdown. However, experts say that such measures, which confine people for days or weeks indoors, could lead to severe panic attacks and mental stress. You could overcome such difficulties by trying to improve your ‘relationship’ with your home. For most people, home must be a place where one returns to after a day's hard toil. This, meanwhile, is the perfect time to understand your home better and if possible decorate them a bit.


You could creatively use this time to revamp or decorate your interiors. You could begin with cleaning the spaces. In most houses, there must be corners where unwanted or old objects are dumped. Do not hesitate to throw them out. Allow the interiors to ‘breathe’ by clearing the spaces of unwanted junk. Besides, a mega cleaning could make your interiors more spacious and beautiful as well.

Decorate interiors

You could alter the look of the rooms and the spaces by rearranging the furniture or other furnishings. Open the windows and doors to bring in lots of pleasant sunshine and cool breeze. The kitchen too could be given a facelift by rearranging the cutlery and other objects. Try changing the table cloths or bringing out the vessels that are reserved for special occasions.



Gardens play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall look of the exteriors. Besides, they make the interiors comfortable as well. You could use this lockdown period to plant new trees and re grow the garden that has been ignored for a while. Both indoor and outdoor gardens need special attention. Viewing the beautiful flowers in myriad hues and the lush greenery could help you relax. It could fill your interiors with fresh and clear air as well.


Be artistic

Unleash the artist in you by creating interesting and eye-catching objects. Beautiful curtains could be made from old sarees and trendy bags could be made from jeans. You could also try making unique garden objects or beautiful glass paintings that could adorn the walls. Such activities would help you keep your mind off unpleasant news and fill your surroundings with positive vibes.

Family time

The world has become so hectic that people hardly find time to be with their families. Make use of this quarantine period to bond with the family members and cherish the beautiful moments. You could spend time with them watching news together, doing household chores or enjoying the meals. Even if you are staying away from your family, you could always be in touch with them through phone calls or video chats.