Keep your home safe from coronavirus, use these tips

Couches and sofas could be cleaned by spraying disinfectants. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Personal hygiene is vital when it comes to protecting yourself and the family from COVID-19. Social distancing and wearing masks in public places too could prevent the viral infection. However, not many are aware about the ways in which the house too could be protected. Here are a few tips to keep your house clean and safe.

Touch objects after cleaning hands: Do not touch these objects without washing your hands after you have come home from outside. Door knobs, cabinet handles, fridge door, sink and remote control are some of the objects that are regularly touched and need to be cleaned often. Wipe these with disinfectant solutions regularly.

Use spray: Couches and sofas could be cleaned by spraying disinfectants. You could use this on tables, counter tops and on mattresses as well.


Keep your bathroom clean: It is very important to keep bathrooms clean and tidy always. A solution made by mixing baking soda and lemon juice could be used to clean the bathrooms. Complete the wash by pouring or splashing some water mixed with detol or any other disinfectant.

Use bleach: Bleaches are excellent to clean the floor. You could make the solution by mixing a cup of bleach in the amount of water required. However, do not use bleach on wooden floor. Instead, you could use a milder solution made by mixing half cup white vinegar in four litres water.

Use hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide is usually used to treat nail fungus. However, it is an excellent disinfectant as well. It could be directly poured into the sink and on toilet tops.