When architect in Shornur designed his own house and made it a spectacle

The sloped roofs on both the sides give a traditional look to the house.

Architect Arun Raj built his brand new house in the village Ganeshagiri in Shornur. The house stands on a plot that is surrounded by the lush green paddy fields. The new house is built after demolishing the family’s old ancestral home. Here, besides adding all the modern facilities, the elegant design features of the old house too have been recreated.

The sloped roofs on both the sides give a traditional look to the house. Meanwhile, the chic style of the flat roof is adopted in the centre. Laterite stones are used both inside and outside the house as a decorative feature. The exposed laterite cladding on the outer double-heighted wall instantly grabs attention.


The roofing tiles from the old house were polished and reused in the new house. Besides saving money, these mud tiles help reduce the heat inside the house. Moreover, laterite stones and wooden furniture from the old house are used here. Arun’s father is a noted social worker, so there are enough spaces in the house for small meetings or gathering.


This beautiful house, designed in 2700 sq ft area, has a living room, dining space, courtyard, kitchen with an adjacent work area and four bedrooms. The interiors are arranged in the open theme. There is a built-in seating arrangement in the quaint sit-out. From here, one could enter the spacious hall.


The earthy tones of terracotta and dark brown make the house look and feel closer to nature. The formal living area too is in double height. The unique chandelier crafted in wood is an eye-catching feature. There is a jali partition which could be moved to watch the TV from the dining space.


The courtyard with the double-heighted roof is the highlight of the interiors. This makes the house look incredibly vast. The toughened glass skylight on the roof is operated using a motor. So, the amount of sunlight that comes inside could be easily controlled. Besides, there are air gaps as well which pushes out the warm air. The tall walls of the courtyard are built using laterite stones and have coarse surface. Natural stones and grass are paved on the floor here.


The dining table looks similar to the traditional wooden table. Meanwhile, the wash area is arranged below the stairway to save space.


The bedroom is on the south west side as per the rules of the vastusastra. Cool breeze from the nearby fields always flows into the rooms. The wardrobes are built using MDF. All the bedrooms are bath-attached and have all the required facilities.


The kitchen dons the charming combination of dark and light shades of grey. The cupboards, meanwhile, are made in multi-wood materials. Black granite is paved on the counter top. Sparrows often rest on a unique spot behind the kitchen. So, you could enjoy their sweet chirping sounds if the windows here are opened.


The scintillating views of the fields could be enjoyed even as you climb the stairs. Artificial lighting highlights the steps that are paved with granite. The wooden hand railings add to the elegant look of the stairway. Arun’s younger brother too is an architecture student. So, a studio has been arranged in the upper storey for the duo to work.

The balcony has stylish terracotta roofing on MS frame. The open terrace, meanwhile, is the favourite spot for the family to spent their leisurely evenings.


The talented architect has amazingly blended modern facilities with the elegant charm of traditional architecture to design his dream abode. This spectacular house was built on a budget of around Rs 54 lakhs.

Project Facts

Location – Shornur

Plot – 33 cents

Area – 2700 SFT

Owner – Venugopalan K

Architect – Arun Raj

Mob - +91 890 757 6885

Year of completion - 2019