Luxury mansion amid nature in Thrissur to make each day a vacation

The plot lies in two levels and the spaces in the house too are designed to suit the unique structure of the plot.

This luxury mansion at Mangad in Thrissur district, Kerala stands in perfect sync with the stunning nature and lush greenery around it. Architects Shabeer and Saleel have designed this majestic palatial house and an elaborate landscape in a sprawling 1.75 acres of land. The interiors stand out for its vast and open spaces. This amazing house, designed in 11000 sq ft area, has a garage, car porch, sit out, formal and family living areas, dining space, pantry kitchen, working kitchen and an outside kitchen as well. Besides, the house also has six bedrooms, an office room, gym, home theatre and a pool area.


The plot lies in two levels and the spaces in the house too are designed to suit the unique structure of the plot. The basement garage is spacious enough to park up to six cars. The drive way and the porch that lead to the entrance of the house are just above this area.


The exteriors feature a mesmerizing blend of the contemporary and the traditional architectural styles. The sloped roof is paved with imported roofing tiles that lend a classy charm to the elevation.


There are two corridors that begin from the sit-out, one of them leads to the interiors and the other to the office room. The office space is arranged in a way without hampering the privacy and comfort of the house. One has to cross the foyer and a wooden bridge to reach the entrance of the house. Lots of plants are grown on both sides of this space to make it look mesmerizing.


The formal living area is incredibly vaster and is spacious enough to host a large number of guests. The classy elegance of the imported couches is the highlight of this area. Beautiful carpets and hanging lights add to the spectacular look of this area.


The double heighted roof in the family living area plays a vital role in making it look vaster. Wooden flooring separates this space from the rest of the house. One could enter the garden through the foldable glass door here. The huge window above brings lots of natural sunshine and cool breeze into the house, making the interiors extremely lively and pleasant.

The bedrooms are designed in unique themes and are adorned with overwhelming luxuries. The spacious rooms are bath-attached and have built-in wardrobes, separate dressing spaces and reading tables as well. Wooden flooring is done in three bedrooms to highlight them.


The island kitchen is spacious and has in – built fridge, oven and a console. Sliding cupboards are arranged for storage. There is an adjacent pantry kitchen as well. Besides, there is a separate kitchen outside where food could be prepared for small gatherings and parties.

The stairway leads to the spacious upper living area, an entertainment area, library, home theatre and a gym space. The swimming pool, meanwhile, is in the backyard to ensure privacy.


Though this mansion boasts of luxurious facilities and mind blowing designs, it has many environment-friendly features as well. The structure was built by retaining the trees that stood on the plot. Besides, the family pledged their commitment to nature by planting more trees in the plot. The solar panels on the roof produce the electricity that is mostly required to run the house. Instead of interlocking bricks, the front yard is paved with baby mettle which allows the rain water to seep into the earth.


This house celebrates luxury and aesthetic sensibilities in the most mesmerizing way. All these factors make this dwelling a major landmark of this area. The guests who drop in to visit the family too are overwhelmed by the array of incredible sights that await them here.

Project Facts

Location – Mangad, Thrissur

Area – 11000 SFT

Plot – 1.75 acres

Designers – AM Shabeer and R Saleel Kumar

Shabeer – Saleel Associates, Calicut

Phone – 0495 – 2743329

Pictures – Ajeeb Komachi