Lavish mansion of architect couple on 5 cents in Thrissur is magic

Unique and creative ideas in furnishing and decor play pivotal roles in making this house extra special.

Anoop Chandran and Manisha, an architect couple, shares their experience of designing their own house in a 5 cents plot near the Valapad beach at Thrissur, Kerala. They are glad that they found the perfect spot where they could execute the plan of their dream dwelling. Besides, they had wished to build their brand new house on a reasonable budget as well.

house of architects-07

This charming house, designed in 1850 sq ft, has a car porch, sit-out, dining area, kitchen, upper living area and three bedrooms. The smart designs of the house ensure as much space utility as possible. The interiors are designed in the open style.

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Alternate building materials have been used for the construction which helped in saving considerable amount of money. For instance, gypsum is used to plaster the walls built with laterite stones. There is no need for a putty finish on this type of plastering. Besides, it maintains a comfortable atmosphere inside the house.

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The use of timber is limited in this house. Pinewood is mostly used for furnishing. It has the perfect finish of wood and is cheaper as well. However, the entrance door dons the majestic elegance of teak wood. The rest of the doors are made of irul wood and fibre cement boards.

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Tiles or marbles are not used for flooring as the couple wanted to reduce the expenses as much as possible. Instead, kota stones are paved on the ground floor and cement finish flooring is done on the upper floor. The custom-made furniture and light fittings are designed by the couple.

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The compound wall that is closer to the dining area is built at a height to contour the space where a courtyard has been arranged. The mesh is installed without cutting down the coconut palm that stood there.

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The handrails of the stairway feature a unique combination of GI pipes and mesh. Meanwhile, the steps are made of plywood.

The working kitchen and the main kitchen are not separated. The cupboards are built using fibre cement boards with pinewood finish. This help reduce the cost of kitchen furnishing which usually burns a hole in the pocket.

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The wardrobes in the bedrooms too are made of fibre cement boards with pinewood finish. The cots are built with fibre cement boards on metal frames.

Interestingly, the boundary wall too is built using the fibre cement boards. The front yard is spacious enough to park at least two cars. A small yet elegant landscape too has been arranged here.

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Unique and creative ideas in furnishing and decor play pivotal roles in making this house extra special. Two old tires are placed together and painted in interesting shades of hues. A glass topping makes it the perfect coffee table in the upper living area. Meanwhile, the lampshades made with iron rods and the stunning wall art in wood scraps are eye-catching features in the interiors.

Project Facts

Location – Valapad, Thrissur

Area – 1850 SFT

Owners and architects – Anoop Chandran and Manisha

Amac Architects, Thrissur

Mob – 99950 00222

Year of completion - 2019