Beauty of this winged mansion in Kazhakoottam will bowl you over

A pair of huge exterior walls which look like wings of a butterfly is the highlight of the house.

Arun Thomas’ unique and interesting house in Kazhakoottam, Thiruvananthapuram instantly grabs one's attention. The house which stands in just 5.5 cents features unusual designs that are hardly seen on many houses in Kerala. A pair of huge exterior walls which look like wings of a butterfly is the highlight of the house. These sunshade walls have a height of around 26 feet from the ground. These wing-like structures are connected using steel rods for making it sturdy and stable.


This unique feature has been designed to fulfil multiple purposes. The house faces the south direction. So, these walls effectively block the hot sun rays from the north – west direction from entering the house. Besides, the perforated slits on these show walls can filter the south – west wind and push it into the house.


Usually, it is quite a task to create stunning elevations for the houses that are built on smaller plots. However, here, these smartly designed walls act as incredible design features as well.

This beautiful house, designed in 1480 sq ft area, has a sit out, living and dining areas, kitchen and four bedrooms.


The interiors, designed in the semi-open style stands out for its minimalistic designs and space utility. The custom made furniture suits the general theme of the house. Grey coloured tiles are paved on the floor to lend a rustic charm to the spaces.

The dining area is the focal point of the interiors. Huge dining table that takes up too much space is avoided here. Instead, an in – built dining table, close to the wall is arranged to save space. The pergola skylight is right above this spot. This invites lots of pleasant sunshine that illuminate the interiors.


The bath-attached bedrooms have in – built wardrobes for storage. The modular kitchen has all the modern facilities. The cupboards in the kitchen and the wardrobes in the bedrooms are built in sections, with cement finish, and then installed with plywood and laminate doors. This has helped in reducing the expenses significantly. The cupboards do not have handles and it adds a unique look to these.

The boundary wall is built at a shorter height so that the beauty of the exteriors could be enjoyed from the road, in all its stunning glory. The gate is made in perforated iron sheet. There is enough space in the front yard to park two vehicles. Meanwhile, the front yard is paved with natural stones and grass in alternate layers.


The family is incredibly thrilled that they could build a unique house with all the modern facilities, in a smaller plot, by smartly utilizing the spaces. This incredible house has now become a prominent land mark in Kazjhakoottam with people coming just to see this interesting structure.

Project Facts

Location – Kazhakoottam, Thiruvananthapuram

Plot – 5.5 cents

Area – 1480 SFT

Owner – Arun Thomas

Design – Shaji Vembanadan, Sumi Shaji

SS Squared Architects, Thiruvananthapuram

Mob – 94470 47467