This house on top of a commercial building in Kondotty is the talk of the town


The story of this unique and interesting house in Kondotty in Malappuram, Kerala has quite an amazing flashback. Jafar and Abida, who are settled in Dubai, had, a few years ago, purchased some land on the roadside at Kondotty. They even decided to build a commercial building on this plot as an investment. Within two years, a majestic shopping mall with many shops and restaurants was raised here. Jafar and Abida came down to see their brand new investment and they were floored by the stunning views of the surrounding nature from the topmost floor. They wished they had a house too at this serene spot that was blessed by nature.


They conveyed their dream to architect Asar Juman who agreed to design a beautiful house here. It was during that time that the couple had gone for a European trip. There, they fell in love with the classic colonial style houses. So, they were determined that their brand new house should have the classy features of the colonial architecture. There were quite a lot of technical and legal challenges to build a house above a commercial building. Finally, around one and half years later, a beautiful abode called Grace Villa stands with pride and elegance on top of this building.


It wasn’t very easy building a house on the terrace of another building. The walls and the foundation of the house had to be built without putting too much weight or pressure on the existing structure. A beam structure was made by joining all the existing pillars and then the foundation was built using fly ash AAC blocks. Instead of sand, hurudees blocks are used to fill in the foundation. The house is designed in a unique way in which the weight of the house gets transferred to its own walls. GI truss work is done over the flat roof and traffold sheets are paved to give the elevation, the perfect colonial look.


Resisting the heat, especially since the house is built at such a height, was another challenge. Instead of cement plastering, gypsum plastering is done on the walls. Similarly, the false ceiling in this house is done in plaster of Paris instead of the regular gypsum false ceilings. All these factors help resist the heat and make the interiors cooler and comfortable.


This unique house, designed in 2850 sqft, has a sit out, formal and family living areas, dining space, kitchen with an adjacent work area and three bedrooms.


The interiors are designed in the open style. The walls don lighter shades of hues which make the spaces look vaster. Vitrified tiles are paved on the floor.


The dining table, other furniture pieces and the light fittings that match the colonial theme of the house were imported.


There are balconies in all the bedrooms that open to the beautiful views outside. Synthetic turf is paved here. The bath attached bedrooms have in – built wardrobes for storage and separate dressing spaces as well.

The kitchen cupboards are built in multi wood finish. Meanwhile, the countertop has been paved with Nano white. An adjacent work area completes the kitchen space.


This beautiful house is a perfect example of a modern abode built in an urban center where space constraints are very common. The family says that lots of people come to see the house to know more about the feasibility of the structure and features of it.

Additional facilities

Besides a stairway, there is an elevator too to reach the house in the third floor. The elevator reaches the terrace area in front of the house. This area is highlighted using a beautiful vertical garden. An incinerator too has been arranged in the terrace area to burn the waste. The water tank is filled using the motor that is attached to the well in the plot. Metal grilles are installed around the house, on a height, for additional safety as there are kids in the family. Fire exists too are arranged in this floor to be used in case of any emergency.


Project Facts

Location – Kondotty, Malappuram

Area – 2850 SFT

Plot – 35 cents

Owner – Jafar Ameen

Designer – Asar Juman

AJ Designs

Mob – 9633945975

Year of completion – 2019

Photos – Akhil Komachi