Building a dream home: Five common mistakes people usually commit

The factors are ignores amid the tension and turmoil of constructing a house may lead to design blunder and great losses later.

Many of those who have just completed construction of their dream homes often complain that if they get one more chance to build a house, they would do it perfectly well by rectifying the errors, which had crept in while constructing the first one. The factors that we ignore amid the tension and turmoil of construction a new house may lead to design blunder and great losses later. Here are five such real life experiences that could be lessons for others while constructing houses.

Water tank miseries

A family was excited to move into their brand new house. However, their excitement turned into sorrow in just two months. They began noticing that the water runs out within just one or two hours after filling up the tank. Though the family couldn’t initially understand the reason, they soon realized that there was a leakage in the pipeline. They contacted the contractor but he wasn’t interested in helping them. The family wasn’t aware about the details of the structure as they had given a full contract for the construction. Many plumbers and technicians came to stop the leakage, but all of them were unsuccessful. A group of plumbers came and broke apart a section of the concrete plastering to find out the leakage; but they too couldn’t spot it. After months of struggle, the family found out that the leakage was in a pipe that ran through the front yard. The front yard had been paved with expensive tiles, as part of the elaborate landscaping. These tiles had to be removed to repair the damaged pipe and then were paved again.

Pebble worries

Three years ago when a family constructed the house, paving round and shiny pebbles inside the house was quite fashionable. The side courtyard with pristine white pebbles paved on its floor was the highlight of the interiors. The family felt proud and elated when guests admired their beautiful courtyard. The pebbles looked beautiful for a few weeks after which they began getting stained. The family had to scrub and clean each piece of pebble to restore its lustre. But to their dismay, the ‘serene’ white pebbles got dirty again. Finally, they had to replace the pebbles with artificial grass. The family says that artificial grass may get dusty if not cleaned regularly but it isn’t as bad as the pebbles.

The pergola problem

A doctor couple had once purchased an old house near Ettumanoor in Kottayam and redecorated it as per the modern and latest trends. As part of the renovation, they installed a pergola with polycarbonate sheet that made the house look chic and stylish. But, the polycarbonate sheet of the pergola broke after a coconut fell on it. They replaced it with the sturdy solid sheet. The family has installed polycarbonate sheet on the skylight inside the house as well. However, this sheet has now lost its lustre due to fungus growth. It is extremely difficult to clean it as it is at a significant height.

Hot glass

When a family who had lived abroad for years decided to build a house in their home town in Kerala, they wanted it to feature designs that were similar to the houses that they have seen there. By that time, contemporary structures had already become a trend here. They even found a good architect to design the house. Beautiful designs in glass are usually considered a unique feature of the contemporary architectural style. Soon, the house of their dreams was erected with stylish glass fittings. But, the glass panels were installed on the wall in the south western direction. Though they look stylish and beautiful, these glasses make the interiors extremely hot. Glasses are used to line the walls of houses abroad as a protection from the chilling winter. However, the family hardly realized that the glasses are too ‘hot’ for the humid climate in Kerala.

Vertical ‘woes’

A beautiful vertical garden was what separated the living room and the dining area in the brand new flat owned by a couple. Their wish for a hint of greenery inside the flat and vertical gardens being the trend of the season prompted the family to go for it. As the couple were employed, it became difficult for them to maintain the vertical garden which requires constant care and watering. When the plants dried up the first time, they regrew it by spending a hefty amount. They say that a dried up vertical garden looks awful inside the house. Now, the garden has dried up a second time and the couple is quite confused as to what to be done.