Planning new interiors? Here are the latest furniture designs

The latest news from the furniture market is that the age of the heavy pieces is over.

Furniture plays a vital role in making or breaking the look of the interior spaces in a house. Even if the spaces are designed amazingly, it would lose its charm if the furniture doesn’t suit the room. Similarly, a fine piece of furniture can transform an ordinary room into a stylish designer space. These are some of the latest trends in furniture that could add oodles of elegance to the interiors.

No fixed shapes

The fluid designs that are free flowing and elegant are here to stay. Furniture with fluid designs wouldn’t have sharp or rounded edges that are regularly seen. Materials like acrylic, poly carbonate, glass and stainless steel are commonly used to make such furniture. Anthropometric furniture that is custom made according to the physical measurements of individuals is gaining popularity. These unique pieces of furniture are extremely comfortable and have been found to be beneficial for health as well.

The latest news from the furniture market is that the age of the heavy pieces is over. Slimmer pieces, with simple designs and matte finish are the current sensations. Modern furniture enhanced with distressed paint finish adds unique identity to each piece. Though traditional designs with elaborate engravings are still in vogue, elegant wooden furniture in modern and simple styles is becoming increasingly popular. They go amazingly well with the modern fusion houses. Simple or minimal designs are being blended with the style and structure of the antique furniture.


Another interesting trend is that the demand for expensive wooden furniture is going down. Similarly, the demand for furniture in glossy finish too has diminished. The perfect matte finish is the current trend with the youngsters preferring temporary ‘use and throw’ pieces. They do not prefer using the same old furniture for years. The new generation does not like using piece of furniture for more than 5 years.

Contemporary models with straight lines and simple designs are easier to clean and maintain. Compared to the wooden furniture, these pieces would be lighter and cheaper. The contemporary furniture is mostly made using plywood, MDF, HDF, glass and metal. Laminates that add unique finishes and textures to the furniture too are popular.

Low back facility is a unique feature of the contemporary designs. Cots that are not so tall are mostly preferred these days. As the contemporary furniture makes the spaces look vaster, they are suitable for flats.

Customized designs

Most people desire unique designs that are not commonly seen in other houses. So, instead of buying readymade furniture, they prefer custom made pieces that suit the design and theme of the house. Exclusive designer pieces, designed by well known furniture designers, too are becoming popular in Kerala. The customers can get customized furniture made at all the popular furniture showrooms. Or you could directly approach the carpenters with the designs. The customized furniture that features exclusive designs is expensive. As they are specially made, the expenses would further go up if they are redone or retouched in case of any mistakes. So, it is better to get it done at the showrooms where experienced carpenters are hired. If the furniture is made at home, make sure that the carpenters have understood the designs well.


Green furniture that is environment friendly and reusable is becoming increasingly popular these days. The furniture pieces would be made using biodegradable materials that are abundantly available from the nature. So, in case of any damages or breakage you could easily discard it without causing any harm for the environment. Though bamboo and cane furniture is cheaper, imported furniture made using such materials is costlier. Furniture made using old wood is comparatively economical. Readymade furniture built using natural substances like plantain fiber and sea grass too is available.

Multipurpose furniture has gained popularity since the number of flat dwellers has gone up. Furniture with in – built storage spaces help save space and are practical as well.


Use and throw options

Detachable furniture, that could be removed and arranged as required, has found place in many houses. Such furniture would be extremely useful for those who shift houses quite often owing to professional commitments. Besides, this furniture could be revamped when the interiors too are redecorated. Such ‘use and throw’ furniture that is imported from countries like China and Indonesia, however, do not have any guarantee for sturdiness or long lasting quality.

Though the wooden furniture has lost its old glory, there still are many who have great admiration for the classic designs in wood. Such pieces look perfect in the houses that are designed in the traditional style. Wooden furniture suits the interiors designed on the ethnic or antique themes. Besides being environmental friendly, there is no doubt that the wooden furniture suits the unique climate of Kerala as well. The number of people who are reusing the old furniture too is amazingly going up.