Follow these vastu tips while installing the entrance door

The position of the main door shouldn’t be in the centre of the house or in the middle of the plot.

Most houses in Kerala are built following the traditional rules of the vastu sastra. Erecting the main entrance door of the house is a major ceremony that is held with great significance. It is often the owner of the house or the senior member in the family who places the main door, at the auspicious moment, with the help of experienced masons. It's believed that the house invites good luck and fortune if the main door is positioned and placed.

The position of the front door shouldn’t be in the centre of the house or in the middle of the plot. It should be bigger than all the other doors in the house. Pillars, trees or the entrance door of any other house shouldn’t face the main door.

While entering from outside, mirrors shouldn’t be placed opposite the main door. Instead, a family photo would be the perfect decor in the place.

It is better to build the main door using sturdy wood that are of the same type. Old wood should not be reused while making these doors.

Replace the door, if the wood gets decayed, breaks apart or gets attacked by termites.

Do not keep garbage bins near the entrance door. Shoe racks too shouldn’t be placed close to it.

Hang a small bell near the main door. The graceful noise that comes from it would fill the interiors of the house with positive energy. It is auspicious to do the panchasiras stapanam (a tantric ritual in which the heads of five animals are cast in gold is placed) near or underneath the entrance door.