It is first Christmas for actor Tiny Tom and family at their brand new house

The beautiful house of the actor is at the tranquil suburbs of Aluva, away from the bustle of the city.

For actor Tiny Tom, this year’s Christmas is extra special as the family would be celebrating their first Christmas at their brand new house. The beautiful house is at the tranquil suburbs of Aluva, away from the bustle of the city. Earlier, the family had lived in a comfortable house called ‘Eden’. The actor says that moving into his new house ‘Nazareth’ is actually a fulfilment of some of his long cherished dreams. Tiny and his family are thrilled to show around their dream dwelling which is all decked up to ring in Christmas.

Tiny says that he had missed the presence of a running brook near his old house. With Nazareth, he has achieved his dream of living in a house that opens to the stunning views of the river. While the family was looking for a new house, Tiny’s wife Rupa had just one demand. Both Tiny and Rupa’s mothers are living alone in their respective houses. Rupa wanted their brand new house to be spacious enough to accommodate their ageing mothers as well. A tributary of the Aluva River flows closely and the surrounding area too is amazingly beautiful. There are six bedrooms in this house to accommodate everyone comfortably. As this is a villa project, Tiny is relieved that his family would be safe when he is away shooting for the movies.


“We have a special guest at our new house; our cat, Varkey. It was Nadirsha’s brother Samad who gifted us this Persian breed cat for our house warming ceremony. During that time, Samad was playing the lead role in a movie titled Varkey. So, I have named the cat Varkey as a dedication to the memories of that movie. Now, Varkey is the most important person in the house. Varkey would be worried if his sight wouldn’t reach each corner of this house,” laughs Tiny.


There are two car porches, living and dining areas, kitchen, six bedrooms, an upper storey hall and a home theatre in the house. “I had done elaborate decorations and furnishing at my old house. There was false ceiling and the spaces were crowded with furniture. We designed this house keeping in mind that our house shouldn’t look like a five star hotel. However, we have transferred a few memories from our old house to this one. The furniture, ornamental mirror and the prayer table from our old living room and the home theatre are moved into this house as well. Similarly, the idol of Jesus crafted in teak wood and a rosary that we bought from Indonesia are placed in the upper hall,” says Tiny.


The interiors are arranged in the open style. The living and the dining areas are separated using just a curtain. Rupa is an excellent cook; so a quaint kitchen with all the facilities has been arranged. There is an adjacent work area as well. The spacious hall that opens to the scintillating sights of the river is the highlight of the upper storey. This is also a party space where guests and friends gather. Tiny says that the spacious hall is used as the family’s performance stage which often gets lively with songs, dance and mimicry performances.


The house is decked up to welcome the happiness and grace of the Christmas season. It is the beautiful Christmas crib and the nativity scene that draws attention as soon as one enters the compound. Colourful stars are hung on both sides of the house. Meanwhile, LED lights line the structure in the upper storey. The family too is proud and thrilled that their dreams have finally come true.