Najim’s musically themed home in Kochi is a melodious symphony

The interior of the flat has been decorated by Najim himself

Singer Najim Arshad has found a permanent spot in the hearts of the Malayali music lovers, with his mesmerizing renditions. He shares his amazing memories about his childhood home, which the singer calls his lucky house, and talks about his chic flat in Kochi where Najim currently lives.

Childhood home

Hailing from Thiruvananthapuram, Najim Arshad’s father was a vigilance officer and his mother, a music teacher. He has two elder brothers, Ajeem and Sajeem, who is a doctor and a sound engineer respectively. Najim says he grew up in a middle-class family and had spent his childhood at a house built by his father, after moving out of their ancestral home. “I had been learning music since childhood. My journey in music began from the school youth festivals. I was selected ‘kalaprathiba’, in various categories, around 13 times. For me, that house was an extremely lucky one. I entered the world of music and began winning small prizes while staying in that house,” recalls Najim.

Flat at Kochi


Najim grabbed attention when he took part in a popular reality show and won it. The singer has been living in the flat which he won as the grand prize, for the last 11 years. It is a beautiful 3 BHK flat in Kochi. It was Najim himself who decorated the interiors of his amazing flat. “I designed my flat in the theme of music. The first thing I did was to build a spacious shelf where I could keep all my trophies and mementos. In one of the bedrooms, the false ceiling has been designed in the shape of a guitar. In another room, musical notes are featured on the wall paper. I buy beautiful curios that catch my eye, when I visit foreign countries for stage shows. If they are too expensive, I would try to find similar things here to decorate my flat,” reveals Najim.

He admits, with a smile, that these curios and decor items now take up too much space inside the flat. Sometime ago, Najim bought an old house in Parippally, Kollam, as a safe investment. Recently, the house was renovated and has been rented out. The youngster also hopes to buy a house either in Thiruvananthapuram or Kochi.



Najim’s wife Thesni is a dentist. The couple welcomed their son, Ilhan, four months ago. It is little Ilhan who is the super star in the house now.