Amid greenery this Nilambur house wallows in pristine beauty

Excellent space management is one of the most amazing advantages of this single-storey house which has all the facilities of a two-storey building.

Surrounded by lush greenery and verdant hills, stands a majestic house, in Moolepadam near Nilambur in Kerala, exuding its magnificence with a high roof. Though it looks like a double storied one, the house is single storied one and has all the modern facilities. The part of the roof, in the center, is built in double height and this makes the house look two-storied from outside. The shingle-paved and slope roof is a fine example of tropical style. The rustic charm of the natural stones along with baby mettle and beautiful meadows make the front yard a piece of art.


The family wanted their house to exude elegance and provide comfort; and be one with the surrounding nature. Over the top, gimmicks are avoided in the exteriors as the family wanted it to feature the elegant style of minimalism. The roof in striking red color sets an eye-catching contrast to the white hued exterior walls. The interior spaces are designed in the open style. This beautiful house, in 3000 sq ft, has a formal living area, dining-cum-family hall, kitchen with adjacent work area and four bedrooms.


The dining area and the family living area are part of a spacious hall. A wall here is highlighted using wall paper which features striking designs. This feature continues to the ceiling as well. The false ceiling and the paneling done in timber add a classy elegance to the interiors.

The regal charm of the Italian marble on the floor is truly amazing. A wall in the dining area is highlighted using texture paint and then topped off with a coat of regular paint. It grants a feel of cladding. The prayer space is separated using natural cladding and wooden paneling.


The four bedrooms are bath-attached with wardrobes for storage and separate dressing spaces. There are three kids in the family and their room are the most attractive ones in the whole house. Pink wall paper dons the walls in kids’ room. The ceiling fan pasted with colourful stickers is the highlight here.


The kitchen is designed in the elegant combination of wood and white hue. The cupboards are done in mica finish and nano white is paved on the counter top.


Excellent space management is one of the most amazing advantages of this single-storied house which has all the facilities of a two-storey building. The beautiful surroundings is what projects the mesmerizing charm of this house and fills the interiors with positive vibes.


Project Facts

Location – Mooledam, Nilambur

Area – 3000 SFT

Owner – George

Architect – Sabeela Harris

Mob – 9496958993

Year of completion – May 2019