How this exuberant ‘Japan’ house in Kochi earned its fame

The unique style of the Japanese garden theme is followed in the house.

Suneeth, who works in Japan, didn’t have to think too much to choose a beautiful theme for his brand new house built at his hometown in Kochi, Kerala. The family wanted their house to be an elegant and refreshing abode of greenery, unaffected by the buzz and pollution of the city. This charming house is designed in three stories, with beautiful garden adorning each floor. The unique style of the Japanese garden theme is followed in the house.


There is a formal living room, dining area, a bedroom for guests and a kitchen on the ground floor. The windows of the formal living area open to the verdant meadows outside. Exposed brick cladding and elegant timber works are the highlights here. The athamkudi tiles and oxidized flooring add a special charm to the formal living space.


The family living area and the master bedroom are on the first floor. An interior garden has been highlighted using an exposed brick wall. The spacious roof, open terrace and a library are the main features arranged on the top floor. There is also a multipurpose utility area, where parties could be hosted. This space could be used as a play area for the kids as well.


A majestic spiral stairway connects all the three floors. The dining area is arranged beneath the stairway. The skylight ceiling brings lots of sunshine into the interiors, illuminating the spaces.

Instead of cabinets, cupboards with pinewood sliding doors are arranged in the kitchen. Handmade tiles, in green shade, add to the elegance of the kitchen.


All the bedrooms are bath attached with wardrobe facilities for storage. The windows in all the bedrooms open to the pleasant views of lush greenery.


The classy charm of the rustic style could be perceived in the interiors of this abode. Unplastered walls, dark hued athamkudi tiles and the mesmerizing gardens that adorn the three floors fill the house with positive energy and pleasant vibes.


Project Facts

Location – Kochi

Owner – Suneeth

Architects – Rahul Menon, Ojas Choudary

Studio Tab, Mumbai

Email –

Mob - 9892184331