An exuberant mansion in Vittyla unaffected by the city bustle

The interior spaces are arranged giving prime importance to natural lighting and excellent ventilation.

Arun Das and his wife Soumya are proud to show around their beautiful abode built on a 20 cents plot in the middle of the busy and vibrant city of Vytila. The couple wished to construct a house which is in close contact with the nature, with enough privacy and calm as well. Architect Biju Balan made sure that their dream came true by designing a modern and chic house. The elevation is in the box style and only the outer wall has been painted in pristine white hue. A charming roof garden has been arranged by paving glass sheet on GI pipes. Creepers have begun spreading on these pipes and they add a hint of green to the exteriors of the house. The roof would be covered in a cool and beautiful canopy of greenery in just a few months.


The interiors are designed in the open style, yet giving prominence to privacy and safety as well. Iron plates are mounted on the entrance door to make it strong and aesthetically appealing. Besides, iron grilles installed on the windows ensure additional safety. A car porch, formal and family living areas, dining space, courtyard, kitchen with adjacent work area and an entertainment room too have been arranged in this beautiful house which has an area of 4950 sq ft.


The interior spaces are arranged giving prime importance to natural lighting and excellent ventilation. The courtyard is the most stunning feature and the elegance of this space can be enjoyed from all corners of the house. The raised grilles of the compound wall create a border for the courtyard. Round and shiny pebbles, imported from Bali, are paved on the floor of here. Small trees are planted in this space, where leisure area and a deck space have been arranged for hosting guests. The elegance of kota stones and wooden flooring add to the overall charm of the house.


This house is designed by following the rules of the vastusastra. The entrance door faces the east direction and the bedrooms are arranged in the kannimoola or the south – west corner. The buzz and pollution of the city wouldn’t enter this beautiful and serene dwelling, where lush greenery creates an enchanting shield. The family says that there is no need to switch on the air conditioners on most days as the unique design of the house ensures great air circulation.


About 75% of the walls in this house are designed in cement finish which adds a rustic charm to the spaces. A type of concrete tiles called flux stones, which can be reused, are used as claddings in the interiors. These exclusive stones are imported from Gujarat. This must be the first house in Kerala where such exquisite cladding stones are used in the interiors.


There are two bedrooms in each floor. The bedrooms stand out for their vastness and beautiful arrangements. These bath-attached rooms have wardrobe facilities and separate dressing spaces as well.

The kitchen, designed in the open style, is furnished in plywood and laminate finish. A breakfast counter and an adjacent work area complete the kitchen.

A recreational hall where a Jacuzzi has been arranged is the highlight of the upper storey. Besides, a library, study area and a gym too are arranged here.


One of the most spectacular features of the unique design of this house is that its maintenance is incredibly easy. The walls do not require fresh coat of paint or polish for a long time. The use of timber for furnishing is limited, thereby keeping a check on the expenses. The family credits architect Biju Balan for designing their dream home, exactly like they dreamed.

Project Facts

Location – Vytila, Ernakulam

Area – 4950 SFT

Plot – 20 cents

Owners – Arun Das, Soumya

Architect – Biju Balan, Laurels Designs, Kozhikode

Mob – 90746 63763