Welcome home: The gates of PC George’s house are always open

The two-storied house which exude the classy charm of traditional architecture stands in the middle of lush greenery.

Poonjar MLA PC George’s majestic home at Erattupetta in Kottayam, Kerala, is a prominent landmark. Interestingly, the house doesn’t feature any luxury that is expected of a high-profile politician’s abode. This two-storied house which exude the classy charm of traditional architecture stands in the middle of lush greenery. The house is abound with all the facilities and there is a single-storied building close by where the legislator's office functions.


An assertive politcian, PC George becomes a family man as soon as he enters home. George says he would readily don the role of the gentle husband to his wife Usha, beloved father to his two sons, daughter-in-law and the loving grandfather to his grandchildren, as soon as his official car enters the gate of his house. He has a filmy connection too. George’s son Shaun is married to Parvathy, who is veteran actor Jagathy Sreekumar’s daughter.


The gate never closes here...

“My parents had 9 children including 4 sons and 5 daughters. My ancestral home is close to my house. It has been around 28 years since we constructed this house and moved here. It was my father who built this house too. I just added a few features and extensions to it. As far as I am concerned, this house has stood with me during the ups and downs in my political career. So, I am emotionally attached to this house. I prefer having dinner at home, even if I arrive a little late from the long trips that are part of my political routine,” says PC George.


There are two entrances to the premises. One can walk in through the small gate which faces the entrance of the house. There is a big gate as well for the vehicles to enter. This one remains open all the time for the visitors to enter any time. It must be the people’s belief that PC George would have a solution for all their problems that makes the politician their favorite leader.

The wooden furniture gives the house an elegant old world charm. Many pieces of furniture that were used by George’s ancestors are arranged in the sit-out. George prefers reading news papers in the morning, sitting here. He would then move to the adjacent office building where his table is crowded with files. The mementos and other honours that he had received at various functions and meetings are neatly arranged on a shelf beside the table.


The entrance door which exudes the classy elegance of timber opens to the spacious formal living area, built in double height. Shelves line both sides of the living space. These shelves too are filled with mementos and other attractive objects. However, what draws one’s instant attention is George’s rare collection of antique daggers, unique swords and guns as well. He also enjoys collecting small figurines of elephants made in unique materials.


George’s family had once owned an elephant and he still nurtures the fond memories of riding on it. It is this love of elephants that inspire him to collect such figurines. As he is mostly busy with politics, George confesses he hardly gets any time to look after the household matters. He credits his wife Usha for managing the family and the house perfectly well.


There are two bedrooms each on the two floors. George's face lights up when he says that his grandchildren sleeps with him at night. There isn’t a separate dining area. A small dining table is arranged in the kitchen itself.

Usha is a great cook who loves to prepare special dishes for George. When space constraints became a problem, an adjoining kitchen too was built. PC says there would at least be ten people for lunch when he is home. The food for all of them is prepared in the adjoining kitchen.


MLA’s official car is parked in the spacious car porch. Besides, an old ambassador car and a maruti rest inside a shed behind the house. The plot is full of trees and there is a garden that grows organic vegetables. Cabbage, tomato and peas are grown organically here.

George’s ancestral home, which is a fine example of classic architectural style, is across the rubber orchard, which is on the opposite side his house. The old storage, dungeon and the wooden ceiling are all preserved here. George's brother and his family are currently residing in this house.


The MLA’s house doesn’t boast of any luxuries or extravagant facilities. However, the special warmth of love and togetherness always lingers here. People are used to seeing PC George as a hot-headed and outspoken politician often on television. However, at home, he is an extremely loving person who adores his family.