Landscaping enhances beauty of your home; know these vital factors

Gallons of water is required to constantly water the meadows and retain its freshness and greenery.

An aesthetically done landscape or a beautiful flower garden plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall look of the house. However, it is quite a strenuous job to take care of the landscape and maintain its refreshing and lush look. Here are some of the factors that need to be kept in mind while designing the landscape or garden at your home.

1. Meadows / lawn


It must be decided whether there is a need to arrange a lawn area in your front or back yard. If you are looking for a landscape which requires minimal maintenance, then it is better to reduce the area reserved for meadows or lawns. Lawns require frequent maintenance which is quite expensive as well. Besides, gallons of water is needed to constantly water the meadows and retain its freshness and greenery. However, the absence of a lawn could be overcome by adopting unique and interesting ideas for your garden. A Zen garden made attractive with ground covering plants, round shiny pebbles or stone chips is an amazing option. Colourful timber chips too are a beautiful alternative for a lawn garden. You could add greenery to your landscaping by trying moss garden, clover garden or miniature foliages.

If you are too drawn to the serene beauty of the verdant meadows, then you could easily maintain a lawn by following some simple steps. Geo blanket technology helps retain the freshness and greenery of the lawn without using too much water. Water could be saved up to 50% through the geo blanket technology. Besides, it helps limit the use of pesticides as it controls rogue growth. You could easily enjoy some refreshing greenery in your landscape, without spending too much time or money for its maintenance, by choosing the geo blanket technology.

2. Ground covering


The landscaping ground could be divided into many sections like the drive way, pedestrian path, play area for kids and a leisure area like a gazebo or pergola. Many factors have to be considered before deciding on the medium used to cover these areas.

The play area could be paved with natural river sand. Micro-sized stone chips which provide natural acupuncture effect too could be used here. However, the ground has to be levelled and hardened before paving any type of stones. If the chips are paved above a sheet of synthetic agro shade net, they would stay intact for longer period of time without decomposing in the soil. Besides, the rain water too would be easily seeped into the earth. Pavers would look incredibly good on the leisure area. Using weather proofed wooden decks help retain its beauty for longer period.

3. Xeriscaping


A xeriscape, which is a dry and wild garden, requires minimal maintenance. It requires very little water as shrubs and plants that can survive dry weather and topography are primarily grown in this garden. Pathways or walkways paved with attractive decorative stones could make a xeriscape quite eye-catching. Xeriscape could be easily described as a beautiful blend of rock garden, cactus and succulents.

4. Container garden

Container gardening is the most preferred method to grow a stylish indoor garden. It requires minimal maintenance and care if the container is attached with drip irrigation or a self-towering system. This system ensures that your garden remains fresh and green even if you have been away from the house for a few days. The garden should be set where it receives enough natural sunshine; else, artificial lighting should be arranged. Indoor plant lighting where the LED lights emanate the VIBGYOR rays, similar to the sun rays, could be imported from overseas.

Relying on water saving gels or natural materials like coco pit, moss pit and geo blanket helps maintain the indoor plants without using too much water.