Serene and magical; this Manjeri house is a spectacle in white

The impeccable beauty of the white hued house is further projected by the lush greenery that surrounds it.

Hakeem wanted his brand new house at Manjeri in Malappuram to be a comfortable abode which has all the facilities required for a middle class family. It is the pristine white hue of the house that is instantly striking. The house stands on a small portion of 7 cents that has been contoured in a 14 cents plot. This plot lies in layers and the part where the house stands was leveled before the construction began. There is a small ramp which leads to the front yard of the house. The impeccable beauty of the white hued house is further projected by the lush greenery that surrounds it.


The house features a tropical theme with sloped roof to suit the unique climate of Kerala. The roofing tiles paved over it adds the perfect contrast to the white colour. Both the exteriors and the interiors are designed in the white theme. Cross shaped air vents on the outer walls help push out the warm air. These also act as designer features. Besides, the light from inside the house reaches outside through these vents at night.


This serene house, in 1600 sq ft, has a sit-out, living-cum-dining hall, two bedrooms, and kitchen with an adjacent work area on the ground floor and an upper living area and another bedroom on the first storey. The open terrace could easily be converted into a room if required in the future.


The interiors are designed in the open style, yet it ensures enough privacy. The spaces are interconnected, making communication easier. The white hue that dominates the interiors makes the spaces look incredibly vast and spacious.


Some areas in the house are highlighted with gypsum false ceiling. The LED light fittings makes the interiors look pleasant and cozy. The wooden doors and windows are enhanced with white paint finish. Roller blinds and Roman curtains add a classy charm to the interiors of this house.

The three bedrooms are bath-attached with in–built wardrobes. Each bedroom is designed on unique colour themes. There is a common bathroom as well.


The modular kitchen has cupboards made in aluminum composite panels. A traditional firewood stove too has been installed in the adjacent work area.


This immaculately beautiful house is designed by projecting the theme of minimalism, without over crowding the interiors with over the top decor or furniture. The family proudly says that their serene house emanates incredible positive energy which is reflected in their lives as well.


Project Facts

Location – Manjeri, Malappuram

Plot – 14 acres

Area – 1600 SFT

Owner – Hakkeem SG

Designer – AM Faisal, Nirman Designs, Manjeri, Malappuram

Mob - 9895978900