Living a dream where nature blends with luxury

Nature home
Huge windows which open to the beautiful sights outside are the highlight of the formal living area.

This holiday home in Malappuram, Kerala which exudes the elegant charm of the colonial-architecture style could be easily described as an impeccable art work which is perfectly in sync with the beautiful nature around.

With its scintillating beauty and unique features, the house is sure to floor anyone. You could hardly describe this strange yet mesmerizing structure in one word as the house presents unique experience to each one enter it.


There is no better place than this charming abode to have a great time with your friends, unwind or even transport yourself to tranquility through meditation. The family wanted this house not to be a mere concrete structure but an idyllic haven brimming with life and freshness. Architect Abdullakutty has designed this perfect holiday getaway by keeping the interests and preferences of the family members in mind. The environment friendly design of this house lets you open your mind, heart and soul to the beauteous forms of nature.

The ‘green’ carpet

The majestic house stands regally in a 2 acres land which is home to lush greenery. The house is constructed without altering or harming the natural look and beauty of the plot. Instead of paving the path directly from the gate to the house, the meandering walkway, paved with natural stones, enhances the rustic charm of this house and adds a dramatic twist as well. This walkway leads to the flat area behind the house.


The spaces are separated as per its importance and utility. The house which is built on the southeast direction, the beautiful pond in the northeast and the vast front yard, beautified with landscaping, are interconnected. The laterite stone steps leading into the pond add to the amazing look of the water body, besides emanating the incredible charm of the traditional architectural style.

The lush green garden is adorned with a various plants and bushes including colourful orchids, unique anthurium, spider lily, the crimson hued ixora (thechy), phycus, graceful eugenias and date palms. The sweet fragrance of the flowers in the garden is so captivating that one would instantly fall in love with the place. The idea of a tropical garden has been an inspiration while designing this landscape. The plants which are planted in beautiful patterns in front of the house do not block the view from the house. Besides, it ensures enough privacy as well.


Many styles

The perfect combination of modern, colonial style is what makes this single storied house stand out. The white and grey hues along with the grove designs on the exterior walls remind one of the elegant colonial style. The sloped roof and the exquisite ceiling done using wooden planks are perfect for the tropical climate. Trees prevent direct view of this house from the walkway. There is a sit-out, formal and family living areas, dining space, two bed rooms and a kitchen in this square-shaped house which exude the charm of minimalism. The vast sit-out offers stunning views of the surroundings and is the perfect place to enjoy some relaxing moments in the company of nature.

Huge windows which open to the beautiful sights outside are the highlight of the formal living area. The interiors are well arranged and have classy elegance. The efforts to make the indoors spacious have really paid off as it looks amazing and vast. Wood is aesthetically used in the house which enhances the elegant look of the house. The interiors aren’t crowded with curious and other decor. Lighter shades of hues on the walls make the spaces look graceful. The custom made furniture is made in wood. The minimal use of colours inside the house projects the beautiful landscape outside.

The floor paved with exclusive Italian marble, lighter shades on the walls and the gypsum ceiling highlight the regality of the wood works on the ceilings. Warm lights make the interiors look pleasant. The use of wood pays tribute to the classic traditional architecture.


In sync with nature

Building materials which are environmental friendly were used while constructing this house. Instead of concrete blocks, hard rocks are paved on the front yard. These stones do not harm the environment and prevents pollution. Besides, it reduces the cost of construction as well. Metal truss roof is used instead of concrete slab. The furniture, ceiling and railings made in wood do justice to the eco-friendly design of the house.


The pond that was already on the plot was given an amazing facelift in the traditional style. The hard rocks that naturally existed here are used as sitting spaces. The beautiful nature plays a major role in making this dwelling look extremely enchanting.

Project facts

Location – Kondotty, Malappuram

Area – 2784 SFT

Plot – 2.15 acres

Owner – Rafeeq

Architect – Abdullakutty

Kaleido Architects, Malappuram

Phone - 9995294853

Year of completion - 2018