Air-conditioned naturally, this house doesn't even need fan

This house doesn't even need fan
The 1500 sq ft house has a sit-out, living and dining areas, kitchen and three bedrooms.

As the blazing summer sun raises temperatures inside concrete structures to unbearable levels, a native of Irinjalakkuda in Thrissur, Kerala, proudly shows around his unique house built on a moderate budget, which effectively beats the heat.

Though Abhilash, an expatriate, dreamed of constructing a house in his hometown, he wasn’t ready to splurge his life’s entire savings on it. Neither was he interested in availing a hefty loan as it would make him financially insecure for a very long time.


He imagined his dream abode to be a single-storied house with all the necessary facilities that suits the preferences and interests of the family members. Abhilash had approached engineer Shantilal of Costford to design his house.


As laterite bricks were abundantly available in the locality, the structure has been built using them. The 10-cent-plot lies in layers and the foundation of the house was built using hard rocks.


The plastering is done using a mixture made with mud and lime. Sand wasn’t used at all while constructing this house. There is no need to paint the house as it already has a natural earthy hue. Long term maintenance offered by the firmness with which the house is built is an added benefit.

A combination of flat and slope roof add a distinct charm to the exteriors. The roof was constructed using the filler slab method. So there was no need to do special ceiling works.

This 1500 sq ft house has a sit-out, living and dining areas, kitchen and three bedrooms. The spaces are designed in such a way that it is easy to maintain.


Unnecessary walls are avoided in the interiors making it look more vast and spacious. Besides, this ensures excellent cross ventilation as well. Lots of windows are installed to let in ample amount of natural light. So there is no need to switch on the lights during the day.

Two bedrooms are bath-attached. A common bathroom has been arranged inside the house. The walls in the kitchen are lined with enough cupboards.

Abilash says that the construction of their dream dwelling, including the structure and furnishing, was completed on a moderate budget of Rs 20 lakh. The most amazing feature of this house is that the temperature in the interiors won’t rise even during the harsh summers. Absence of concrete and use of mud helps maintain a pleasant atmosphere inside the house. Ceiling fans aren’t installed anywhere in the house as it is always cool and comfortable inside the house.

These are the factors which helped reduce the expenses:

» Mud plastering, which helped save on cement, sand and paint.

» Old roof tiles were purchased and re-polished before use.

» Polished old wood was used to make furniture and cupboards.


Building materials:

» Foundation – Hard rocks, RCC

» Structure – Red mud bricks

» Plastering – Mud plastering

» Furniture – Re cycled wood

» Flooring – Moderately priced vitrified tiles

Project Facts

Location – Irinjalakkuda, Thrissur

Plot – 10 cents

Area – 1500 SFT

Budget – Rs 20 lakh

Owner – Abhilash

Structural Engineer – Shantilal, Costford, Triprayar Center, Thrissur

Ph - 9495667290