Rajisha recalls the homes that brought her luck

Rajisha recalls the homes that brought her luck

Actress Rajisha Vijayan is basking in the glory of the incredible success of her latest movie June. The super hit song ‘Kooduvittu Paarum Thenkili’ from the film has many similarities to Rajisha’s life. The petite actress says that she has stayed in many houses which have influenced her life greatly. From the comfort of her ancestral home and the detachment towards rented houses to the quaint quarters and chic flats, Rajisha shares her experiences that she has had at various abodes.

Ancestral home

“My ancestral home is at Perambra in Kozhikode. My father demolished the old structure as time had taken a toll on it and built a new house there. The house is in the middle of greenery and beautiful nature, away from the bustle of the city. There are paddy fields, canal and areca orchards around our house. At night we could enjoy the mesmerizing charm of the starry skies, from the front courtyard. The interiors are designed in the open style and it ensures good ventilation as well. The beautiful views of the paddy fields could be enjoyed from my room. The ancestral home at Perambra is a comfort home which beckons us to its charming spaces,” said Rajisha.

Rajisha recalls the homes that brought her luck

Various homes

Rajisha’s father Vijayan was an army officer and mother Sheela is a home-maker. Her younger sister Anjusha is a graduate student. The family moved around quite a lot when Vijayan was transferred to different places around the country. The award winning actress fondly recalls the elaborate quarters where she spent her childhood. Each quarter was as big and spacious as a regular house with lots of rooms.

“As the heads of the families were mostly away, the mothers often shared special bonds. Similarly the children too were close to each other. Every time we had to bid adieu to a place, it broke our hearts. I have spent most of my childhood in North Indian states. I completed my college education at Delhi. As shown in June, I too have experienced the pain of staying away from home,” admitted Rajisha.

Rajisha recalls the homes that brought her luck
Rajisha at 'Oru Cinemakkaran's' location

Rajisha believes that every house posses a special energy. “We feel an urge to get out of some houses as soon as we enter them, right? Likewise, we would love to spend time at some other houses. I believe in the concept that it is important to reduce the negative energy and enhance the positive energy in spaces,” noted the actress.

Life in flat

The family has now shifted to a flat in Kochi as Rajisha’s shooting locations are mostly around here. Rajisha confesses that she doesn’t like to crowd the rooms with too many furniture or décor. “As shown in the poster of June, I too have arranged a photo wall with a collage of old photos. It is my mother who takes care of the flat. As I am mostly travelling, I don’t usually get time to maintain the house,” said Rajisha.

Rajisha recalls the homes that brought her luck

Cinema homes

Rajisha considers it lucky to be able to shoot for various films at beautiful houses. Houses play significant roles in movies like Anuraga Karikkin Vellam and June. “The flat in which mine and Vineeth’s characters live in the movie ‘Oru Cinemaakaran’ is a special one which would stay in the memory forever. In the movie, the flat is decorated using the curios that are brought from the film sets. There was a beautiful installation made by installing lights on an old cycle wheel. Most of my colleagues in the movies own flats. I was extremely attracted to the exterior beauty of actor Kunjan’s elegant house in Panampilly Nagar. That house posses a special charm which draws our eyes to it. I wish to get inside that house and see the interiors as well,” revealed Rajisha.

June’s house

Rajisha recalls the homes that brought her luck

Rajisha says that her life too has many similarities with June’s. A one hundred year old traditional house at Vaikom is shown as June’s home in the super-hit movie. The enchanting house has slanted roof with mud tiles paved on it. The white sand on the courtyard and the canal in the front adds to the charm of this house. “Many said that they loved my room in the movie. The flat in which I stay in Mumbai too is beautifully decorated. The credit for it definitely goes to the art director,” said Rajisha.

Dream home

“I love homes built in the Victorian style. Its unique elevations covered with flowering creepers have captured my heart. I am attracted to our traditional homes too. In case I build a house of my own in the future I wish it to be a fusion house combining these two styles,” concludes Rajisha.