This Attingal house simply basks in brilliance of design

This Attingal house simply basks in brilliance of design
The unique design of the house welcome nature's charm into the interior, giving it a splendid look.

Like everyone else, Biji Chandran and his family too wished to build a dream home on a medium budget. It came true at Gramathumukku in Attinkal and the 2010 sq ft house perfectly reflects the chic style of a contemporary dwelling with all the modern facilities.

The box shaped elevation, in white and grey shades, is an eye-catching feature. This goes amazingly well with the green meadows and beautifully done landscaping. The compound walls and the outer walls, decorated with claddings, enhance the overall look of the house. This charming house is designed by Radhakrishnan of the SDC Architects.

The charming white

There is a sit-out, drawing room, living area, kitchen and an adjacent work area, balcony, courtyard, utility space and 3 bedrooms in this beautiful house. The interiors are adorned with the white hue which enhances elegance of the house. The wooden decor adds the perfect contrast to the white and other neutral shades in the indoors. These also make the spaces look vast.


The furniture set in straight line makes the interiors look perfect and sleek. Architect Radhakrishnan says that the spaces are designed keeping in mind the demands and requirements of the family.

Welcoming nature

The unique designs welcome nature's charm into the interiors, giving it a splendid look. The long windows, openings and courtyards let the pleasant sunshine and refreshing air into the house. There is no need to switch on the fan or light even during the blazing summer noon, as the temperature inside the house is always pleasant. Biji says that he is thus able to save significantly on electricity bills as well.


The living-cum-dining area is designed in the open concept, while ensuring enough privacy as well. The roof above the stairway, adjacent to the living area, is done in double height. Besides, adding a designer touch to the entire space, the tastefully designed stairway acts as a partition between the living space and the wash area.


A wall in the dining area is highlighted using beautiful stone claddings. A small courtyard elevates the charm of this space. Paved with shiny pebbles, the courtyard is further beautified with indoor plants. Louvers are arranged above the courtyard and natural light comes in through the glass openings here.


The bath-attached bedrooms are designed with all the necessary facilities, yet without overcrowding with decor. The storage units and wardrobes are built as per the demands of the family members. There are enough openings and long windows through which the enchanting beauty of the nature is felt inside. The white shades on the walls and the lush greenery of the nature outside offer an amazing play of mesmerizing hues which soothes the eyes. Besides, these light shades make spaces and rooms look more spacious as well.


The kitchen counter is designed in ‘L’ shape, with lots of storage spaces. The dining-cum-kitchen is spacious and has all the modern facilities.

“Our mind and body will relax only if the place where we live is filled with peace and tranquility. The designs in a house should complement the interests of the people staying there. I have meticulously followed it while designing this house. That must be the reason why each and every space in this house has become so close to their hearts,” says Radhakrishnan.