This regal Thalassery house exudes a mesmerising charm

This regal Thalassery house is a perfect blend of beauty and luxury
The regal charm of intricate wood and glass works enhances the elegance of the interiors.

In the beautiful suburbs of Thalassery, surrounded by refreshing greenery and lakes, stands the magnificent ‘The Ville’, which gloriously reflects the charming nature outside. The unique designs and decor make the interiors of this house truly awesome, while the exteriors exude elegance with a fine blend of the contemporary style and colonial architecture. The outer walls, decorated with claddings, are a splendid feature of the exteriors.


The open spaces are the most striking feature of the interiors of this house. This ensures excellent ventilation as well. The formal and family living areas, dining space, kitchen, four bedrooms, upper living area and a home theater are splendidly arranged in this house. Besides the main dining area and the kitchen, the house has a separate ladies’ living space and a pantry kitchen and adjacent work area too.


The formal and family living areas are built in double height which makes the spaces look vast and spacious. The regal charm of intricate wood and glass works enhances the elegance of the interiors. Beautiful Italian marble is paved on the floor in the main areas. Besides, exquisite rugs, curtains and lamps, that are imported, add a touch of panache to the interiors of the house.


The spiral stairway is one of the striking features here. The skylight over the stairway lets in lots of natural light and illuminates the entire house with pleasant sunshine.

There are four bedrooms in this beautiful house and three of them are on the upper floor. The windows in the bedrooms open to the enchanting landscape and water body outside.


As the family frequently organizes gatherings and get together, there are enough spaces which can comfortably accommodate the guests. The gazebo and the upper desk too are favorite party spaces.

The majestic look of the house gets enhanced at night when the profile lamps are switched on. The house basking in the starry glow, projects its classy designs, even during the night.


Project facts

Architect – Shabana Nufail

Nufail and Shanbana Architects, Mahe

Mob – 90482 41331, 7558808885