This 'American' house is grabbing eyeballs at Kottayam


When Pradeep, an expatriate decided to build a house at his hometown in Kerala, he wanted it to stand out for its unique look. He had long been charmed by the elegant villas built in the American architectural style and he didn’t have to think much when it came to zero in on a unique design. His brand new house at Manjoor, Kottayam draws the attention of the onlookers for its chic American style.

The design of the house perfectly suits the structure of the 11 cents plot which is rectangular in shape. Truss work is done over flat roof and is paved with roofing tiles. The area between the roof and the truss work has been turned into a utility space. The temperature inside the house is always pleasant as sunlight won’t hit the roof directly.


The roofing tiles in grey shade and the unique olive green hue of the outer walls make this house stand out. The dormer windows, commonly seen in the colonial architecture are an eye catching feature in the exteriors. It also allows lots of natural light into the house.


There is a living space, dining area, 2 kitchens and 4 bedrooms in this house which has an area of 1998 sqft. The interiors, designed in the open style, make it look more vast and spacious. It ensures excellent cross ventilation as well. The living and dining areas are arranged as part of the open hall.


The open kitchen is furnished in plywood and veneer finish. The car porch is built not as part of the main structure. The stairway to the truss area is constructed outside the house. The construction of the house was completed in just seven months, within a budget of Rs 43 lakhs, including the structure and the furnishing.


The owner was abroad while the house was being constructed at Manjoor. However, the family is extremely happy that they have been able to build their abode, exactly the way they had dreamed it. Pradeep says that it was possible because he had an amazing communication with the architect, which incredibly reflects in the perfect execution of the unique design of the house.

Project Facts

Location – Manjoor, Kottayam

Area – 1998 SFT

Plot – 11 cents

Owner – Pradeep Kurian

Designer – Ashok Churulickal

Asoke Associates

Mob – 85474 20526

Construction – Srishti Constructions