A holiday cottage to unwind before breaking waves

A holiday cottage to unwind before breaking waves
The 700 sq ft cottage is built in an 85-cent plot on a cliff near the Moodadi beach.

Dr Sreekumar, neurologist at the Nadakavu hospital, loves to spend his weekends with family at this quaint holiday cottage at Moodadi beach, Kozhikode. The charming beach studio which faces the sea is named ‘Thadatha’, meaning ‘seeking the extraordinary among the ordinary’. The term, associated with the Mahayana Buddhist sect, rightly expresses the mood in this house, which is to find happiness even in the simplest things.


The 700 sqft cottage is built in an 85 cents plot on a cliff near the Moodadi beach. One has to climb around 100 steps, crafted in red stone, to reach the top of the cliff where the house stands. The beautiful sight of the ocean can be enjoyed from the three sides. The soothing sea breeze makes its way into every corner of the house.


The elegant weekend getaway was designed by architect Cindu Kumar. The verandah, formal living area, bedroom and kitchen have been arranged beneath a single roof, with minimal partitions. Bengaluru roof tiles are paved on the ceiling. The wall built using hard rocks are not cement plastered and it adds a designer element. Tiles in wooden finish are used on the floor.


Elegant French windows are installed on the sides of the house which faces the ocean. The louvers below it invite the sea breeze into the house. The exhausts placed on the roof push out the warm air as well. This helps maintain constantly a pleasant atmosphere inside the house.


The lush greenery around makes the plot extremely beautiful and exotic. There are lots of shade trees, bushes and plants which enhances the charm of the area. A small sitting space too has been arranged outside to enjoy the enchanting views of the ocean.


Dr. Sreekumar, who is also an investor in the tourism sector, plans to convert his holiday cottage into a home stay. This charming place would be the perfect place for a family to spend some quality time, enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of the nature in its fullest glory.

Project facts

Location – Moodadi, Kozhikode

Area – 700 SFT

Plot – 70 cents

Owner – Dr Sreekumar G

Mob – 9847072203

Architect – Cindu V

Cindu V Tech

Email – cinduvtech@gmail.com

Mob - 8606460404