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Last Updated Saturday August 18 2018 07:48 PM IST

A 5,500 sq ft luxury home designed to perfection

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A 5,500 sq ft luxury home designed to perfection

Aleema Villa is one sprawling set up. The 5,500 sq ft house belongs to Jishar and Jaseena from Chavakkad in Thrissur and was designed by Thrissur-based architect Dr Josna Raphael. Purely contemporary with flat roofs, the elevation has been designed to highlight the different-leveled roofs. The roofs come down symmetrically like steps from different levels right from the very top to the last layer at the bottom. The entry point to the structure has been designed from a corner to highlight the stunning visuals of the elevation.

As the plot stands presiding over two pathways, both the sides have been given equal importance. The exteriors have been planned in such a way that they highlight the striking elevation of the structure. The outside looks attractive with features like composite panels, stone claddings and multi-level roofs building up a luxurious ambiance.

Living room

The house has an L-shaped verandah and this has been further divided into 'private' and 'public' spaces. The space behind the columns or pillars is totally private and the family can jive it up here without prying neighbors and curious passersby peeping in all the time.

Multipurpose rooms

The entrance to the rooms is through the foyer. The owner wanted a prayer room where even non-family members could walk in to offer namaz. So the designer provided the space below the staircase, close to the foyer as the room for prayer. The designer walls of this room effectively cover those inside from curious eyes outside. At the same time, the room needs no artificial lighting. It’s well lit naturally.

There are three living rooms, a formal living, a women’s living and a family living upstairs. Though all these rooms have been provided extreme privacy, they are yet open to each other in style and this is a novel design element. A wall done up in rustic Italian marble separates the formal living to the right side of the foyer from the rest of the rooms.

The courtyard close to it brings in light and air aplenty. Bang in the middle of the formal living and family living stands a wall with a long window on top of which rests a pergola. Though the women’s living space is quite close to the common living, it’s been covered with privacy, but in an unobtrusive way. A patio from the dining room has also been provided.


Since the family wanted all the bedrooms under one unit, they have been designed as such. There are two bedrooms up and two down. As the rooms open out into a passage, they enjoy utmost privacy. The black, grey and white color tones inside the bedrooms go with the overall color scheme of the house. Even the wallpapers used inside the bedrooms go well with the shades.


The family living upstairs has been built atop the comparatively low-ceilinged prayer room and stands connecting both the floors. A home theater and an utility room are special features here. The stone cladding seen from the outside is in reality the utility area inside. This is one special feature of the well-designed structure.



The kitchen is very functional with the slabs set in different levels. The low-level slab doubles up as a chopping block and a dining counter as well.

No wood

No formal wood has gone into the making of windows and doors. While the doors are of hard wood, the windows have been set in wood shade designed UPVC.

While the sit-out has lapothra-finished granite on the floor, it’s Italian marble in the common space and rustic tiles for the bedrooms. The furniture has been specially designed to go with the decor of the house. Almost all features have been specially done to suit the design feature and the desire of the owners.

As the house is flanked by roads on either side, the main gate too has been designed to provide the elevation maximum attraction.

Project facts:

Area: 5,500 sq ft

Architect: Dr Josna Raphael

Kavyam Designs, Thrissur

Mobile: 9847632116

Year of completion: 2016

Location: Chavakkad, Thrissur

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