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Last Updated Thursday May 24 2018 11:37 AM IST

4 cool ideas to transform your boring workspace

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Workplace Photo: Getty Images

The world of design is fast evolving and organizations are thoughtfully finding ways to create authenticity in the workplace. The design of workspaces unknowingly inspires people to come to work and is also seen to have a profound impact on their performance and how they behave so jazz up your workplace smartly.

Praveen Rawal, managing director of Steelcase, Southeast Asia and India and Amit Ramani, Founder and CEO of Awfis, list some cool tips

» Biophilic Influences: The wave of digitalization has surrounded Indians with advanced technologies and cutting-edge tools that add to our performance. Spaces that allow more access to natural light, greenery and layers of pattern and texture, lead to stronger connection and rejuvenation at work. Switch from wood to either stone or clay and incorporate designs and fabrics that resemble grass or other natural inspirations. People instinctively step back from foreign and artificial materials.

Workspace Photo: Getty Images

» Diversity of colors: Different colors have different effects on your mind. Workplace color is often associated with the look instead of how it makes one feel. Nobody enjoys working in an atmosphere that is gloomy and dull, therefore the color of your office walls play a key role in defining workplace behavior.

Workspace Photo: Getty Images

If yellow induces a sense of optimism, blue proves to enhance the productivity of employees. High saturation colors are much more stimulating than the low ones. Having said that, in a working environment, using too much of one color can make you feel off-balance.

» Designing with technology: Technology is pushing forward the requirement for an unconventional workspace for the new generation workforce. Smart and connected places improve people's experience at work, which makes it imperative to design environments that combine aesthetics with technology.

Workspace Photo: Getty Images

» Designing for personalities: Workspaces are inspired by creativity today. In order to make use of every corner, designs should be focused on making a self-configurable office that can be altered with the need of the hour.

Workspace Photo: Getty Images

A collaborative workplace bridges physical, virtual, demographic environments seamlessly. Incorporating a variety of collaboration styles through hot-desking, break-out zones, cafes, meeting rooms etc. will augment engagement and networking. Keeping in mind different personalities who come in to work, integrating both modular and contemporary furniture styles would enhance greater user experience. Your workspace should promote spaces to discuss work in a more social and informal setting without disturbing the flow of creativity and innovative ideas. 

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