Suddhy Kopa keeps silver-rings as lucky charm for confidence

Suddhy Kopa
Suddhy Kopa was a fashion freak as a youngster

Suddhy Kopa debuted in Mollywood through Mohanlal-starrer Sagar Alias Jacky released in 2009. By his sheer aptitude in delivering dialogues and his unique way of adding humour to any character he plays, Suddhy Kopa reserved a special place in Malayalam cinema in a very short span of time. He has been a part of new-generation Mollywood flicks with his typical Kochi dialect and mannerisms. On the other hand, his comedy characters like 'Kanjavu Soman' in Midhun Manuel Thomas's 'Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeeviyaanu' and the political extremist he played in 'Anuraga Karikkin Vellam' show the versatility of his acting skills.

Apart from being an actor, this Kochi man is a fashionista himself. Suddhy Kopa is always spotted in a trendy T-shirt and denim trousers. Kochiites may also cite him in shorts and tees around Thammanam marketplace where he hangs around with his buddies. Suddhy would let go his T-shirt while at home. 'Who would remain too much dressed up in this blazing sun?' - he wonders.

Actor Suddhy Kopa

What Suddhy Kopa always carries with him is his collection of silver rings. Suddhy wears three silver-rings, a round-cut ring and two bands, all the time. Suddhy thinks that silver rings boost his confidence level.

“I have a good collection of such silver rings. I bought it from usual silver jewelry shops around Kochi. I keep them even while traveling. I prefer silver to gold. I can't think of wearing gold chains round my neck but I have a couple of silver chains which I wear occasionally,” he reveals.

Suddhy Kopa has a large collection of foot-wears. Cut-shoes are his types of footwear. He said he has almost fourteen pairs of footwear which he matches with his attire. “I love flip-flops. Crocs are not my type. Normal slippers are my comfy footwear. I don't like those laced leather shoes which make you look executive. It is too hard to tie and untie them. So I prefer cut-shoes which are too easy to wear,” he said.

Actor Sudhhy Kopa

Suddhy Kopa was a fashion freak as a youngster. He says he had coloured his hair in a weird fashion and styled his beard unevenly. He had pierced his ears and studded them with barbells. Later, he gave up weird fashion when he discovered it no longer suited him.

Still, striking colours, exotic graphic designs and careless grooming are his favorite fashion choices.