Rose gold, the latest trend in bridal jewellery

Rose gold, the latest trend in bridal jewellery
The young generation is noted for their unique sartorial choices, and it is quite evident that they look for trendy ornaments that go amazingly well with it.

Gone are the days when the coy brides hid themselves behind their grooms. Today’s women are smart, modern, stylish and confident. They are eager to express their cheerful and confident personality through the right choices of attires and ornaments.

Even after marriage, they love to wear stylish ornaments which make them look prettier and elegant. This must be the reason why ornaments crafted to perfection, in rose gold, have become the latest trend in jewellery. Edimannickal is incredibly proud to be the first jeweler in central Tranavancore to introduce the rose gold ornaments in exclusive designs. Every piece of ornament at Edimannickal is crafted with precision and perfection, giving importance to both fashion and quality.

“Young girls who roam around freely before marriage shouldn’t begin wearing heavy tali chains which weigh at least 8 -10 sovereigns. It is better for them to go for trendy ornaments which are medium weight. This helps them retain their youthfulness forever. Following the olden styles would make them look and feel mature and old unnecessarily.

Edimannickal jewellery has successfully realized that the generation which loves to be young forever doesn’t prefer olden styles,” says Amble, wife of Sunny Thomas, who heads the creative department of the renowned jewelers.

The young generation is noted for their unique sartorial choices, and it is quite evident that they look for trendy ornaments that go amazingly well with it. Couturiers and fashion designers vow that the pastel colors are very much in vogue. The traditional yellow gold does not look good with the palette of pastels. However, young fashionistas are still in love with the elegance and grace of the yellow metal. Mesmerizing ornaments crafted in rose gold would be the perfect choice in such situations.

Beautiful pieces of ornaments in rose gold could be purchased in matching sets as well. A set of rose gold jewellery which includes a necklace, chains, bangles, earrings and rings would transform any girl into the perfect modern bride.

Royal antique collection

The royal antique style is still a big hit among the youngsters when it comes to bridal jewellery. However, every piece of antique jewellery may not have the perfect royal sheen. Antique ornaments usually have a darker hue. These ornaments gain the unique royal look when its dark colouris perfectly and intricately merged with the attractive yellow shade of the gold. The antique ornaments at Edimannickal have a touch of brilliant craftsmanship which makes them beautiful, chic and special.

The antique collections usually feature heavy chunks of ornaments, with unattractive shades of faded colour on it. This is where the antique pieces at Edimannickal become unique and special. The jewellery features an elaborate and impressive collection of medium weight antique ornaments which are embellished with intricate works and cute designs.

These ornaments, in stunning designs, make young women look very special on their big day. Besides, they can also be worn with casual clothes and still look chic. One of the significant features which make the royal antique concept designs at Edimannickal stand out is that they are specially crafted at India’s traditional jewel workshops.

Chains adorned with beautiful and exclusive stones like emerald, ruby and garnet are the trend among the royal antique ornaments. This special stone ornaments are particularly preferred as elegant bridal jewellery, as it matches incredibly well with the traditional wedding trousseau.

Even while nurturing a special liking for gold jewellery, the young generation loves to be trendy and unique as well. They admire a jewellery house only when it crafts dreamy ornaments using gold of impeccable quality. Edimannickal, which is committed to craft perfection in gold, has truly found a special place in the hearts of the young and the old alike. A visit to Edimannickal’s showrooms at Changanassery and Kottayam will give you an idea about the latest trends in gold jewellery.

The showroom at Kottayam was inaugurated in April last year and is located between the collectorate and the Baselius College. The showrooms at Kottayam and Changanessery are headed Sunny Thomas, who hails from the distinguished Edimannickal family.