Do men need tips to look smarter? Here are some

Do men need tips to  look smarter? Here are some
Darker shades like black, dark green, navy blue and maroon would look good on dark skinned men.

Is your confidence taking a beating because of your complexion? Do you wish to change your skin colour? The fact, however, is that there aren’t any methods that would help you change your skin tone or texture. Most importantly, there is no need to do that. The false belief that the white skin is supreme was established by the Europeans as they continued their colonizing spree in Asia, Africa and South America. Time passed and the colonies gained freedom, yet they haven’t been freed from the obsession of fair skin. The dark skin makes many people feel inferior and resort to skin whitening creams and treatments.

Trying to change the natural complexion would severely harm the health of the skin. No matter of what colour your skin is, protecting it and making it look attractive are the most important factors. A healthy lifestyle and eating habits provide beautiful and radiant skin. It is important to realize that the colour of your skin is not what determines your true inner beauty.

Here are some grooming tips for men to maintain healthy and glowing skin:

Dry skin

Those with dry skin should always keep their face clean and apply a good quality moisturizer. This would help prevent the skin getting dried up or cracked. Following this routine regularly would give positive results as the dryness of the skin would be reduced gradually.

Oily skin

Multani mitti is the natural remedy for oily skin. Applying it on your face helps refresh the skin and make it look beautiful. Mix some turmeric powder with a spoon full of multani mitti. Squeeze half a lemon into it. Mix it into a smooth paste and apply on your face in a thin layer. Wash off the face pack after 15 minutes. This face pack should be used not more than twice a week.

Clean face

The pollution and dirt makes the facial skin look dull and unhealthy. Face scrubs can be used to remove dirt and dead cells as well. Gently massage the face using the scrub, and this helps stimulate the blood flow and rejuvenate the skin. However, face scrubs shouldn’t be used more than once in a week.

Healthy diet

Water plays a significantly role in the skin care regime. Make sure that you drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. This helps to regulate the moisture level in your skin as well. Including vegetables, fruits and leafy vegetables in your daily diet would make your skin healthy and radiant.

Dark skin

There is absolutely no need to feel bad about your skin colour. What is important is to maintain a healthy body. Personal hygiene too plays a major role in making you attractive. Try to create a unique style statement by experimenting on your beard, moustache, hair style and wardrobe. Styling your beard would enhance your features and complement the overall look. A cleaned shaved look is better than unkempt or disheveled beard and moustache.


Skin colour is not as important as the health and well being of your body. A healthy body is required to flaunt stylish looks and attires. Unlike skin tone, it is possible to achieve a chiseled and healthy body by following appropriate diets and workouts. A healthy body doesn’t mean that you have to possess a six-pack abs. You should look healthy, energetic and smart. Dresses in all the colours would look amazing on those with a good body. However, darker shades should be avoided if you are chubby or too thin, as such colours would project your physical features.

Choose these colours

Darker shades like black, dark green, navy blue and maroon would look good on dark skinned men. These colours would match your skin tone well.

Even though all these factors help you to look smart, what determines one’s quality is their behavior and attitude. Positivity and confidence should be the features that should stand out in you.