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Last Updated Wednesday August 15 2018 02:02 PM IST

In your 50s, ladies? So what? Groom like Hema Malini

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In your 50s, ladies? So what? Groom like Hema Malini

Perk up, fifties something, post-menopause ladies! You're beautiful.

If Dream Girl Hema Malini can, why can't you? Therein lies the catch. The want should emanate from each woman. Turning out in good form is no big deal. All one needs is the urge to look good and a wee bit of "ME" time.

Over to style diva Ambika Pillai for a few precious tips on how to look chic and sophisticated despite the tell-tale signs of a sagging morale.

If there's one woman Pillai is still in awe of it’s none other than the evergreen Hema Malini, a natural beauty who nurtures her beauty. The actor is into every bit of her body when it comes to health, fitness, grooming and styling. It’s not just her face and body that Hema Malini pampers. Even her nails matter. The star's detail to minutiae stunned Pillai when she met her. It was with a bit of trepidation that she went in to don makeup for the actor, for right in front of her was a beauty who had made men go weak in the knees a decade or two ago. The actor needed just a brush or two to make her glow.

Change it!

To begin with, Pillai highlights the hair, every woman's undoing. Women, especially the working ones, follow a set pattern. It's the staid old style for them. Once they fall into a pattern, a change is inconceivable. The usual excuses being "no time or such experiments will not work for me." Hence they stick to the drab old style of a middle parting with the hair pulled back in a band, or a side parting with a single plait.

Go for a change. A middle today, a side tomorrow or a full back sweep, says Pillai. It's worth a try, she insists. This will see a woman going to office in different hairdos … bringing in a lot of freshness with her.

In your 50s, ladies? So what? Groom like Hema Malini

Hair can be done in any way to suit one's face, age and the work one is engaged in. All it needs is a tweak here and a touch there. For example, if you've been a regular advocate of middle parting, ditch it for a side parting and see the difference. It's a new you, says the diva. A light smoothening works well for all ages and the hair looks good when left loose. There's an alternative for complete hair straightening for those who are averse to an "artificial" look. Treatment can be done just on the crown area.

The possibilities are bright for the curly or messy heads. The curls and the natural mess can be beautifully highlighted with particular styles. But beware! Never go for artificial curls or a messy look, a definite 'No' for your age.

Go for the casual look while donning a kurta. A loose style with a band round the hair falling at the nape of the neck looks well with this attire, or even a lower pony tail. It's best to tie up the hair in a round bun while going for a traditional dress or a sari. Top up the style with flowers like jasmine around the hair or a decorative accessory to highlight the style.

Most often than not it's the working women who lose out on hair. Hair fall and thinning start showing signs when care is given a go-by. Hair needs constant and steady care. Hair turns frizzy when neglected. Volumising treatment helps hair look more bouncy and a henna wash once in two weeks conditions it and gives it strength.

Try out colours. If you are a regular black-dye fan, go in for a colour change which will brighten up the face. Burgundy, copper and antique colors are eye-catching. A once-in-a-week oil massage is a must. The older you turn, the more the need for overall health care and attention to hair.

Electric brush

The electric brush acts swiftly and deftly in straightening and setting the hair. It not only helps in creating style changes, but also aids in effecting a mini makeover in you. The heat-adjustable brush will effectively iron out moist hair that’s been given a serum-brush. Remember to brush from top downwards. Hair thus set lasts well for 12 hours.

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