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Last Updated Wednesday August 15 2018 02:28 PM IST

Women with 'heavy' make-up less likely to be seen as leaders

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Women with 'heavy' make-up less likely to be seen as leaders If you aspire to be a leader, you should go easy with your make-up, a new study suggests.

If you aspire to be a leader, you should go easy with your make-up, a new study suggests, adding that women wearing heavy make-up are less likely to be thought of as good leaders.

The result of the study indicates that too much make-up can have a negative impact on perceptions of your leadership ability.

"This research follows previous work in this area, which suggests that wearing make-up enhances how dominant a woman looks," said co-author of the study Christopher Watkins, senior lecturer in the Division of Psychology at the Abertay university.

"While the previous findings suggest that we are inclined to show some deference to a woman with a good looking face, our new research suggests that make-up does not enhance a woman's dominance by benefiting how we evaluate her in a leadership role," Watkins added.

For the study, published in the journal Perception, participants were asked to view a series of images featuring the same woman without cosmetics and with make-up applied for a "social night out".

Computer software was used to manipulate the faces and the amount of make-up was also manipulated in the face images.

Each participant completed a face perception task where they judged sixteen face-pairs, indicating how much better a leader they felt their chosen face to be compared to the other face.

The researchers found that both men and women evaluated women more negatively as a leader if the image suggested she was wearing a lot of make-up.

"Our findings extend recent research on social judgements of make-up by demonstrating that make-up has negative effects on perceptions of women's leadership ability," the researchers said.

"Moreover, these findings were consistent across male and female judges, and when individuals judged both own-ethnicity and other-ethnicity faces manipulated in colour cues to make-up," the researchers noted.

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