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Last Updated Thursday August 16 2018 07:25 PM IST

Tips from Shahnaz Husain: Protect skin, hair from the blazing sun

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Tips from Shahnaz Husain: Protect skin, hair from the blazing sun Photo: Getty Images

Summer is already here and so do the hair and skin woes! Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are of great importance for those who step out in the sun regularly. Exposing yourself to the grime and pollutants in the air can do serious harm to the skin. Follow this summer routine to stay fresh , keep your skin and hair healthy.

Tips for healthy skin


Always cleanse the skin at night, before going to bed, so that you remove make-up, sweat and oil deposits, as well as dirt and pollutants.

A tulsi-neem herbal face wash would be ideal for summer. It would help to remove impurities and soothe and protect the skin from eruptions and rashes.


After cleansing, tone the skin with chilled rose water or a rose-based skin tonic. It not only refreshes and cools the skin, but also helps to stimulate blood circulation to the skin surface and add a glow.

Rose water

A matte moisturizer is ideal for the summers. For dry skin, spray on a moisture mist. If your work entails traveling, apply a sunscreen. For oily skin, oil-free sunscreen is a must.


Use a facial scrub two or three times a week. A facial scrub helps to remove dead cells and provides deep cleansing of the skin. It brightens and refines the skin.


If your skin is dry, nourish it at night, after cleansing. Apply a nourishing cream and massage it into the skin, using circular strokes. The pressure should be more as you go upwards and slightly outwards. Wipe it off after three to four minutes of massage.


Twice a week use a face mask. Apply it on the face, avoiding the lips and area around eyes. Wash it off when it is dry.

To refresh your make-up, you need to carry a few items in your handbag. During summer, fragrant wet tissues can be most refreshing. They are easily available. Use them to cleanse the skin and remove grease and sweat.


A powder compact of pressed powder is also handy. It helps to get rid of that oily look in summer. First wipe with the tissues and then dab the powder. You may also find a lipstick handy to touch-up after lunch. Apply powder on the lips and then apply lipstick. Remember to carry a small bottle of cologne, or your favorite deodorant.

Tips for healthy hair

Although long hair is in fashion, avoid keeping it loose while you are at work. This is more so in summer. Fussing with the hair is most distracting.

Messy hair bun

Opt for a high bun, or even simpler choose a messy bun hair up do .

It can also be tied back in a pony tail. Actually, pony tails are always in fashion. You can have a high or low pony tail, tied back with ribbons.

Pony tail

Braids (plaits) may also look nice for work, although it may take time.


Braids can be work hairstyle can be done on long and medium length hair.

Divide your hair into three parts and intertwine it like a rope. Towards the end of the braid, use elastic band or a ribbon to tie it up. Braids look neat on young working women.


As far as the new trends are concerned, the more natural look in hair is making its way in, with a look of ease. Keep the hair away from the face. If you have short hair, wear it softly and naturally layered. Even in hair color, use subtle colors with natural ingredients.

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