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Last Updated Thursday August 16 2018 07:26 PM IST

Here's your ultimate guide to dress up for Holi

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Holi is a festival of colors and as the celebration of Holi here, get some styling tips to dress up this Holi. Wearing old white t-shirt/kurta is a passe; Holi has come a long way from tradition whites to colorful clothes, hot pants, backless tops etc. With people becoming more conscious about fashion and style, Holi clothes have already gotten a nice makeover. Here's some style and fashion tips you can try:

White is passe


White is a common color to wear on Holi but you can add some color to your outfit by wearing some pastel tones of pink, green, blue etc. Yellow is the color of spring and it’s a great alternative from the regular white.

Florals rule

Floral dress

Floral prints are in trend if you want to stay stylish. Light colored clothes with floral prints is a great way to celebrate Holi in stylish mood.

Trendy in Cotton

Kurta File photo

Cotton fabric and light colored clothes are a good combination for Holi so that you don’t feel stuffy in the heat. Don’t wear heavy fabric since it gets clingy when wet.

Colored strands


Hair is the biggest accessory and you live with it every single day. You can color your hair, choose a shade according to your skin tone and make sure that the shade isn’t very bold.

Flip N free


Wear funky and colorful flip-flops. Avoid wearing heels and leather as they will be uncomfortable.

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