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Last Updated Tuesday May 22 2018 11:33 AM IST

Makeup artist Renju Renjimar decodes Bhavana's wedding look

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Bhavana Photo: Facebook/Renju Renjimar

Without the right makeup, the wedding day look of your dreams would just not be complete. In the case of actress Bhavana, the make-up for her wedding turned out even better than she had hoped for. All the credit for this goes to make-up artist Renju Renjimar who opened up regarding her passion for makeup and her close bond with Bhavana.

What preparations did you take for Bhavana's wedding?


Bhavana's wedding makeup was not planned in advance. I wanted the eye makeup and lipstick shade to be unique. This work has got me a lot of praise. Bhavana is like a daughter to me and perhaps that is why the makeup came out much better than either of us expected. It is a big thing to be able to do the make-up for the wedding of someone you see as a daughter and I'm indebted to Bhavana and God for this opportunity. She hadn't put forward any suggestions regarding what I should do. My daughter had complete faith in me and left it all up to me.

What suggestions did you give Bhavana?


Bhavana has a very good dress and makeup sense as is. Even the jewelry she picked out was very simple. She used to send me pictures of ornaments she liked and I suggested a couple of pieces that matched them too. She trusted me to make the right calls. Label'M designed her clothes and their team let me know that they really loved the makeup. Anu from Label'M said that the makeup made the dress stand out more than expected. The blouse with a mural of Krishna on it was picked by Anu and Bhavana together.

Who is a fashion icon in your eyes?

Mamta Mohandas

The artist I really like a lot is Deepika Padukone. She is a fashion icon. I often find inspiration from her. Even if Deepika does an exposé, it does not come across as vulgar. It is not evident that she has put on make-up when you meet Deepika. The hairstyle she has in Chennai Express is what I used to model Bhavana's hair for the wedding. Deepika's Padmavati is very much imprinted in my mind. The eye makeup I experimented with was inspired by that and I think it was a success to an extent. The Padmavati style makeup is something I'm trying on most brides who come to me these days.

Which other celebrity brides have you done makeup for?


Priyamani is another actor who is just as close to me as Bhavana. She also came to me for makeup for her wedding, again without giving any specific directions. Another person who's wedding I'm looking forward to is Remya Nambeesan. But the person whose wedding I'm waiting for the most anxiously is that of Mamata. I'll make her look like Deepika on her wedding day. Deepika and Mamata have a lot of similarities and they were college mates. They are close friends and Deepika feels Mamata is the prettier of the two. Mamata often tells Deepika that I claim she is the Deepika Padukone of Kerala. Making Mamata look on her wedding day like Deepika did in Padmavati is one of my major wishes.

What does a bride have to keep in mind before a wedding?

A wedding is a big day in any girl's life and clear planning is required for everything. At least three months are required to plan and execute a wedding. If one starts preparing from the day a wedding is fixed with a clear timetable, then it is possible to have your body and skin in the shape you want it to be on the big day. If you have professional help as well then it is possible to fix the slight imperfections in your skin or improve dressing sense and so on. It is definitely possible to look better for your wedding but the thing needed first and foremost is confidence. 'This makeup does look nice on me. I want to look good today on my wedding day.' This thought has to go into every girl's mind otherwise they will feel like none of this will look good on them. A trial make-up run is important.

When non-celebrity clients approach you, what do you suggest them?

I first ask a client what service she expects from me: only makeup or something more in-depth including the selection of clothes and jewelry. Accordingly, I'll fix a trial makeup. I always make sure never to impose my views and always to incorporate what the client wants. Every girl has her own dreams and I try to understand them and work towards that. Even for Ravi Pillai's daughter, I did the makeup without any reference. I had not expected to get that job when I went for the trial makeup. Today, even girls whose trial makeup is over are calling me and asking to replicate Bhavana's wedding makeup style. I try my best to understand everyone's interests and hope to carry on keeping every client happy.

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