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Last Updated Wednesday April 25 2018 06:19 AM IST

16 time-tested tips for hair growth

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Long hair Photo: Getty Images

Healthy and shining hair is a sign of youth. The best care or treatments for the hair are always natural or herbal methods and not chemicals. Keep these away from the hair.

1.Till 20-25 years of age there will not be many issues with your hair. It will be healthy enough. Your hair care routine should start at this time to ensure that age does not stress out the hair.

Hair Photo: Getty Images

2.Never do any chemical treatments on your hair like straightening, smoothening or colouring. Especially before you turn 25. It will destroy the natural texture of the hair and this is just a temporary beauty route. Hair fall, dryness, hair breakage are what you ultimately get out of such treatments. Natural treatments or packs are always the best for the hair.

Straightening Photo: Getty Images

3.Twice a week get a hot oil massage. Apply it liberally on the scalp and the hair. This will get the blood on the head flowing.

Oil massage Photo: Getty Images

4.Instead of shampoo, opt for a hibiscus thali or shikakai powder to wash the hair.

Hibiscus Photo: Getty Images

5.Instead of conditioner use egg white or Aloe Vera pulp or Aloe Vera gel or even curd.

Aloe vera Photo: Getty Images

6.Rice gruel water is good protein for the hair. Add Shikakai powder or fenugreek seed paste to this and apply on the hair. After 30 minutes wash well for smooth hair. This is a good remedy for headaches.

Rice gruel Photo: Getty Images

7.Apply henna on the hair only after a oil massage. After 1 hour wash without using shampoo. It is better to make a paste of the henna leaves that you have at home instead of those on the supermarket shelves.

Hair pack Photo: Getty Images

8.Mix egg whites and Thriphala powder and put on the head for a protein hair pack and to prevent premature greying.

Egg pack Photo: Getty Images

9.Do not use hair dyes as soon as you come across a single grey hair. Soak Thriphala for some time, grind to a paste and apply on the hair. After half an hour wash the hair with Shikakai powder. Do this frequently for greying.

10.Coconut oil infused with curry leaves is a good remedy for greying.

Curry leaves and coconut oil Photo: Getty Images

11.Mix Thriphala, fenugreek seeds soaked and ground, egg white or curd and apply on scalp and hair atleast once a week for a protein hair pack. It is good for children and youngsters to promote hair growth.

Hair wash Photo: Getty Images

12.For dandruff make a paste of small onion and egg whites and apply on the scalp. Do this 2 or 3 times a week.

Egg whites Photo: Getty Images

13.After a shower do not tie the hair before it is dry.

14.Even though chemical treatments are not good, some types of hair will require it – damaged hair, curly and unmanageable hair etc. Keratin treatment, hair spa, protein treatment are beneficial. Get it done only at good salons and after the treatment use the shampoo or conditioner suggested by the beautician.

Hair treatment Photo: Getty Images

15.Especially due to busy lifestyles, it is not possible to do away with shampoos or conditioners. But care should be taken while using these products. Don’t apply shampoo directly to the hair. Wash hair well, dilute the shampoo with some water and then use it on the head and scalp. Massage for 1 or 2 minutes before washing it off without leaving any trace of it on the hair. The conditioner should be put only on the hair and not the scalp. This should be washed away well without any stickiness remaining.

Hair shampoo Photo: Getty Images

16.The health of the body affects the hair so nutrition is important for healthy hair. Take in plenty of foods rich in protein.

Protein diet Photo: Getty Images

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