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Last Updated Saturday May 26 2018 05:27 PM IST

This double-colored makeover mundu of Shaji Pappan is the new talk in town

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Jayasurya starrer Aadu Oru Bheegara Jeeviyanu directed by Mithun Manuel Thomas was loved by cinema lovers and they are eagerly waiting for its sequel Aadu 2 which is slated to hit the theaters soon. The audience was thrilled to watch Shaji Pappan, who has become an iconic character by now, and his boys make an epic road trip in the ‘splendid’ company of a goat. The trailer of the sequel is trending super hit on Youtube and Pappan’s stylish look in his latest outing is already the talk of the town.

In Aadu Oru Bheegara Jeeviyanu, Jayasurya was seen in a black kurta teamed up with crimson red mundu (dhoti). But this time Shaji Pappan will wow his admirers with his quintessential charm by adding a dash of color. The colorful mundu in black, red, pink, and brown adds a modern twist to the traditional attire of the Malayali men. Another highlight feature of those colorful mundu that Jayasurya’s character wears in Aadu 2 is that it has one color when worn loose and features another hue when it is draped up.

Jayasurya and Saritha

Jayasurya’s wife and fashion designer Saritha had ‘decked’ up the actor for his portrayal of Shaji Pappan. She is hopeful that Pappan’s look in Aadu 2 would also be a hit among the masses just like the prequel. Saritha says she felt immense confidence when she turned costume designer for her husband. “In Aadu Oru Bheegara Jeeviyanu Shaji Pappan had mostly worn black and red throughout the movie. But in Aadu 2 he wears different hues other than black and red.”

“Since Pappan has lots of admirers I hope that these clothes too would be super hit among his countless fans. This sequel was made on popular demand, so I assume that Aadu 2 and Pappan’s style in it would also be a hit like its prequel,” says the star wife with confidence.

The fashion scene in Kerala has always been influenced by the reigning trends in cinema. As much as the audience admires movies, they also love to wear the kind of clothes that their matinee idols have worn on screen. The makers of Aadu 2 are confident that the youngsters would be swooning over Shaji Pappan’s colorful mundu in the movie. 

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