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Last Updated Tuesday June 26 2018 01:10 AM IST

Chasing different species of mundu in Kerala

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Chasing different species of mundu in Kerala People choose different types of mundu as occasions demand

Mundu, worn by men and women alike in Kerala, has tons of variants. The choice of different types of the traditional attire depends on the demands of occasions and each of them bears a stamp of the socio-cultural fabric of the state.

Here are nine popular varieties of the wrap-around among men.

A double mundu is draped on special occasions like marriages, rituals and so on. It's the mainstay for politicians and the culturally inclined.

A white kasavu mudu (with golden or silver brocade on the edges) is a handloom or power loom fabric that is worn as a formal attire.

A 'kaili mundu' is the most convenient casual wear for a Kerala man that makes him feel at home, literally.

In Kerala, a 'kavi' mundu is closely attached with the state's culture and is worn by all irrespective of class or creed.

Meanwhile, a silk mundu, which is being replaced by it's cost-effective lookalike - tissue mundu, is a mark of elegance and status and is mostly worn by the affluent business class in Kerala.

Being easy to wash and dry, polyster mundu popular among students of religion.

A lungi is a trademark wear for the working class men and lends them the freedom and ease to perform their tasks faster.

A single mundu or an 'otta mundu' is usually worn by the so-called 'buddhi jeevi' aka the intellectuals.

However, a color mundu, the latest entrant in Kerala's wardrobe, relates more with fashion than tradition.

A 'karuppu mundu' or black mundu is entirely a religious apparel and is worn by Sabarimala pilgrims in South India.

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