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Last Updated Tuesday June 26 2018 01:11 AM IST

Weekend beauty tips: look your best while traveling this Onam

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Travel beauty tips Photo: Getty Images

Are you planning to fly home to Kerala during Onam? Flights can make your skin look dull and tired because the air at high altitudes has less moisture, making the cabin air dry. Shikhee Agrawal, headtrainer at The Body Shop and Shahnaz Husain, CEO of Shahnaz Herbals Inc, have listed a few pointers to look your best as soon as you arrive.

» Taking care of the skin becomes even more essential during air travel to avoid turbulence created by dry air. To have long lasting and visible impact, it's always a good idea to indulge in Vitamin E moisturizer as it protects and locks in moisture for all-day hydration.

Moisturizer Photo: Getty Images

If you are too lazy to apply moisturizers, again and again, go for a moisturizer with Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid as it possesses the quality of 48 hours retention in it.

» Harsh weather conditions and lack of moisture in the air has a direct effect on the lips leaving them chapped and dry but one can easily avoid it by applying lip butter or lip gloss on lips.

Lip balm Photo: Getty Images

Using a lip balm or lip butter with olive oil and coconut oil as the main ingredient is a great solution for crack-free and moisturized lips, apart from just giving a glossy look. An almond cream is ideal for the lips.

Both olive oil and coconut oil are a great source of Vitamin E, which helps the lips with proper nourishment and well-required shield against the dry weather conditions.

» The most important thing is to drink enough water even before you board the flight, and continue to guzzle water throughout.

Water Photo: Getty Images

It's a great way to counteract the dry conditions inside the flight. If you can stand it, leave the skin nearly naked for long haul flight journeys.

If one has to be ready upon arrival, keep a little make-up case with you with some concealer and foundation and apply right before you land. One can accentuate the look by adding a dash of kajal or liner to the eyes.

Eye makeup Photo: Getty Images

» Remember to take your sunscreen lotion. An anti-tan sunscreen would be good. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going out. If you are out in the sun for more than an hour, re-apply the sunscreen. You may also need moisturizer, hand cream, and lip balm.

Sunscreen Photo: Getty Images

» When you travel by air, you may have to sit for long hours. Avoid tight clothes. Your feet will also suffer, so try to keep them raised with some support, to help circulation and prevent fatigue. You can try a few foot exercises while sitting.

Foot rest Photo: Getty Images

Wiggle your toes and make circular motions with your feet. Occasionally take a walk down the aisle, to stretch yourself. Also, try to relax and ease your tensions. Sit and do some deep breathing. It really helps to calm you.

» Eat light meals during the flight. Salads and fruits help to ward off symptoms of jet-lag.


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