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What plans for the week and next? Read it before you decide

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Are your stars aligned the best way for the rest of January? Do they bode ill for you? Find out here and get a heads-up for the two weeks.


Stars: Aswathi , Bharani and Karthika¼ (Meda kooru)

This period pays you to be social. Casual chats with friends and acquaintances may give you ideas to venture into new fields. You seem ready to invest in short-term securities as per expert advice you have received. Your job may take you on long journeys. You may even sign contracts for projects expected to be completed next year. Do not jump into conclusions as soon as you hear a rumor. There seems to be a lot of them coming your way. You may be the butt of jokes if your words and deeds do not match. You may go to places of worship along with your family. You may even go to a relative’s birthday place and indulge in some nostalgic talks. Beware of pitfalls on your way.


Stars: Karthika¾, Rohini and Makeeriyam½ (Edava kooru)

Take heart. Your are in the pink of health. Your work is about to be recognized and rewarded. You are expected to get promotions and other employment benefits due to you. You will be happy to have fulfilled the dreams and desires of elders. You may come in contact with extraordinary personalities. You may complete the construction of your house and move in in this period. You seem to have peaceful family time. Compromise is the key if you were to ensure peace and harmony in the family and marital bliss. You may even go abroad thanks to help from friends. You may have a difficult time with travels related to the education or marriage of your children. Be safe. You may be involved in a road accident but you will have a providential escape.


Stars: Makeeriyam½, T hiruvathira and Punartham¾ (Midhna kooru)

You may have to take leaves of absence frequently because of ill health. If you have been planning to conceive, this is the time for it. You may become pregnant thanks to special prayers coupled with treatments and healthy lifestyle. You may buy property as per the counsel of a friend. You are open to suggestions to pep up your line of work. You may be left contended in the company of your family members. If you are concerned about your health, you may start on pranayama and other exercises. You may want to resist the urge to quit job because of the contemptuous attitude of your superior but you will be glad that the projects you had submitted have been approved. Your foreign travels may be postponed.


Stars: Punartham¼, Pooyam and Ayiliyam (Karkidaka kooru)

You may be able to bridge the gaps in your family life with a change of jobs involving a higher post and more benefits. You may be rejoined with your family but you may have to work extra for everything. You will have to put in a lot of hard work to complete the mission you have taken up. You may have a chance to make friends with people in the upper strata of society. You may change your residence because of irritating neighbors. However, you will settle boundary disputes amicably. You seems to be doing a balancing act in terms of your finances. You may have a pleasant feeling because you may be able to pay back in kindness. You will bail out a colleague who is in need of money. You will make a profit in equity markets. However prepare for some nightmares. Your sleep will go for a toss for some reasons.


Makam, Pooram and Uthram¼ (Chinga kooru)

You may decide to go for early retirement due to circumstances. You may make a fortune by selling a piece of land you bought a few years ago. You are expected to climb up the career ladder. You have a chance to win arts and sports contests and even in drawing of lots. You may join higher studies subject to conditions. May be your employment requires you to pursue higher studies. You may even decide to do some public work to provide succor and monetary help for the helpless people. You may shell out a bomb on apparels and accessories, including perfumes. You may be left restless because you messed up with your food regime.


Stars: Utharam¾, Atham and Chithira½ (Kanni kooru)

You may have to abandon your place of pride to avoid a loss of face. You may apply to migrate to a foreign land along with your family. You may be given a chance to lead a cooperative. If you are a businessman, you may diversify into more associated sectors. You may start on repair works on your house. You may want to resist the temptation to get even with people who have wronged you. You will only go deeper into trouble. Peace of mind is assured if you focus on spiritual matters. You may fulfill your promises for favors received. Be cautious if you were to handle fire, weapons, vehicles and money. You will have to do a fine balancing between your income and expenditure.


Stars: Chithira½, Choythi and Visakam¾ (Thula kooru)

You are at peace. Go to the world wishing good for all living organisms. Your sustained efforts will bring you results. You may be not doing so well with regard to your health and you may have to undergo detailed medical examinations. Your foreign travels may be delayed due to technical reasons. You may sack irresponsible officials. You may make a killing in real estate deals. You may win over your enemies. You can also look forward to winning gift programs and lotteries. You may get at least a consolation prize in sports, arts and cultural contests.


Visakam¼, Anizham and Thriketta (Virchika kooru)

The latter part of January will be marked by happiness and contentment in family life. Marital bliss is assured for you. Respect your life partner who has decided to live with you despite your shortcomings. Your relatives may be always there to help you achieve your plans. You may be forced forgo bad habits for the sake of your health. You may buy new ornaments in exchange of old ones. You may buy a house or at least a plot of land in place of the land you have sold off. You may quit your job to pursue higher studies for want of sufficient incentives at the work place. Pay extra attention to your communications. It may be your undoing.


Moolam, Pooradam and Uthiradam¼ (Dhanu kooru)

You are expected to be successful in the programs you have planned. As a businessman, you will make steady progress in your trade and amass a fortune. You may sign contracts for works that are expected to be completed next year. You may have to hire more people as your work expands. You may buy a vehicle. You will get the final approval for your foreign travel plan. You may be forced to work extra time because your colleagues have gone on leave. You may get an opportunity to take part in festivals at places of worship. Prepare to go for the birthday party of your dear friend.


Stars: Uthiradam¾, Thiruvonam and Avittam½ (Makara kooru)

You are about to have a great time. You will easily achieve the projects you envisaged. You may have to go on long journeys for the fulfillment of your work. You may apply for a loan to complete the construction of your house. You may be darling of your boss you were instrumental in getting things done for him. Your areas of work may pay you back. Your finances may improve. If you had been accused of corruption, the clouds are drifting away. You may be exonerated and reappointed to your post. You seem to have peaceful family time. Compromise is the key if you were to ensure peace and harmony in the family and marital bliss.


Stars: Avittam½, Chathayam and Pooruttathi¾ (Kumba kooru)

You may kick off works to refurbish your house. You will be successful in all the projects you take up with blessings from your parents. You may buy a new vehicle with a loan from a private financial institution. You may start practicing for arts or sports contests. You may start regulating your food habits and initiate an exercise regimen to improve your health. You may put a lid on your expenses and bring under the radar the account section at work place. You may get into real estate and sign an agreement to buy land with a view to resell it at a profit later. Watch your words. They may land you in trouble because of the untimely remarks.


Stars: Pooruttathi¼, Uthiruttathi and Revathi (Meena kooru)

You may have to pursue higher studies as your job demands it. You may finally inherit your share of the ancestral property with legal help. Your family life seems doing great. You are assured of happiness and contentment. You may find solace in the presence of your son. Trust his efficiency and intellect. You may get an opportunity to relish diverse food. You can expect to host a relative who visits from abroad with family. You may sign a contract to hand over your property to build an apartment complex on condition that you get an apartment with all facilities and enough money over that. You may even board a flight to join your husband in a foreign country.

(Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad is a well-known astrologer and panjangam expert. He lives in Kanippayyur Mana, Kunnamkulam PO)

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