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Last Updated Friday May 25 2018 08:46 AM IST

Unfold your destiny through the magic of numbers

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Numbers never lie; it's as close as we can get to the handwriting of God. The adage holds true for numerology, which derives the mysterious relationship between numbers and physical objects or living thing.

Those who swear by numerology claim that numbers govern much of what happens in relationships, health, finances, and life in general. According to this theory, the numbers derived from a person's name and date of birth may be used to calculate a numerology chart about personality, relationships, and even the future. There is no scientific proof that any of these claims are true, but this does not stop people from believing or being interested in the insights that numerology can give them.

Here, let's explore how it can help predict your future in 2016 and enable you to grab the opportunities coming your way.

Finding your personal number for the year

Our first step is to calculate what numerologists call your Personal Year Number. This tells us where the coming year falls within your particular nine-year cycle.

Step 1: Write down the four digits in your day and month of birth, followed by those of the year you want to know about and then add them together.

For example, someone who was born on May 23 and wanted to know what's ahead in 2016, would do the following sum:

2+3+5+2+0+1+6 = 10

Step 2: If the result is a single-digit number, that will be your personal number for the year. But if it's a double-digit number, as in this example, you need to add the two digits together until you get a single-digit number. In this case it would be 1 + 0 = a Personal Year Number of 1.

Once you have worked out your Personal Year Number, use the key below to get an indicator of what's in store for you.

Number One

Big changes and new opportunities will come your way this year, so don't procrastinate. You will also experience an influx of renewed energy and new ideas and it's important that you give them sufficient time to marinate and grow for they could take the entire 12 months to come to fruition.

In particular, this is a year in which you must learn to put your own needs first (within reason). Whether it's getting a makeover, losing weight, or working on other areas of self-improvement, this year is all about you.

Number Two

For number two, this year will be all about stabilising and consolidating what you've already created and waiting for things to come to you. As this is a slow-paced year, there will be times when you'll feel as if nothing is happening.

Don't be fooled by this lack of activity, as things are still happening 'behind the scenes'. And if there's one thing that will guarantee your success in a slow moving Two Year, it's patience.

Bear in mind that love, relationships, emotions, and matters of the heart come to the forefront in a two year. Existing relationships will be challenged or get stronger and those who are single may meet someone special (or several special people).

Number Three

If your year number is three, trust us when we say it's going to be full steam ahead as the things you created in your 'Year One' is beginning to pay off. There is a lot going on, so extra effort is required in terms of planning, discipline, and focus. Being organised and grounded is the key to your success.

The three Year is a time in which to be social and to spend time with others, so reconnect with old friends and be open to making new friends. It's also typically an upbeat year, with 'fun' and 'joy' predominating.

So, whatever you enjoy - taking a holiday, gardening, cooking, dancing, listening to music, or spending time on other hobbies - do more of it!

Number 4

The four Personal Year is all about doing whatever's needed to make your life the best it can be. It's about knuckling down, being organised, and putting systems in place that enable things to flow more smoothly.

This may involve getting fit and healthy, studying something that will increase your earning potential, setting up insurance, doing maintenance on your home, emptying out the attic, or getting on top of your paperwork. These personal and work-related chores will benefit you in the long run, providing you put the effort in.

This is also a year in which to plan your future goals and to take steps toward achieving them. For the next 12 months, life is giving you an opportunity to build a firm foundation for your future, so don't waste it.

Number 5

After last year's effort and hard work, you've now entered a dynamic and action-packed year full of both expected and unexpected change which can manifest itself in many forms.

For some it could be a change in location, residence, relationship, or job, and for others it may be a change in attitude, direction, or lifestyle. Either way, there'll be many options to choose from, so break away from old routines and launch yourself into new areas of challenge and growth.

This year can also trigger a desire to overindulge your senses with food, alcohol, overspending, or sex. So don't go off the rails or throw caution to the wind. Discipline and moderation are the keys to your success.

Number 6

The six Personal Year is one in which to be of service to others and to attend to your responsibilities. You may become a shoulder to cry on, so offer your assistance where you can.

Whether it's taking care of elderly relatives, nursing a sick family member or friend, or babysitting your nephew, it's natural to experience feelings of martyrdom and resentment.

However, it's important to process these feelings in a healthy way and to remember 'it isn't going to be forever'. The 6 Year is also a good time for singles to find love and for existing relationships to move to a deeper level of understanding and commitment. For others, relationship issues that have been brewing beneath the surface will rise to be resolved and unstable relationships may end. Either way, this is a year in which to ensure that the relationships in your life are the best that they can be.

Number 7

Whereas last year you focused on serving others, this year the focus is on building a better relationship with yourself. The seven Personal Year encourages self-analysis, so that you form a deeper understanding of who you are, what you want, and why you're here.

Your main agenda over the next 12 months is personal development, spiritual wisdom, and going within to find the answers you seek.

This isn't a time to chase new opportunities or to conquer the business world. It's a time to take a step back and reflect.

Your capacity for research and understanding is at its peak, so it's also a favourable year to study or to develop an existing skill - especially anything that is related to IT and computers, science, psychology, engineering, and conventional or alternative health.

Number 8

The eight Personal Year focuses on business, career, property, finances, and legal matters. For some there will be opportunities for career advancement, recognition, and financial gain, while others may experience an increase in expenses or financial loss.

You'll reap what you've sown in an 8 year, and whatever you began in your one Year will now begin to pay off. If you've been honest and hardworking, you'll be rewarded in some way, either financially, through recognition by others, or by attracting favourable opportunities.

Number 9

This is the final year of your nine-year cycle, and it focuses on completion and transformation in preparation for new beginnings.

A major part of this transformation involves letting go of the things in your life that no longer serve you - whether it's a job, a friendship, a relationship, a residence, a mindset, or behaviour you may have outgrown. Either way, this is a time to declutter your life so you can move towards better things.

Despite this being a year of endings, it's also a year of rebirth and compensation, when everything you've been striving for can finally come to fruition. In other words, this is your pay-off year - so start feeling deserving and worthy. Expect the best and you'll get the best, especially this year.

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