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Last Updated Friday May 25 2018 08:47 AM IST

Spell marital success with diamonds

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Diamond jewelry

Many a time, you just go diamond shopping lured by the advertisements put out by diamond traders. Chances are that you end up disappointed, as problems creep in, post-purchase. It therefore becomes imperative that you know something about diamond purchases before you spend money on the precious stones.

If you notice, the advertisements even go to the extent saying that diamonds are essential for the welfare of even small kids. However, going by the Indian astro and gemology sciences, diamonds are not to be worn as one wishes.

Diamonds Diamonds. Photo: Getty images

It is necessary to find out if the wearer’s horoscope agrees with the type of diamonds worn. It would be good to consult an astrologer well versed in astro-gemology before spending money on buying diamonds.

If you were born during the lagna hours of Edavam, Mithunam, Tulam, Makaram, or Kumbham, you may wear upto 2 carats. That also means you need to choose between 20 mg and 40 mg of the precious stone. If you are economically well off, you may go in for up to 3 carats. The best would be wear it as a ring or as a locket. You may also look at other options like bracelets, necklaces, ear wear or nose rings.

In case you do not know your exact time of birth, month and year, the numerology based on your date of birth could come in handy so as to decide on which gem is best for you. For instance, if you were born on dates like 6, 15 or 21, wearing diamonds would be good. Six is Venus’ number.

For those born under the Venus stars of bharani, pooram and pooradam, and those under the influence of Venus, wearing diamonds is recommended. Astro studies have pointed out that even in the case of Venus staying influenced by neechabha or gajaraajayoga, wearing diamonds can prove to be good for the planet as it helps in enhancing its strength and goodness.

Benefits that diamonds would usher in

Diamond necklace Diamond necklace. Photo: Getty images

Wearing diamonds can help people in getting married at the right time. The precious stone could also prove useful in solving marital discord, enhancing the warmth in physical relationships, and ensuring a hassle-free, luxurious and contented life. Diamonds play a major part in ensuring marital contentment.

Diamonds can be worn to sweep off problems such as hormonal imbalances, sex-related ailments, aversion towards sex, ailments related to the reproductive system and the like. They would also help in beauty enhancement and in building a healthy body.

People who lead a life of luxury, artists, fashion professionals, television-film personalities, beauticians, beauty parlor owners, textile merchants, jewelry shop owners, gynecologists, cosmetologists, and the like can go in for diamond purchases, taking into account their horoscope aspects. These set of people would find wearing diamonds of much help in their professional growth.

The negatives

Diamonds Diamonds. Photo: Getty images

Wearing diamonds without considering the aspects of the horoscope matches could attract untoward issues in your lives.The results could range from marital discord, beauty loss, lethargy to physical and mental discomfort, and the like.

There could even be instances of physical attacks from elsewhere. Students are advised not to wear diamonds even if the horoscope allows you to.

Doing so would lead to loss of interest in studies, and other unwanted deviations. Those who find their horoscope totally against wearing diamonds can switch to American diamonds.

Those who wish to wear diamonds on their wedding day are hereby advised to consult if the horoscope agrees with the wearing of the precious stones.

If it doesn’t, go only for American diamonds so as to avert any kind of trouble. When you decide to buy diamonds, go for them only if they come with a lab certificate. Or you need to insist on testing the diamonds with electronic devices before owning them.

Four aspects to look for

Diamond examination Diamond examination. Photo: Getty images

The price of diamonds vary with cutting, clarity, color and carat.

» Cutting

Diamonds come in the form of cutting round brilliant, emerald cut, marquez brilliant, heart, pear, cushion, radiant, oval, and princess. The stones come in round brilliant form.

» Grading

Color Grade : D-F, G-J, K-M, N-R, S2

Clarity: IF, V VS1, V VS2, VS1, VS2, SL1, SL2, 11,12,13

» Carat

Single stone diamonds range between 0.05 carats and 2 carats. 0.05 carat diamonds are called 5 cent, and accordingly, the stones come as 10 cent, 20 cent, and 50 cent.

It isn’t scientific to believe that everyone can wear diamonds. Wear diamonds only if your horoscope agrees with that.

It would be advisable to handle diamonds with utmost care. Diamonds being the hardest natural objects on earth, they can create cuts and result in blood loss which may even lead to death if consumed internally. Though pure carbon diamonds are not poisonous, it could create cuts and wounds in the digestive system if consumed internally. Never let kids handle diamonds.

If you plan to buy diamonds, make sure you consult your astrologer and take his advice before spending money on the precious stones. Also make sure that you purchase diamonds from responsible vendors. Diamonds can be worn along with metals like gold, silver and platinum.


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Jyothis Astrological Research Center
Lulu Apartment
Near Taj Hotel Thaikkad PO
Thiruvananthapuram -14
Phone 9447251087, 0471 2324553

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