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Last Updated Tuesday May 22 2018 11:46 AM IST

Fraud foretold: When a headless clay figure tried to influence a court | Part 4

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Fraud Foretold

“Is it evil to kill a tantric?” the astrologer was alarmed by the strange query from the youngster who had come to consult him.

What the astrologer found out from the youngster was a shocking tale of deceit. The man had been duped by a tantric who promised to save his father from the hands of law.

The man’s father was accused of a sensational crime that made it into the news columns. The family was forced to live with the taint.

The father surrendered before the police. He was duly remanded and let on bail. The family was fighting the battle in court when the accused father wanted to try a bit of black magic to turn the verdict in his favor.

The tantric promised the panicked man that he would save him from the law. Curiously, the accused went to the tantric with his advocate by his side.

The stage was set for the ritual that would free the accused from the case. The tantric went to the youngster’s house where a mandala was set up for the ritual. The tantric laid out three human figurines in clay near the specially set up fireplace. One of the was the judge to pass the verdict in the case. The others were the petitioner and his advocate, he said.

The tantric blurted out esoteric mantras for hours, before he swayed a sword to maim the “judge”. He did the same with the other figures. Then he decapitated them. He put the clay lumps in a box and told the family to drop it in a graveyard. Now, no one could harm the accused, the tantric claimed.

The accused was elated when he went to the court on the judgment day. Alas! He was sentenced to a much bigger punishment than anyone expected. The family was taken for a ride by the tantric. The young man was so furious that he wanted to kill the fraud!

Hundreds of people like him are being duped every year. They are partly to blame for their plight. Everyone is in search of short cuts and there are no dearth of people who offer pretentious short cuts that do not exist. They sell the gullible talismans and magic remedies for a premium.

In worst case scenarios, these frauds inject an irrational fear of enemies in the minds of people who go to them. The victims will lose all their confidence and live in constant fear. They will lose their money and self-esteem to the fake spiritualists. Some of them have had to seek psychiatric therapy to free them of the social phobia.

(This is the final part of a series on the fraud passed on as astrology)

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