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Last Updated Wednesday August 15 2018 04:28 PM IST

Does Feng Shui symbols for harmony and prosperity work?

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Hen and eggs

The statue of a man carrying a gold bar and a woman carrying gold coins is a Feng Shui symbol of positive energy, prosperity and marital bliss. Placing the pair in your surroundings will attract good fortune and wealth. Considered a selfless symbol of goodness and well being, the positive energy flowing from the man-woman statue will help clean out rivalry, discord, betrayal and such negativities that gnaw away at relationships, be it on the personal, political or business fronts. By attracting the flow of energy, the pair can help bring new vigour into your career and business ventures. The pair can work wonders on the chemistry between couples and ingnite the spark of trust and love. The statue has to be placed in accordance with the Sheng Chi direction of the family head.

Hen nestling on golden eggs

A hen nestling on golden eggs is a powerful Feng Shui symbol of riches and abundance. Serving a different function from the Rooster, the hen that lays golden eggs is a wealth booster and harbinger of good luck. It can enhance business endeavours, sales, and career. It gives you great rewards in personal relationships too by infusing new life into your love relations or by fulfilling your wish to find the significant other. According to Feng Shui principles, the hen and eggs will beget offspring who work to guard the wealth and properity of the family . It will keep your family away from unwanted expenses and loss of money. Have the hen and golden eggs placed in the west corner of your bedroom if you are trying for a child. It will also help single men and women find the love of their life. To rev up your career, have it place din the west corner of your living room or office.

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