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Last Updated Friday April 20 2018 11:52 PM IST

Why you should not squabble with a June-born

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June Photo: Getty Images

Those who are born have either Gemini or Cancer as their zodiac sign. They possess unique personality traits. They would be emotional and pragmatist at the same time. They care for their loved ones and let their imagination run wild.

Let us sum the distinct traits of June-born in 10 points.

1. Everyone wants to be friends with them. They tend to be everyone’s favorite because they are interested in cinema, books and dress. They have an attractive personality.

2. They seldom say ‘no’ to anything. They have an enviable skill to present anything that occurs to them.

3. They will be extremely careful about what they wear. They always want to be prettily dressed.

4. They know how to turn foes into friends. They are talkative and able to build bridges.

5. They will be easily disappointed if they are deprived of the things they seek. They always want the best for them.

6. Curiously, people born in June are more susceptible to the effects of a change in weather. They will be more prone to cold and sneeze. They better avoid cold food items and focus on their health.

7. They can’t help react to any event but they take care not to offend their friends. They rarely let their guard down when they are down. They only share their grief to people in their close circles.

8. They are fun loving and jovial. They entertain others with harmless jokes.

9. They care for their friends. They are sincere.

10. Never argue with a friend who was born in June. She is sure to win!

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