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Last Updated Wednesday August 15 2018 04:26 PM IST

Wish for a happy new year? Your stars have a plan for you

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Wish for a happy new year? Your stars have a plan for you


You have a satisfactory year ahead in terms of health. You may have richer experience than you anticipated. You may find employment, or the change of it, to benefit you to be with your family members. You are likely to move into a bigger house. You would not hesitate to invest in businesses. You may have to shoulder additional responsibility of your loved ones. If you have been staying away from your spouse, you can expect happier times this year. Be alert, and you have a fine year ahead.


You are likely to continue the higher studies you had to put in the back burner. You are likely to exceed your own expectations in re-examinations. You might cut down on luxuries and revelries to save a little money. All is not quite well on the job front but the benign attitude of a superior may save the day for you. You will be expected to work round the clock as you are bestowed with additional responsibilities. You will be happy to transfer your knowledge and wisdom. Be wary when dealing with fire, arms, money and vehicles.


You can strike three in your field of action where you have put in a lot of research and background work. You will find ample support and relief in the presence of a son who has his sight fixed on target. You will be proud of him. However, be prepared to live apart from your family members. You may settle property disputes amicably. You may live a good life, at least in the eyes of the people around you. You may be asked to stand as surety for someone. If you are a social worker, this is going to be your year.


You will have to work hard to prove your mettle. Be careful to make amends when you goof up and try not to repeat those mistakes. Your pursuit for a dream job abroad may end up in disappointment. If you are already working abroad, keep an eye on your residence permit. You may not see it getting renewed. You are likely to catch up with your classmates. Be particularly attentive to your married life. Do not react to any provocation without ascertaining the facts.


Do not yield to temptations of lucrative returns. Do your home work and consult the experts before you invest anywhere. You may be proud of your children for their eagerness to follow rituals. You can expect a confidence booster.Your siblings may try to patch up with you once they are aware of the real reasons behind a rift. You may be offered a chance to prove your expertise. You are going to be a great decision maker in the coming year. However, reactions from your immediate circles may be mixed.


Nothing seems to be impossible for you, be it a herculean task or mounds of study material. You can pull out extraordinary plans and you are likely to be darling. You can expect a change of job that will help you be closer to your family. You will easily meet a fundraising target. You could pull out a close friend from a dangerous situation. You will enter into a contract to buy a bigger house. You are likely to pull out of a joint venture to start your own enterprise.


All seems to be well on the health front, thanks to expert treatment methods and diet regulations. You are likely to buy a cozier house but you may have a hard time selling off your old house in your terms. You may pull out of partnerships because you think the venture lacks transparency in deals. Your children will make you proud with your ambitious progress. You can be trusted to complete seemingly difficult projects. You could find permanent solutions to property disputes.


Your presence of mind and power of logic will help you sail through. You can expect to reclaim the money you have lent out, albeit in installments and with a lot of mediation. You could finish the tasks assigned to you in a timebound manner. You will spend more time on maintenance of cleanliness. You will finish the endeavors that you have taken up this year and they will pay you well. You may see yourself visiting blessed places of worship.


You may be in for a bit of disappointment because you have been expecting glittering progress in your career. Still you will work with dedication to finish your deadlines. You may have to work overtime to complete the tasks you have taken upon yourself. Pregnant women may be advised complete rest. You may have to help out your loved ones financially. You may drop dirty habits to take care of your health. Your wishes for a foreign jaunt may be granted. If you are into partnership deals, the coming year does not seem to be very great for you.


You will be surprised to get hold of important documents that you thought were lost forever. Your well-researched well-drafted applications may be approved. You will draw up plans with visionary insight. You will be lauded for your attitude that does not reserve applause for the achievement of others. You may give some medical treatments the dumb and seek alternative therapy methods. Your style of functioning may be emulated by many and that may be source of pride for you.


Unforeseen events may force you to quit your job but you seem to be heading for a position where you may be asked by a friend to take charge of his enterprise. You may quit large businesses to start modest endeavors. You can look forward to quality time with your friends and relatives and share some nostalgic moments with them. You may be in for some revelations. You will understand that not everything you believed to be true were not so. You may have to ask back for the money you have given for construction of a house. You are likely to be in a zen-like condition in the coming year, ever ready to take happiness and sadness in their strides.


You will complete the construction of your house and move in. You may work into the good books of your superiors and be rewarded with a promotion. Your style of functioning may be emulated by many and that may be a source of pride for you. You are likely to quit your job prematurely to return home. You may work more sincerely when you are given more autonomous powers. You will better your record in re-examinations. You may get a chance to pursue higher studies in your choice subject. The coming year is particularly good for scientists and researchers.


You may be relieved to inherit your ancestral property with the backing of legal documents. If you were disappointed this year because your plans to go abroad did not work out, you have better prospects in 2018. You will receive tremendous supports from your colleagues to finish massive projects assigned to you. These achievements are likely to grant you a well-deserved promotion.You could meet your work goals by reorganizing the work flow. You will drop your existing studies for an invaluable academic pursuit. If you are into politics, the coming year does not seem to be very great for you. You may exchange your old vehicles and family jewelry.


You may opt for a job that is less demanding on you than the existing one because your body shows signs of fatigue. Be alert against frauds in financial transactions and land deals. You may emerge as a surprise winner in arts and sports competitions. You may make extraordinary progress in your literary pursuits in the last minute. Academics and scientists, however, do not have a great year ahead. If you are employed abroad, you run the risk of being jobless.


You will complete long-pending repair works on your house. You may have to travel to your hometown more frequently. You will make it big in your business purely because of your hard work and prayers. You can expect a windfall. You may be required to face an eventful experience and you will find you have the guts to do so. You may be successful in the sale of your property. You can expect to settle property disputes amicably and you may be finally granted the ownership of your ancestral property in accordance with legal documents.


You will do best to do away with your habit of worrying over silly matters. Focus on the positive things to lead a contended life. Fight your inner demons, including unfounded doubts, anger, overconfidence and unnecessary hurry. You may save a dear friend from undesirable acts. You are likely to strike friendships with people in power and thereby lay the foundation for a stellar career. You will be contended to see your acts surpassing your thoughts.


You can be prepared for some additional expenditure. You may fire employees with negative attitudes. Be extra careful on the road for you may bump into accidents because of careless mistakes. Drop evil habits, if any, and focus on good deeds. That will ensure you peace of mind. Do not set your eyes higher in the coming year for you are likely to have mixed rewards. New ideas may dawn on you but always consult an expert before embarking on a mission. You may have reasons to worry over your son’s plans.


Not a very bright time for your marriage. So put in some extra effort to keep it going good. You may inherit ancestral property. If you are still unmarried, you expect conjugal bliss next year thanks to interventions by your relatives. The work front is not very encouraging though you are likely to introduce new reforms at the work place. Your superior’s rejections may be a cause of worry. Don’t you worry. You could overcome such hassles by prayers and a gentle approach. You seem to be getting ready to spend a share of your income on charity.


You are expected to salvage a friend from a difficult situation because of your convictions. You might be in need of pregnancy care and rest. Learn to be patient and it will pay you in every aspect of your life. You are likely to switch courses to ensure better prospects. You will be in the pink of your health in 2018. You wish every being the best and your positive attitude will be recognized by all.


Looks like you are about to try a bit of real estate business. You might buy land with an eye to sell it at a profit later. However, you may have to part with a stretch of land for road development. You may end up in loss in your money dealings because of sheer carelessness. You might take a break from work to try out different areas. You are expected to lead in races. You will come clean of allegations. Be extra careful not to create a rift with your siblings. Keep your accounts clean and not let expenses run wild. You are likely to please everyone with your gentle behavior.


You may dispose of your ancestral house and buy a new one in town. You may have to cough up more money on construction of a house. You will be happy to provide succor to people in need. You will do best to keep on hold projects with large investment. If you are into politics, your area of work requires your active presence in 2018. Even if you are cent per cent sure about a plan in theory, never venture out until you have worked out all the practical sides.


New Year seems promising. You are expected to reap rich economic dividends but your finances are likely to stay the same because of your debts and other liabilities. You may be promoted to a work place where you are expected to work harder and shoulder more responsibilities. You may receive land in exchange of the money you have lent to someone. Take care while using vehicles. Blind superstitions may lead you into trouble. If you are working abroad, your prospects are bit grim. You could even lose your job. On the positive side, you are in a stage where you are prepared to accept anything in your stride.


You are likely to get introduced to celebrities and be inspired by them to form new ideas. Your areas of work might be expanded. Heed your life partner for they are likely to get you across in difficult situations. You will earn fame because of your active participation in public life. You may feel proud of yourself when you see yourself in the company of great minds. You will do in coordinating projects that involve other people’s money. You are in a better position to execute your ideas.


Your positive thoughts may catapult you into a league of extraordinary people. You could expect a bundle of joy after years of therapy and prayers. You could try out great people’s advice in your life. You are always on the practical side and you could proceed by removing one hurdle after the other. Still you may not have it easy if you are into practical politics. You could expect a shakeup in your career. It could be a promotion at best. You are likely to invest in the real estate business.


You may explore new areas of work, amply helped by your friends. You are also given a chance to reciprocate the favors. Resist temptations and stick to the advice of the people who had been there and done that. Consult an expert before investing in any business. You may find consolation in your children’s support and care. You may have to heed your son to share your ancestral property. At the same time, you could get back the ancestral property on which you had given up. Stay wary of frauds.


You may find it hard to present a point even if it is an area of your expertise. Not a great year ahead for your mother and her relatives. You may come out of false notions. Stay away from meddling too much in other people’s affairs at the cost of neglecting your own life. You may have to borrow heavily because of your spendthrift ways. Still you may save the day in time. It is best not to take up contract works that do not pay much.


You might have a hard time in your profession due to the stress level. You may fire irresponsible employees and opt for better professionals. Your missions may sometimes take longer to complete because of your health issues. You can expect a bundle of joy after years of therapy and prayers. You may be spared a bloat on your profile thanks to the timely intervention of a friend. You are likely to find permanent solutions to disputes related to property.

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