Color of the day: Should planets decide what gem you should wear?

Each date of the western calendar is linked to a number, color and gem. Here’s a lowdown for you. You could wear garments, hairbands, wristbands or watches in the prescribed color depending on the date. You could pick the gemstones accordingly too.

Lucky No. 1 (Calendar date 1-10-19-28)

Ruled by sun

Lucky colors - white, golden, yellow and cream

Gems - ruby, topaz or any other reddish stones

Lucky No. 2 (Calendar date 2-11-20-29)

Ruled by moon

Lucky colors - white, cream and pink

Gems - pearl, moonstone, opal or any other white stones

Lucky No. 3 (Calendar date 3-12-21-30)

Ruled by Jupiter

Lucky colors - orange, purple and blue

Gems - yellow sapphire, yellow topaz or any other yellowish stones

Lucky No. 4 (Calendar date 4-13-22-31)

Ruled by rahu

Lucky colors - black, pale red, color of cow’s urine, color of pigeon and bright but soft colors

Gems - Hessonite garnet (gomedakam)

Lucky No. 5 (Calendar date 5-14-23)

Ruled by Mercury

Lucky colors - Shades of green, gray of the dove and off white

Gems - emerald, peridot, onyx, jade and green-hued stones

Lucky No. 6 (Calendar date 6-15-24)

Ruled by Venus

Lucky colors - Twilight, light blue, light green and bright white

Gems - diamond, quartz, zircon, white aquamarine, and crystal-color stones

Lucky No. 7 (Calendar date 7-16-25)

Ruled by ketu

Lucky colors - yellow, cream, light green and light blue

Gems - cat’s eye, tiger eye and hawk’s eye

Lucky No. 8 (Calendar date 8-17-26)

Ruled by Saturn

Lucky colors - black, gray, brown and all shades of blue

Gems - amethyst, blue sapphire, violet blue sapphire, black sapphire and iolite,

Lucky No. 9 (Calendar date 9-18-27)

Ruled by Mars

Lucky colors - red, scarlet red, violet, pink rose, crimson and post-office red

Gems - red coral, blood stone or any reddish stone

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