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Last Updated Wednesday August 15 2018 04:27 PM IST

Kerala or Puducherry, register your car with your lucky number

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Honda cars A man walks among Honda Motor cars outside the company showroom in Tokyo. Reuters/file

Life is governed by numbers. Haven’t you ever wondered which number works best for you. Know all about numbers, be it your phone number, your vehicle’s registration numbers or your exam hall ticket number.


One is a lucky number for sure. This signifies a grand start. This number has a vibe that helps you kickstart your ventures and excel in life. To be No. 1 is to be on top and to excel. One is the symbol of the sun. It represents health, wealth and security.


Two is a lucky number too because it represents a duality. Egyptian mythology puts a log of significance on the number. They believe there are two paths to perfection - knowledge and wisdom. Lucky is the man who has earned both. The number that signifies balance personal relations works well in matters of bonding.


Three is three times lucky. The number has a magical aura in all cultures. The number heralds the rise of a force by drawing from two existing forces. Three is the number to choose when you are aiming a definite goal. Imagine a triangle, and two sides of it as patience and trust. Success lies at the point where they meet. A force is born out of two forces.


Four represents latent energy. The number proves lucky in transactions dealing with houses or security. Count on No. 4 when you plan to buy a house. Four signifies security according to ancient Egyptian beliefs.


Five is a revered number in the Chinese tradition. The ancient Chinese counted on five blessings, namely health, wealth, luck, longevity and peace. Five typically represents physical health and protection.


Six is a number that explains love and bonding. Six is a number of lovers. Mutual love, honest communication and complementary qualities are represented in six. This is a symbol of harmony. Go for six when you start a new affair.


Seven is all about intellect. It is the lucky number for people pursuing education. The number represents spiritual, mental and intellectual growth. If you think you have noticed a sequence of 7s in a day, be it in the digital clock, bus tickets or number plates, you could assume you are ready for an intellectual pursuit.


Eight is a lucky number as it signifies changes, reordering or any other adjustments.


Nine is basically a collection of 3s. So the magic of three is manifold in nine. Nine is pure magic. If you divide any number with nine and add the numbers in the answer, you are guaranteed to get nine as the answer. Go with nine when you are faced with multiple choices.

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