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Last Updated Monday August 20 2018 10:24 AM IST

Dreaming of death? Cheer up, it’s a good omen

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Dream Photo: Getty Images

Ever wondered why you keep dreaming the same stuff? Well there might be a reason for it, says experts in astrology. Each of your dreams is a manifestation of an unfulfilled desire. That explains the similarities in dreams of people divided by languages and cultures. What drives your dream?


Food Photo: Getty Images

If you have been dreaming up food lately, you are craving for the fulfillment of a desire. That could even be related to your emotional, intellectual and spiritual affairs.


Cats and Dogs Photo: Getty Images

Many people dream cats, dogs or other animals. The animals could change in accordance with each person’s characteristics but they almost always represent the dreamer’s fears and hopes.

To the sky

Sky Photo: Getty Images

If you dream that you are rising to the sky, you are lucky. Those dreams reflect your level of confidence and ambition. You want to push the limits and the sky is the limit for you.


Death Photo: Getty Images

Well, death in a dream may not be depressing after all. It is not an omen for impending doom. It simply reflects your unconscious desire to start all over again.

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