Astro en Fri, 22 Mar 2019 11:36:07 GMT Reciting Ramayana in Karkidakam and traditions followed The Malayalam month of Karkidakam is noted for month-long prayers, fasts and a austere lifestyle. Devotees recite the Ramayana every day during this month. Certain rituals carried out along with these traditions are believed to produce spiritual as well as mental benefits. The period when the sun passes from one ‘rasi’ to the next is termed as ‘sankramam’. The Karkidaka ‘sankramam’ was at 4.33 am on Wednesday, July 17. Lighting the traditional lamp and chanting prayers in praise of the Sun God during this time is considered auspicious. People clean the houses on the day before Karkidaka sankramam and sprinkle water mixed with cow dung or consecrated water. This ritual is carried out to expel ‘Chetta Bhagavathy’ from the house. In the evening, the elderly woman in the household takes bath and lights the traditional lamp to receive Sri Bhagavathy. There is a practice of keeping the Ashtamangalyam (eight auspicious objects used for sacred rituals) near the lamp. This signifies that Bhagavathy (Goddess) is welcome to the house. These customs differ region-wise. In the morning of the first day of Karkidakam month, the lamp is lit with a pure body and mind. The Ashtamangalyam is also kept near the lamp to symbolize the installation of Bhagavathy in the house. Following which, obeisance is paid to Ganapathy and the Ramayana text is reverenced. Then starts the Ramayana recital. The holy book has to be recited facing east or north in the morning and west or north in the evening. During other hours, the ritual has to be done facing north. A devotee has to sit cross-legged on the floor while reciting Ramayana. When the traditional oil lamp is lit every day, keeping the ‘Dasapushpam’ (ten flowers used in religious ceremonies) is believed to please all the Gods. This is because each plant on which the flowers constituting the Dasapushpam bloom represents a different God. Wearing or carrying the Dasapushpam is also auspicious. Another custom that is considered to be divine is placing a picture of ‘Srirama pattabhishekham’ (coronation of Sri Rama) in front of the traditional lamp. This picture should have 11 divinities, Sri Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Bharatha, Lakshmana, Shatrughna, Vasishta, Ganapathy, Sri Parameswara, Brahma and Narada. Thu, 18 Jul 2019 12:50:35 GMT Best time in the day to have bath for prosperous life Bathing is part of our diurnal activities. People sometimes ask in jest whether there is any ideal time for taking a bath. However, according to people of earlier generations who gave much importance to traditional medicine and astrology, the time you take bath has great significance. The factors that influence the time for washing yourself are sunrise and sunset. According to Ayurveda, the hours before sunrise and prior to sunset are ideal for bathing. The Malayalam month of Karkidakam, during which elaborate body rejuvenation programmes are resorted to, will set in soon. Bathing and other activities, when carried out according to the tradition, would rejuvenate the mind as well as body. Dharmashastra, an ancient theological scripture in Sanskrit, has specified different kinds of bathing for different time duration (‘yamas’). They are ‘Munisnanam’, ‘Devasnanam’, ‘Manushyasnanam’ and ‘Rakshasisnanam’. Munisnanam Taking a bath between 4 am and 5 am is termed Munisnanam or the ablution of the saints. It is considered the most ideal time for washing yourself. A bath during this time enables you to enjoy pleasure, good health, immunity from diseases, sharp intellect and concentration. Devasnanam Cleaning your body between 5 am and 6 am is called Devasnanam or the bathing of the Gods. This time is also perfect for getting fresh as it blesses you with fame, prosperity, mental peace and a comfortable life. Manushyasnanam This is the bath of humans and the time is between 6 am and 8 am. Luck, unity and happiness await people washing their body during these hours, says the Dharmashastra. Rakshasisnanam As far as possible, avoid taking a bath after 8 in the morning. If you are unable to wash yourself before 8 am, do so just before sunset. A bath after 8 am or Rakshasisnanam leads to difficulties, loss of money and poverty, according to the ancient science. It is based on this belief that old-timers started all their daily routines after a bath before sunrise. Sun, 14 Jul 2019 06:15:18 GMT Born in this month? Know your character The personality traits and character of each person would differ based on the month he or she was born. Gender is not a factor in this regard. The following are the common habits of people born during each month. January Extremely independent and displaying leadership qualities, nobody would dare to question you. However, you will have a good and loving heart. Moreover, you will be sincere at work and a hard-working person. February You take firm decisions. You are also likely to be a genius. Love and affection will be displayed towards parents. March You will have an attractive personality and honesty will be your virtue. April High in intelligence, you also have a strong memory. May Literature or acting could be your profession. You attract people with the beauty of your mind. June Jealousy may be your drawback. You may also act like a kid. July Giving much importance to kinship, you never abandon your relatives. August You are likely to be a musician. Leadership quality is also your strength. You have polite manners too. September You are an intelligent person. You are also noted for your memory power. October Building new friendships all the time is your main character. When you take a decision, there will be no turning back until the target is reached. November Patience, intelligence and sincerity are your virtues. December You will excel as a people’s representative and would be the favourite of the society. Sun, 30 Jun 2019 09:50:59 GMT Palmistry: How does life line of a successful person look like? The life line indicates the quality, standard and conduct of your life. It also influences personal traits such as inspiration, energy, positive attitude, self-confidence, mental courage, enthusiasm, logic and sense of justice. A winner’s palm An ambitious person derives inspiration from dreams of achieving high positions. The life line of such people starts from the area of Jupiter and would be free of cuts and deviations, reflecting their intense desire to achieve excellence, excessive ambition and an attractive personality. Such people would be able to achieve high levels of social as well as economic status. Pretensions and show-offs would not be needed for these people to attract fame and popularity. If you possess such a life line, you would display a natural attraction towards growth, development and overall success. life line starting above the area of Jupiter A person having a life line that starts above the area of Jupiter can never be prevented from pursuing his or her goal by any means. In other words, if you have such a life line and sets out to complete a task, you would be virtually unstoppable. Moreover, after you achieve the goal, you will not be satisfied even if your performance is better than that of all the previous aspirants. Your drive and enthusiasm to constantly grow, improve and succeed would never allow you to relax. However, you may display some lethargy and disinterest during the initial stages. But if they are overcome, you will not rest till the aim is achieved. Author: M Nandakumar Retired from Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in 2016 and is a noted speaker and quiz master. He is an expert in numerology, palmistry, tantra and mantra. Hailing from Ernakulam, Nandakumar is settled in Thiruvananthapuram. Phone: 9495551142, 9496447755 email: Tue, 25 Jun 2019 10:33:51 GMT Significance of offering ‘thulabharam’ with lotus flowers ‘Thulabharam’ was in the news after Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered the ritual with lotus flowers at Sree Krishna Temple in Guruvayur. The ceremony, which involves weighing a devotee on a balance, is a major ritual in several Hindu temples. While the devotee sits on one side of the balance, an item of equal or more weight is place on the other side. This item is then offered to the deity. As per belief, the devotee is submitting himself to the deity through this ritual. Conducting the ritual without making any wish to the deity is considered ideal. However, devotees can hope to fulfill many of their needs by this offering. The item kept on the balance differs according to the need. Thulabharam is offered seeking a relief from distress, for achieving a dream or deliverance from an ailment. As per belief, it was Lord Krishna who conducted the ritual for the first time. Krishna sat on one platform of the balance. Several items were placed on the other side but none could move the platform on which Krishna sat. Finally, when the Lord’s wife Rugmini Devi took a leaf of sacred basil and reverentially placed it on the other side, the platform on which Krishna sat was raised. According to the Puranas, the thulabharam was meant to demonstrate Rugmini Devi’s boundless love for Krishna. The episode stressed that the devotion with which an item is offered is more important than the item itself. Devotees can keep any auspicious object of their liking on the balance. However, each offering produces a different result. The following are among the main items placed on the balance during thulabharam and the benefits they bring: Lotus flowers: Long life; profit at work or advancement related to an employment; improvement of mental strength Paddy, rice flakes: Escape from poverty. Jaggery: Relief from a stomach ailment Sugar: Recovery from diabetes. ‘Kadali’ banana: Recovery from diseases Sesame seeds: Long life, relief from the curse of Saturn. ‘Manjadi’ (red lucky) seeds: Mental peace, long life Elephant foot yam: Relief from skin diseases Salt: Prosperity, recovery from skin diseases and relief from the evil eye. Coins: Progress in business Butter: General progress Mon, 10 Jun 2019 06:52:05 GMT Things to remember while wearing your lucky stone The quality of the gemstone that you wear is said to have a major influence on your fortune. This calls for selecting a gem carefully before you start using it. Transparent gems should weigh more than two carats (one carat equals 200 mg and so two carats equals 400 mg) and opaque gems like pearl, red pearl and turquoise need to ideally weigh between 3 and 10 carats. There is a belief that a connection exists between the body weight of the wearer and the weight of the gem. However, this is not based on scientific facts. Another misconception is regarding carat. While referring to gold, carat is a measure of purity. But, in connection with gems, carats are only a measure to weigh the stones. In other words, carats do not refer to the purity of gems. Quality of gemstones The quality of a gemstone is decided based on its colour, cutting, clarity and the condition in which it was mined. There are several other myths related to gems which need to be busted. One is that a gem’s influence would wane if the wearer touches a corpse or a death occurs in the family. In fact, the gem can be worn round the clock. However, it can be taken off for up to one hour a day. A person need not keep away from conjugal relations or eating non-vegetarian food items while wearing a gem. The power of a gemstone will not decrease during lightning, eclipse or in the presence of mobile radiation. What influences the power of the gemstones are the spectrum colours in sunlight and the rays of the nine planets. A diamond or other gemstone ring can be ideally made with metals like gold, silver, copper or platinum. While wearing a gem, ensure that it is not covered with dirt. The bottom part of rings and lockets studded with gems should be open. No damage should occur to the gem when a ring is made of it. In order to establish the originality of a gem, choose a government lab to test it. Another point to remember is that a person should never wear a diamond ring that was used by another. The powers of a gemstone will never be affected as time passes. So, as long as the gemstone itself is not damaged it need not be replaced. Points to remember while wearing combination gems Some people wear different gemstones together. But exercise caution. Ruby, yellow sapphire and red pearl belong to friendly planets and can be worn together. Similarly, blue sapphire, diamond and emerald are influenced by friendly planets and make a good combination. However, garnet stone and cat’s eye have to be worn separately. One belongs to Sun’s group while the other to the Saturn’s group. They should not be combined. For example, emerald and ruby; yellow sapphire and diamond; and pearl and blue sapphire should never go together. To find out if the gemstone has any defect, seek the services of a trained person or a gemologist. Synthetic gems, original gems dyed in colour, pure gems and heat-treated gems are available in the market. Among them, heat-treated gems and pure gems are effective, according to astrology. Along with the nine main gems (navaratnas), the minor gems are also found to be beneficial. Astrology says that by wearing gems, a person can strengthen the advantages he or she enjoys as per the horoscope as well as keep away the curses. This would certainly make life better. Author: R Sanjeev Kumar PGA, Jyothis Astrological Research Centre, Lulu Apartment, Thycaud P O, Thiruvananthapuram-695014. Phone: 8078908087, 9526480571 E mail: Mon, 03 Jun 2019 10:20:21 GMT How to light 5-wick traditional lamp at home The traditional lamp of Kerala (‘nilavilakku’) is lighted with five wicks at homes and during special functions and on auspicious occasions like ‘Pournami’ (full moon day). A lamp with five wicks is called ‘Bhadradeepam’. Each of these five burning wicks is believed to represent five faces of Lord Shiva. The auspicious light of the five-wick lamp (or the bhadradeepam in local parlance) is supposed to bring in wealth and prosperity to the house. Normally, in households, the lamp is lit with two wicks each joined together and directed towards the East and West in the morning and evening. However, in a Bhadradeepam, each wick and the way it is lit have much significance. Two wicks for each direction are merged together in the form of folded hands have to be placed in the four main directions - east, west, north and south. The fifth wick has to face northeast, which is termed ‘Eassana Kone’ in astrology. That too should have two wicks joined in the shape of praying hands. When lighting a Bhadradeepam, the first wick that has to be lighted is the one on the northeast direction. This should be followed by lighting other wicks in a symbolic circumambulation pattern - East, South, West and North. Mon, 27 May 2019 09:38:38 GMT Vastu aspects to keep in mind while designing dining area Positive energy fills the house if the dining room is arranged properly, says the science of Vastu (Vastu sasthra). The residents would benefit immensely in such a situation. Moreover, it is while having food that family members leading hectic lives sit down together. All these factors make the dining area a crucial place in the house. When the position of the dining room is planned for a house, Vastu suggests some points; the most important of them being it should not directly face the front door. It is believed that such a design would cause financial loss to the household. To ward off such an ill-fortune, the view of the dining area from the front door can be blocked with a curtain or some other means. Ideally, the dining room should be adjacent to the kitchen. Moreover, the floors of both the kitchen and the dining room should be at the same level. Building the dining room on the north or east side of the house is considered auspicious according to Vastu. When choosing a dining table, select one with a square or rectangular top. However, the corners should not be sharp. The number of chairs kept near the table is also significant. It has to be an even number. Preferably, light colours are suitable for the dining room. Having a wash room that opens to the dining area is not a good sign as it would bring negative energy into the space. The direction one faces while having food also needs to be taken into account. One can have food sitting towards east, west or north. But avoid facing south while having meals, says Vastu science. Also remember to place the dining table away from the walls. Arranging it close to the wall blocks the flow of energy. Keep some rock salt or powdered salt always on the dining table is also beneficial. According to Vastu, this would help fill positive energy in the interiors. Mon, 20 May 2019 12:09:07 GMT Read your horoscope today (23-07-2019) Medam (Aswathy, Bharani and Karthika 1/4) A tough day is ahead for you. Activities may not proceed as planned. Trips could leave you exhausted. Spending may shoot up. But a mixed fortune awaits you from evening. Edavam (Karthika 3/4, Rohini and Makayiram 1/2) The stars are expected to favour you today. Tasks will succeed. You can expect a windfall of money. A family get-together is all set to take place. Wishes may be fulfilled. Mithunam (Makayiram 1/2, Thiruvathira and Punartham 3/4) Things may work out as planned today. Work would be suitably rewarded. You are likely to earn recognition. Dreams may come true. Trips would be fruitful. Karkidakam (Punartham 1/4, Pooyam and Ayiliyam) The stars are not in a benevolent mood. Efforts may face setbacks. Distress could bother you. A stomach ailment is likely to make things difficult. However, some good as well as bad events await you from evening. Chingam (Makam, Pooram and Uthram 1/4) Remain alert till evening today. Your toil may not be rewarded. You could be involved in an accident. There is chance of suffering losses related to money too. But things may get gradually better from evening. Kanni (Uthram 1/4, Atham and Chithira 1/2) A positive day is ahead for you. Efforts will be effective. You can enjoy the company of friends. Desires may be fulfilled. Trips would serve their purpose. Thulam (Chithira 1/2, Chothi and Visakham 3/4) A great day awaits you today. Work would be effective. You will clear competitions with distinction. Make a wish and it may come true. Trips would serve their purpose. Vrischikam (Visakham 1/4, Anizham and Thrikketta) A difficult period is ahead for you. Activities may face setbacks. This could be a day of distress. A stomach ailment is likely to bother you. Thankfully, things may improve later in the day. Dhanu (Moolam, Pooradam and Uthradam 1/4) Be prepared to face several challenging situations today. Activities may run into obstacles. There will be no peace of mind. Sluggishness could slow down work. But matters are likely to get better after evening. Makaram (Uthradam 3/4, Thiruvonam and Avittam 1/2) You will be free of worries today. Tasks will be completed successfully. You can earn recognition. Dreams may turn into reality. Kumbham (Avittam 1/2, Chathayam and Pooruruttathi 3/4) Move cautiously today. Work may hit setbacks. You could suffer insults. Loss of money may occur. But things are likely to gradually get better towards the end of the day. Meenam (Pooruruttathi 1/4, Uthrittathi and Revathi) A happy day awaits you today. Activities would be fruitful. You can relish a sumptuous feast. Desires can be achieved. Tue, 23 Jul 2019 03:40:12 GMT Wearing sacred mark on the forehead has several benefits Applying a mark (tilak) of ash, sandalwood paste and other items on the forehead after a bath is an ancient tradition, mostly in southern part of India. There are several health and spiritual benefits by this custom, especially in making the mark in the middle of the forehead. This is the place where several important nerves join and experts say that a ‘tilak’ here would help remove stress, making the mind calm. A different mark on each day As per astrology, the mark on the forehead needs to be made with a different item on each day of the week to be blessed with health and wealth. For instance, on Sunday which is dedicated to the Sun God, the mark should be of sandalwood or red sandalwood. On Monday, Lord Shiva has to be propitiated and sacred ash is ideal. While men have to make the ash a little wet before applying it on the forehead, women can use in the dry form itself. On Tuesday, wearing a sandal ‘tilak’ with a saffron dot in the middle is believed to usher in prosperity. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the mark has to be a mixture of turmeric and saffron. Thursday is dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu and sandal is the chosen ‘tilak’. The Goddess would be pleased if a devotee applies a saffron mark on Friday. On Saturday, Lord Hanuman has to be invoked with saffron ‘tilak’ and by chanting prayers in the deity’s honour. Wed, 08 May 2019 06:00:10 GMT Magic that green gem emerald can do on your life Emerald is the ideal gemstone that one can wear for success in academic pursuits as well as competitive examinations. In astrology, the standard of education is judged mainly based on the position of planet Mercury. Mercury is believed to influence the nervous system and the skin of human body. In case the horoscope of a person shows that Mercury has ‘Bhadra maha yoga’ without the impact of stupidity, he or she would achieve good education along with wisdom. If Moon and Mercury are favourable, the ability to grasp facts and memory power will get a boost. In astrology, wearing of emerald is suggested to solve the bad effects of the planet Mercury. Emerald having high quality has the green colour of railway signals, but it costs a fortune. Children poor in studies as well as youngsters preparing for competitive exams can wear this gemstone. Others who can sport emerald are those having the star signs related to Mercury - Ayilyam, Thrikketta and Revathy. People born on the days 5-14-23 of any calendar month which have the lucky number of ‘5’ can also buy emerald and wear it. In addition, if your birthday falls on 5, 14 or 23 of the fifth month of the year - May, emerald brings many benefits. However, those having the Edavam, Midhunam, Kanni, Thulam, Makaram and Kumbham ‘lagnas’ in their horoscope need to check the horoscope properly before going in for Emerald. Generally, this gemstone is not considered to be harmful. Apart from improving educational standards, emerald is found to be effective against neuro diseases and boosts energy levels. Normalizing high blood pressure is yet another quality attributed to this gemstone. It intensifies emotions such as love, compassion and gentleness. Emerald helps you control anger, short temper and unprovoked action. It will also make a person recognize genuine love and affection. Another benefit of wearing emerald is its positive impact on the skin. The gemstone is considered effective against skin diseases. It also boosts the beauty of the skin. Yet another advantage is that the tendency to have nightmares will gradually disappear and people can get a sound sleep. Relationships and friendships too will be strengthened. Easing of the stress is an additional benefit. People wearing this gemstone reportedly improve their communication skills. They will shine in exams and interviews. Professionals who stand to benefit by wearing the gemstone include media persons, cinema and TV artists, social media workers, teachers, lawyers, staff in broadcasting sector and people connected to the literary and publishing industry. Alongside, include green gram in the diet to strengthen Mercury in the horoscope. Wearing clothes of light green colour also helps. Meanwhile, emerald can be worn as a ring on the small finger or middle finger. It can also be turned into a locket. Wear these items at least for one hour on Wednesday morning. Thrikketta and Revathy are the stars related to Mercury and emerald can be used on these days too. The size of the emerald to be worn is ideally between 2 and 3 carats. If the Mercury is very weak in a person’s horoscope, the stone can be up to 5 carats - in other words till one gram. As emerald is a very expensive gemstone, those who cannot afford it can opt for its sub-stones like peridot, jade or green onyx. Rings of these stones can be made with gold or silver. Try to get a stone with a certificate from an authorized lab. Also choose reputed dealers having a good track record for your purchase. There is an adage that says wearing the green gemstone would make one's life green too. Prayer While wearing the emerald, the following salutation to Mercury can be chanted: ‘Priyamgu kalikasyamam / Roopena prathimambudham / Saumyam saumyagunopetham / Tham Budham pranathosmyaham.’ Author: R Sanjeev Kumar PGA, Jyothis Astrological Research Centre, TC 24/1984, Lulu Apartments, Opposite Thycaud Police Ground, Thycaud PO, Thiruananthapuram - 695 014. Mobile: 8078908087, 9526480571. email: Sat, 04 May 2019 00:50:57 GMT Witchcraft gets hitech in Romania, practices migrate to web Mogosoaia, Romania: “Repeat after me! To be together with who I want," a family of Romanian witches chant via a video call to a client in India paying for a love spell. "A truly powerful witch can solve problems from a distance," explains 20-year-old witch Cassandra Buzea. "It's not the phone or Facebook that are doing the magic. It's the words that we're saying, the rituals that we're doing and it's enough to look each other in the eye for the ritual to work." The power of the Internet has allowed Romania's busy witch community to gradually migrate their ancient practices onto the Web. Witchcraft has long been seen as a folk custom in the eastern European country, and many of its estimated 4,000 witches are luring customers from Europe, Asia and the United States. Buzea said it was the younger generation that had persuaded the old about the powers of the 'selfie', and her mother was quickly on board. "Nothing's changed, the craft is the same, but now it's much easier for us to be in contact with clients from other countries," said Mihaela Minca, who taught her daughter Buzea the family craft. Love, health, money They would not disclose how much they earn but said a tarot reading starts at 50 euros ($56.11). However, many of the special rituals, often to do with love, health or money, last weeks and can run into the hundreds. The witches also said they had recently turned their attention to politics, joining anti-corruption protests. Minca said she connected online with nine witches and wizards from across Europe to the United States, seeking to put a curse on Romanian lawmakers seen by witches as corrupt. Streamed online, the group had performed a mass ritual simultaneously with their overseas associates, against "those who don't do their jobs, those who have bad intentions, will lose their positions and suffer health problems," said Minca. She said they plan to harness the global power of the Internet once more ahead of May's European parliament elections. "We will continue this ritual on the 25th of May. We will do a powerful ritual against the Romanian government, so on the 26th when the European elections are taking place we will cast our spell for the good of the country." Transparency International ranks Romania as one of the Europe's most corrupt states and Brussels has kept its judicial system under special monitoring since it joined the bloc in 2007. Romania's ruling Social Democrats spearheaded an overhaul of the country's criminal codes last year. The European Commission said the proposed changes were a reversal of a decade of democratic and market reforms in the former Communist country. Wed, 01 May 2019 16:24:28 GMT Born on this day? Know its astrological implications Birthday is one of the most important date in a person’s life. However, there are different ways of celebrating the occasion. For instance, while some people choose their birthday according to Gregorian calendar, others prefer the Malayalam month and the birth star. Suppose a person is born on the Thiruvonam day of the Malayalam month of Chingam, the corresponding date on the Gregorian calendar would be different each time. As per the astrological norms followed in Kerala, birthdays falling on different days are said to implicate different fortunes. For instance, those who are born on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday are said to be blessed with good fortunes compared to those born on other days. Effect of birthdays on each day of the week: Sunday - Long journey and strenuous trips may haunt you Monday - You can expect wealth and abundance of food Tuesday - Poor health Wednesday - You will excel in studies Thursday - Wealth and prosperity Friday - Luck will shine on you Saturday - Your parents may face distress For those whose birthday falls on any of the inauspicious days of the week, astrologers advise prayers and offerings to Lord Vigneswara, who is considered a the remover of obstacles. ‘Jaladhara’ or ‘koovala mala’ can also be offered to Lord Mahadeva. Conducting ‘Mrithyunjaya homam’ or ‘ Mrithyunjaya pushpanjali’ would also be ideal. Conducting ‘annadanam’ (offering of free meals) is also considered a ritual that can be followed in this situation. Propitiating the celestial body (adhipan) related to each day of the week is also advised to ward off possible ill-effects of an inauspicious day. The following are the heavenly objects that lord over each day as per astrology: Sunday - Sun Monday - Moon Tuesday - Mars Wednesday - Mercury Thursday - Jupiter Friday - Venus Saturday - Saturn Thu, 25 Apr 2019 06:05:52 GMT This line on your palm means you have a secret affair The lifeline on the palm is not an indicator of a person’s lifespan but his or her attitude to work, energy, courage, mental strength, confidence and similar virtues. Mentally strong A lifeline that starts from the area of Jupiter suggests that you have good control over your emotions and activities. You will be a support for others and provide them guidance in their hour of crisis. You will stick to a task to such an extent that even if others give up, you will continue to fight till the last. Your unique virtues of self-control, perseverance and commitment would certainly take you to great heights. Secret affairs In case a small supporting line is seen in the area of Venus on the palm, that person may have a secret love affair. Meetings with the secret lover may also be taking place. However, take care if you have this line as this interest may tempt you to indulge in lustful laisons crossing limits. This may even leave you repenting later. It is better to avoid such secret relationships to protect your reputation. About the author: M Nandakumar, retired from Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in 2016. He is a well-known speaker and quiz master. An expert in numerology, palmistry, ‘thantra’ and ‘manthra’, Nandakumar a native of Ernakulam is currently living in Thiruvananthapuram. Phone: 9495551142, 9496447755 email: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 10:28:16 GMT What the stars tell you this week (July 21 - July 27) When is a good time to seek your goals? Is it time to lie low? Here’s your zodiac prediction for the week. Meda kooru (Stars: Aswathi, Bharani and Karthika 1/4) A time of general happiness and increased financial inflows. Be wary of not spoiling these with the wrong friendships. Those in predictive activities like astrology fare well. The art dabblers also do well this week as they are in for honour and awards. Curb the tendency to get involved in matters that are not yours. Some good news in the offing from foreign lands. You will be assisted in work by trained professionals, so keep worries on the work front away. Trade and business will improve, especially from land and houses. You may have to move out from the place of stay. Edava kooru (Stars: Karthika 3/4, Rohini and Makayiram 1/2) A good time for the professionally trained. Those looking for teaching and defence jobs will land one. Students will come out in flying colours. Your hard work will see you through the mild difficulties. There is some rift with relatives. An excellent sense of tolerance and a dose of liberality will be your hallmarks. The profits soar on account of good trade. Creative writers, especially those in fiction and poetry, will do well. A time for good deeds and charity. Those looking for a matrimonial alliance will see the going good. Midhuna kooru (Stars: Makayiram 1/2, Thiruvathira and Punartham 3/4) Government employees will get favourable postings and promotions. A time of learning and educational progress. Be wary of opinions that could influence you the wrong way. The family may not be as supportive. Smelting units and foundries will get a lot of orders. Those living abroad will find the going good. You will facilitate the selling of ancestral property. Be wary of mild illnesses. Those in plumbing and welding will see more orders and increased profits. Karkidaka kooru (Stars: Punartham 1/4, Pooyam and Ayiliyam) Multiple avenues will keep the finances flowing in. A bit of valour in executing jobs at hand will do you good. A good time to start that art café or impart the dance and music you know to a set of students. Your intelligence and professional acumen will sail you through the difficulties. Contractors and allied staff will fare well. Trade and business will prosper. Taking good care of your mother is essential amidst all the noise. There is very enjoyable travel in the offing. Luck shines on those looking to find a soul mate. Chinga kooru (Stars: Makam, Pooram and Uthram 1/4) Trade, business, and industry will bring you the required income. Frequent travel will sap you a bit. You will help others generously and will get more help and aid in return at the appropriate time. A good time for learning and education. Your mother and spouse will have a positivity around them. You will vanquish your adversaries. Trade in rice and food grains will usher in more profits. A god time to buy vehicles and house. The benefits due from the government like pension will come through. Kanni kooru (Stars: Uthram 3/4, Atham and Chithira 1/2) High positions of power open up for you. There will be income from multiple sources. You will be physically fit and agile. There will be considerable progress on all fronts. Rein in your anger and focus on work. A lot of good deeds will sail you through any difficulties. Your spouse would inspire you to go the extra mile. The amounts due will come back, especially to those who run banks and financial institutions. A bit of travel will tire you down. Thula kooru (Stars: Chithira 1/2, Chothi and Visakham 3/4) This is one good time to make that extra push to go abroad. A lot of opportunities await you overseas. Those in plumbing and welding will fare well and see a lot of orders. Contractors and allied workers and textile owners will see a surge in profits. Your effervescence will have a direct impact on your trade and business. You will be lauded by the high and mighty. Workshops will also see increased footfalls. Vrischika kooru (Stars: Visakham1/4, Anizham and Thrikketta) There is happiness and progress in trade and business. You will act with generosity. The life will be comfortable and filled with creature comforts. You will get very capable employees. You will not be on the same page with your siblings and father. You will work hard for self-improvement. You will take good care of your mother. The government will honour you for your deeds. A wedding is in the offing in the family. Dhanu kooru (Stars: Moolam, Pooradam and Uthradam 1/4) A good time to seek government employment. A general air of happiness in the family. A good time to pursue the arts, especially dance and music. A fine time to procure a house and move in. Be wary of adversaries. Your children and younger ones in the family will do well. There will be a great deal of spending on friends. A time of pilgrimages and visits to holy places. A dalliance with someone of the opposite sex. A spurt of anger could ward off relatives. Makara kooru (Stars: Uthradam 3/4, Thiruvonam and Avittom 1/2) Good financial inflow and a time of luck. There is a general air of happiness at home. There is a bit of splurge on gold and other luxuries. Those looking for a marital alliance will land one. Those in the IT sector will fare well. You will effectively complete all tasks in hand. All joint ventures will do well and move to fruition. A good time for politicians and party workers. Be wary of getting carried away by the opposite sex. The creative ones will see honour coming your way. Tread carefully and you will see increased profits through trade. Kumbha kooru (Stars: Avittom 1/2, Chathayam and Pooruruttathi 3/4) Those seeking teaching posts and opportunities with the water and allied departments will see a lot of opportunities opening up. Infuse professionalism in what you do and seek the help of experts. You will vanquish adversaries and spend time with your parents. The extended family may not be as supportive. You will be physically fit and agile but be wary of the occasional lethargy that will pull you down. Traders in iron and other metals will do well. A time of frequent travel. A good time to procure a new vehicle. Meena kooru (Stars: Pooruruttathi 1/4, Uthruttathi and Revathi) You will see a sudden rise in terms of profession. Those looking for judge and other higher positions will see a favourable outcome. Politicians will see new positions coming to them. Those trading in rubber and timber will see increased profits. You will have to preside over important functions. Those doing food-related and catering jobs will see a lot of orders. Those looking got marital alliances will have positive results. Those dabbing in arts will see recognition coming their way. (Author details: Prof. Desikom Reghunathan, Agasthyar Madom, Pathamkallu, Behind Sastha Temple, Nedumangad, Thiruvananthapuram. Pin: 695541. Mobile: 8078022068) Sun, 21 Jul 2019 07:35:59 GMT Set a perfect 'Vishukkani' to herald prosperity and fortune Vishu marks the beginning of a new year and the spring season as per the Malayalam calendar of Kerala. It is celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm by Keralites all over the world. The traditional 'vishukkani' - a set of materials in a brass vessel as a symbolic harbinger of prosperity - is arranged in houses to be viewed by family members, first thing in the morning. It is believed that seeing the kani brings luck and good fortune for the entire year. Elders in the family give vishukaineetam for the younger ones, denoting the distribution of wealth. These rituals may differ in various parts of the state. However, there are particular rules in which the vishukkani has to be prepared. How to set a perfect vishukkani Vishukkani or the arrangement of various objects to be seen by the family in the morning, symbolizes the immense wealth and blessings that the nature offers to the mankind. Every object in this world possesses the satwa, rajo and tamo gunas. Objects which posses the satwa guna should only be used to prepare the kani. The uruli (traditional vessel made of brass), nilavilakku (lamp) and valkindi (pitcher) should be washed and cleaned well before arranging the kani. The eldest female member of the family or other elderly people should arrange the elaborate kani on the previous night itself. It should be arranged in front of the image or idol of Lord Krishna. The idol could be adorned with a garland preferably made of flowers from your own backyard. The uruli with a wide, circular mouth represents the universe. Half of the uruli should be filled with unakkalari (rice with bran). Golden hued juicy cucumbers should be placed first followed by jack fruit, de-husked coconut, mango, red bananas, lemons and gooseberries. Jack fruit and coconuts are believed to be the favorite food of Lord Ganesha. Lord Subramanya loves mangoes and little Krishna’s favorite fruit is the ripe red bananas. The lemons and gooseberries are included in the kani to please Goddess Lakshmi. A vaalkannadi or metal mirror is placed in the center of the uruli as an offering to Goddess Bahgavati. A golden chain too should be kept beside it. Along with the kani, one should also see his/ her own face in the mirror. Most importantly the beautiful yellow kani konna flowers (Indian laburnum) should be placed. The cucumber is imagined as the graceful face of Lord Vishnu, wearing a floral crown made of kani konna. The metal mirror is imagined as his gracious mind. Beside the uruli, in a metal salver, a clean kasavu mundu (traditional attire), a holy book, kumkum dish, kohl and a coin and an areca nut in a betel leaf, should be kept. Grains too could be kept in it. Gold ornaments or coin represents the wealth gifted by Goddess Lakshmi and the holy book denotes the great knowledge imparted by Goddess Saraswati. In some places, the grains are sowed after viewing it as kani in the morning. A traditional oil lamp, with five wicks, should be placed on a stool or table. Incense sticks, water in a pitcher, flowers and a small lamp should be arranged as part of the elaborate kani for the next morning. The lamp should be placed in such a way that the shadow shouldn’t fall on the idol of Lord Krishna, when it is lighted. It is believed that seeing the kani, which represents wealth and prosperity on the dawn of Vishu, would bring in good luck and success for the entire year. Sun, 14 Apr 2019 11:53:39 GMT A house can be built facing south, but follow these vastu rules The rules of vastusastra states that determining the direction of a plot where a single house would be built or a land divided into 4 or 5 plots for a villa project deserves special attention. As per the vastu rules, the entrance of houses should face south, north, east or west directions. These four definite directions are scientifically called as the magnetic south, magnetic north, magnetic east and the magnetic west. A digital compass could be used to determine whether the house is built exactly in the east – west direction or the north – south direction. This is a significant aspect in vastusastra. In the case of some lands, we could realize that its boundaries are in different directions, only after it has been divided into plots. Usually vastu experts instruct, in such cases, that the house should be constructed in a slanting position so that the entrance would exactly face the east direction. Only if the house is built like this, can the kitchen be constructed in the south – east or the north – east directions. Then the master bedroom could be built in the south – west corner (kannimoola) of the house. Besides, the kitchen should be arranged in such a way that the food is cooked by facing the east direction. The vastu sastra clearly states that no matter which direction the house faces, it shouldn’t be more than 15 degrees away from the four magnetic directions. Can a house face southwards? The vastusastra does not say that houses cannot face the south direction. It is, however, strictly instructed that the house should exactly face the magnetic south. The house could only be constructed after determining the exact magnetic south. A credible vastu expert should be invited to determine the directions in such case. A house could be constructed facing the south direction by correctly determining the directions and not by disrupting the grihamadya soothram (vital spots). The belief that houses shouldn’t face south has almost become a superstition now. However, vastu experts reject this, clearly explaining that houses could be constructed facing south by strictly following the above vastu laws. Direction of a house and its impact on residents Direction plays a significant role in vastusastra. The house should face one of the four main directions. The vastu rules clearly explain the ill-effects of building a house facing the corner directions. » It is indicated that fear and anxiety would prevail in a house built in the south – east corner of plot facing north – west direction. » Frequent fights and unrest would erupt in a house situated in the significant 'kannimoola' or the south west corner, facing the north – east direction. » People living in a house built in the vital spot in the north – west corner, facing south – east corner, would experience fickle mindedness which makes them unable to take firm decisions in serious matters. » Vastusastra hints adversity for progenies in the family if the house is in the north – east corner and is facing the south – west direction. The vastu experts provide scientific explanations for these observations. The earth rotates from the west to the east direction in 24 hours. Similarly, it revolves around the sun from the south to north in a year. This is the orbit of the earth and we clearly know that it moves, though it is not felt. It is said, in the vastusastra, that people can live long in a house if it is built parallel to the orbit and in the direction of the earth’s movement. As an instance, vastu experts point out that we can comfortably travel in a vehicle only if we are facing the direction in which the vehicle moves. The vastu rule that the house built parallel to the direction of the earth’s movements is comfortable to stay in, has been developed from this scientific observation. Vastu experts say that though these rules may appear as mere beliefs, it is better to consider its scientific aspects. Information provided by: Kanippayyur Krishnan Namboothiripadu, astrologer Sun, 14 Apr 2019 10:58:22 GMT Happy Vishu 2019: Share these eGreeting cards with your friends, family Yet another season of Vishu, the Hindu New Year, is here. Here's a gift from Onmanorama to you. Readers can use the greeting cards below to send Vishu greetings to their dear ones. Vishu is celebrated across Kerala and Karnataka and the day marks sun's transit into Meda Rassi according astrology. It falls on the first day of the Malayalam month called Medam and represents the spring equinox. According to Gregorian calendar it's on April 15 this year. In the early morning, believers witness 'vishukkani', the auspicious first view of the day. People believe this would usher in prosperity and happiness to the family for the whole year. It's a custom to exchange 'vishu kaineettam' (money offered or accepted as token gift) on this day. People visit temples and offer prayers on this day. Poojas and rituals are held in major places of worship like Sabarimala, Guruvayur, Sree Padmanabha Sway and Ambalappuzha temples. Sun, 14 Apr 2019 12:59:12 GMT Fingers can reveal a lot about your personality Just like the lines on your palm can reveal your future, the length of the fingers too can predict the personality of a person. People with long and slender fingers would be friendly and calm and would approach problems with calmness. But those with short fingers are short tempered and wouldn’t hesitate to say things onto others’ faces. However, their anger would vanish within a few minutes. Women whose ring finger is longer than the index finger are adventurous and soft-hearted. They give prime importance to familial relationships as well. They would always enjoy economic stability. Though they may get angry pretty quickly, they would instantly become calm and forget what they had said. They remain loyal to those who love them dearly. They are destined to achieve great success in their respective careers. Those women whose ring finger is shorter than the index finger enjoy loneliness. They tend to solve problems using the faculty of reason and exhibit great leadership qualities as well. More than personal relationships they give importance to moral values. They are loyal, honest and extremely optimistic. Wed, 10 Apr 2019 08:06:29 GMT Know your Vishu predictions for 2019 Aries Meda kooru (Stars: Aswathi, Bharani and Karthika) You can look forward to some positive developments, especially on the financial front. Luck will shine on you, bringing benefits. If searching for a job, your plans will be realized. There is chance for a foreign trip too. There is a possibility of childbirth in the family. The second half of the year will be more beneficial to you than the first. A transfer is likely if you are a government employee. But you may enjoy good health and happiness as well as prosperity at home. Taurus Edava kooru (Stars: Karthika, Rohini and Makayiram) You can expect happy times during the first six months of the year as last year. If you are unmarried, wedding bells will ring soon. New ventures are likely to be successful and long-awaited wishes may come true. You can look forward to receiving valuable gifts such as jewellery and expensive clothes. Enemies may turn friends. However, financial constraints may bother you during the second half of the year. You may find hurdles cropping up while pursuing tasks, but by persistent effort, the work can be completed. Gemini Midhuna kooru (Stars: Makayiram, Thiruvathira and Punartham) A mixed fortune awaits you this year. The second half of the year will be more profitable than the first. If you have enemies, they may become friends. A new love affair is likely. Your financial situation will improve. Opportunities for higher studies will be available for students. Your marital life too will be happy. Misunderstandings and infamy may no longer trouble you. Cancer Karkidaka kooru (Stars: Punartham, Pooyam and Ayiliyam) You may be blessed with a child this year. A promotion awaits government employees. Arrears will be sanctioned this year. Traders can expect booming business. You may carry out a pilgrimage and show more interest in spiritual matters. Money will flow in through various means. However, things may not work out as planned during the second half of the year. A financial crunch also is likely. Still, there is a chance for a foreign trip. Leo Chinga kooru (Stars: Makam, Pooram and Uthram) There is a chance for shifting to a new house. Peace and happiness will prevail at home. You may also buy a new vehicle. At the workplace, you are likely to take up additional responsibilities. Income from business will rise. Newlyweds can expect a child soon. Trips will be fruitful. If searching for a job, your goal will be reached. But give attention to your health. Students are expected to show more enthusiasm regarding academic matters. Virgo Kanni kooru (Stars: Utharam, Atham and Chithira) A mix of good as well as bad events can be expected this year. The first half of the year may not be favourable to you but the troubles will disappear during the second half, resulting in peace and prosperity at home. You are likely to buy a new vehicle. If trying for a job abroad, your plans may succeed and financial benefits will follow. You may also buy gold jewellery. If unmarried, you can be prepared to enter into wedlock soon. Your health will improve. Libra Thula kooru (Stars: Chithira, Chothi and Visakham) You will clear exams with flying colours. Income will rise. You will display enthusiasm in all activities. Official trips are expected to be fruitful. Your children will make you happy. Costly items like gold ornaments will be presented to you as gift. Students will get the chance for higher studies. But a financial crunch looms during last part of the year. A pilgrimage will end your troubles. However, take care of your health. People working in the media may get an award. Scorpio Vrischika kooru (Stars: Visakham, Anizham and Thriketta) Several positive developments may take place this year. The time is particularly favourable for writers and media persons. Everybody can expect benefits from divine intervention. Finance will improve. An auspicious event will take place in the family. The year-end will prove to be more beneficial. You may go on a pilgrimage. Job seekers will be rewarded. You can emerge winner in competitions. Family life will be happier. Sagittarius Dhanu kooru (Stars: Moolam, Pooradam and Uthradam) You can look forward to an enjoyable family life. Problems haunting you for a long time may disappear. If single, you will get married soon. You will succeed in controlling expenditure. Parents need to give more attention to their kids’ studies. You may have a tendency to display lethargy in many matters. A shift to own house is likely. If separated from your dear ones, you will reunite with them. You may launch a new business venture. Capricorn Makara kooru (Stars: Uthradam, Thiruvonam and Avittam) Many pending plans will be implemented this year. Some benefits will come your way as a result of luck. Income will rise. You may set out on a pilgrimage. A lost object will be recovered. Gold ornaments will be received as gift. You may have to carry out several journeys. Prosperity will prevail in the family. If involved in legal disputes, the courts will rule in your favour. But expenses will mount during year-end. Take care of your health. You may start a new venture. Aquarius Kumbha kooru (Stars: Avittam, Chathayam and Pooruruttathi) Official problems will be solved and you can expect a promotion during year-end. If a government employee, you may be served with a transfer order. However, financial situation may improve. There are chances to go on a foreign trip. Lovers may be united in matrimony with the permission of parents. But take care of the health of your mother. You may refurbish your house and show much interest in extravagance. Enemies are likely to change their opinion and support you. Pisces Meena kooru (Stars: Pooruruttathi, Uthruttathi and Revathi) This is a lucky period for you. A promotion is likely. You will succeed in checking the moves of your enemies. A significant increase in revenue can be expected. Business may thrive. Marital relationship will be warm. If looking for a job abroad, your efforts are likely to be fruitful. Your kids will clear exams with distinction. You are likely to enjoy good health. There are chances for buying a new vehicle. You may engage in noble tasks and join a pilgrimage. Author’s contact details: Dr P B Rajesh, Rama Nivas, Poovathum Parambil, Near ESI Dispensary, Eloor East, Udyogamandal PO, Ernakulam – 683501. email: Phone: 9846033337, 0484-2546421 Wed, 03 Apr 2019 04:22:02 GMT Keep Chinese coins to boost your wealth Feng shui is a 5,000-year-old Chinese branch of astrology that helps people improve their lives and achieve great things. According to this ancient science, while humanity’s power of life is transmitted through water (feng), the energy surrounding various organisms is distributed through air (shui). Laughing Buddha and lucky bamboo are the common lucky charms under feng shui. Along with them, Chinese coins have an equal importance. These coins are considered to be the source of wealth and if they are placed in homes according to feng shui principles, the residents are certain to enjoy prosperity. Chinese coins have a unique feature – they have a square hole in the centre. Moreover, each side of the coin has a distinct significance. While the square hole of the coin represents the conductive powers of the earth, the side with four Chinese figures is termed ‘Yang’, which symbolizes energy and the other side with two figures is called ‘Yin’. The Chinese coins are stacked with the ‘Yang’ side in front. This is based on the belief that prosperity will flow smoothly into the house when the sun’s rays fall directly on the Yang side. Coins made of copper, bronze and brass are utilized to increase wealth. The coins have to be tied with red ribbon in bunches of three, six or nine and kept in the money chest, locker or purse. The three coins represent the prosperity of the three heavens, according to Chinese astrology. Six coins are the symbols of heavenly blessings and nine coins connect nature’s wealth with man. Feng shui suggests that when these coins are offered as gifts on special occasions, both the giver and receiver will turn lucky. The coins can be kept as single pieces, but when they are tied together with a red ribbon and stored in bunches, the benefits would double. According to feng shui, when Chinese coins are placed in commercial establishments, they help attract more customers. As a result, business booms and the entrepreneurs become wealthy. If ancient Chinese coins can be procured, the results will be manifold, as per the belief. Fri, 29 Mar 2019 07:16:47 GMT Saw any of these dreams recently? It means wedding bells Dreams are of various types. Some are nightmares that frighten us while others are sweet and make us happy. Still others are puzzling which we fail to understand. Astrologers believe that certain dreams suggest that your wedding will take place soon. Twelve such dreams are: 1) Beautiful paintings, embroidery work, objects and green lawns. 2) Lemon and heavy rain 3) A man seeing the lips of a woman and vice versa 4) Visuals of loving someone or being loved 5) Visuals of a love letter being handed over 6) A ring being given or received 7) A deity or a beautiful picture floating in the air 8) Walking through the forest with a man or woman 9) Having a sumptuous meal 10 A duck or swan 11) Visuals of eating or selling the sweets 12) The sapling that you had planted grown into a big tree. When any one of these scene appears in a dream and you can remember it after you wake up, it implies that you will enter wedlock soon. Author: Prof Desikom Reghunathan, Address: Agasthyar Madom, Pathamkallu, Behind Sastha Temple, Nedumangad, Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala. Pin: 695541. Phone: 04722813401 Mon, 25 Mar 2019 07:26:17 GMT How can vastu play a role in choosing plot for house According to the rules of the vastu sastra, selecting an appropriate plot is as important as designing and building a perfect house. The features of a perfect plot are clearly explained in the Manuhsyalayachandrika. In the eight-line long verse, it is stated that a good piece of plot would have the presence of good people around. It would be extremely fertile with lots of trees and bushes. Besides, the plot would have a flat surface with water springs in the north and east directions. While choosing a plot, it is not just necessary that you check its structure or the level of it from the road. You should also consider the structure and level from the road of the nearby plots as well. Besides, it is important to look for the presence of a water body in the vicinity. A plot which perfectly suits the vastu features could only be chosen if you observe the above rules. As per the vastu rules, an even plot with natural features like lush green field, a river or a water body lying to the north or east side of the plot would be perfect for building a house. It is also stated that all the plots where the rays of the setting sun hit are fit to be lived in. Also, those plots which climb to the west direction and slants down to the east are ideal. These rules apply even if the plots are purchased as an investment. In Kerala, according to the vastu experts, there is a shortage of plots that are perfect to be lived in. The structure of the plot that you intent to purchase and also the height of the nearby plot, on the east side of it should be analyzed well before finalizing the deal. These are significant even if you are purchasing a small piece of land to build a house. During the day time, it is the Sun which is the greatest source of energy. However, during the night the energy is provided by the moon and the stars which reflect the sunrays. These are called the ‘saptarshis’. Just like the sun rises in the east, the saptarshis are said to be rising in the north direction. Plots which slant towards the north direction or with a water source which flows to north or the plot which receives abundant energy from the north are all suitable to build houses. Fri, 22 Mar 2019 10:01:10 GMT Decoding 'namasthe' pose during prayer We pray with folded hands and closed eyed while visiting temples and in front of images of deities. We even fold our hands even to show respect to people. However, only a few people understand the science behind the gesture. According mythology, the pray gesture was taught by none other than Lord Shiva. Also known as Nataraja (King of dance), the Hindu Gold is said to have taught the gesture to sage Bharata, the master of dance. The pose suggests that the interests and wishes of whomsoever it is shown to coincided with those of the poser. While praying in temples, hold the palms of both hands together in the shape of a lotus and in such a way that that it is at the level of the chest. The hands should not be held in front of the neck or stomach. Prayers should not be conducted with the fingers of both hands clasped together. Also avoid raising the hands above your head - this pose can be adopted only by priests who conduct the rituals. In order to make a temple visit fruitful, the hands should be held together properly and prayers in praise of God chanted. The praying pose makes a person realize that we are nobody before God as well as others. ‘Na’ of ‘namasthe’ - the praying posture - means ‘No’ and ‘Ma’ translates as ‘I’. Thu, 21 Mar 2019 09:19:16 GMT Follow these rituals to cast away spell of evil eyes It is believed that or evil eye, or drishti dosha in local parlace, casts misfortune upon people. Not just people, it could even affect animals and trees as well. The elderly blames it on the evil eye when a tree doesn’t bear enough fruits despite blooming amazingly or when the fruits decay soon. Though some may dismiss it as mere superstition, there are many, even in this modern era, who perform remedies for evil eye, discreetly or otherwise. Placing a scarecrow or growing a cactus plant in front of a building under construction is to cast away drishti dosha. Similarly, garlands blessed by priests, conch shells or other attractive objects are placed in front of a brand new car. It is very common to put a tiny black spot using kajal behind the ears or on the foot of babies to protect them from evil eyes. Babies are often spotted with dozens of black bangles on their hands or a hidden ash sheora leaf in their body to keep the evil eyes away. Our ancestors used to insist that expectant mothers should carry either a small piece of iron or the ash sheora leaf whenever they go out. The scientific explanation for this is that the ash sheora leaves have great anti-bacterial properties which protect pregnant women from viral infections. The iron would absorb the extra oxygen and helps create a positive atmosphere around the expectant mothers. Warding off evil eyes using mustard seeds, dried chilies and salt is still followed in many places. A packet containing these would be moved in circular motions around new born babies, while chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaaya’ thrice. It would then be thrown into the flaming stove. Grandmothers say that if the burning smell of the dried chilies won’t come off the stove, then the curse of the evil eye still persists and the ritual has to be repeated. Grownups too could be protected from ill effects of the evil eyes like this. As babies are prone to attract evil eyes pretty easily, a talisman made of 5-metal-alloy or panchaloha would be attached to the black thread that is worn around their waists, on the 28th day. Mon, 18 Mar 2019 06:42:17 GMT Here is why you're asked to remove shirt in some temples According to ancient Indian tradition, the mind as well as body should be pure and simple while visiting a place of worship. In fact, a temple is not a spot where one can show off wealth or attire. Everybody needs to realize that we are nobody before God. While visiting a shrine, devotees ideally should wear the simplest dress in the most proper manner. It is based on this concept that certain temples prohibit devotees wearing trousers from entering the inner precincts. The devotees are required to be clothed in ‘mundus’ here. In olden days, wearing a shirt was considered ostentatious. This belief led to the ban on shirt, a symbol of wealth, inside temples. Some shrines still stick to this tradition, which has to be followed by devotees. It is always better to lead a life of simplicity and humbleness, keeping away pretentious show offs and arrogance. Indian philosophy has always laid stress on simple living and high thinking. Fri, 15 Mar 2019 06:00:31 GMT Know what these alphabets in your name can do for you A person’s name has the power to bring prosperity to him or her. It is believed that the name one is called by others can have a profound influence on that person. Having the following alphabets in your name is said to have the power to invoke certain virtues as per astrology. A The letter ‘A’ has universal meaning. It leads a person to excellence and lifts him or her to greatness. ‘A’ also makes one wise. The alphabet drives a person to new discoveries, progress in one’s activity and turn into a great administrator. It also expands the person’s intelligence. All tasks taken up by him or her will be successful. Such people will overcome their setbacks in life by intelligence. H The alphabet ‘H’ aids a person in maintaining his respect. Even while affected by serious problems in life, such people will maintain a cool temperament. Strong willpower, peaceful life, job with high salary and the skill to analyze issues thoroughly are their other traits. They can anticipate trouble and resort to precautionary measures in advance. Though they may indulge in splurging and have other weaknesses, their lives will remain happy. I The ability to change the world is the main characteristic of this letter. It will help a person take precautions and also gives confidence. Such a person will have the ability to lawfully lead others to the destination he or she has planned. Impatience and haste are other traits of these people. They will show intense emotions. As the letter ‘I’ has much divine blessing, success is certain in any venture. People influenced by this alphabet will have confidence, the ability to attract others, leadership qualities, great ideas, fame and energy. Many of them will be leading a comfortable life with the interest earned from bank deposits. K This alphabet makes a person excel in arts and other creative pursuits. They will, in fact, be experts in several fields. Taking firm decisions, these people are also keen to support others of their ilk. They are extremely humble. They will steadily rise in life and increase their wealth. Their philanthropic activities will make these people popular, earning the praise of the general public. P The influence of ‘P’ helps people develop a strong and deep mind. Others will never be able to learn the secrets they keep. These people never reveal their problems. Other qualities include good self-restraint and being excellent speakers. They have a special ability to defeat opponents in a debate. Presenting crucial ideas in a debate, they earn name and fame. Enjoying art and performances, these people will be good singers too. Obedience and smartness are their additional traits. Their vibrant conversational style will please listeners. Imagination, beauty and smartness come together in them. Wed, 13 Mar 2019 05:47:24 GMT Starting a day as per astrological tradition in Kerala A day starts for a person when he or she wakes up in the morning. The first object that comes into view at that time is called ‘kani’. However, catching sight of certain object the first thing in the morning is considered inauspicious. According to astrology, ‘kani’ can influence a full day’s events. Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone and immediately after waking up picks it up and gets busy with it. However, this habit is not good. It's harmful to health scientifically and inauspicious astrologically. The tendency to look at the mirror on getting up is also common. But this also invites bad effects, according to astrologers. It is also believed that starting the day by looking at pictures of animals, river or yacht is not beneficial. It is better to remove all such items from the bedroom. Waking up hearing an argument or debate may also spoil the day. Such incidents increase the mental stress and give rise to negative energy that lasts an entire day. It's said that bad luck follows a sight of somebody sweeping the compound or carrying a weapon, an empty pot, a disorderly tabletop or unwashed dishes the first thing in the morning. Morning prayer A prayer named ‘Karavandanam’ (obeisance to hands) was suggested by old timers to have an auspicious first view and start the day full of energy. In the past, grandmothers used to teach youngsters this prayer. The stanza is in praise of the Supreme Goddess who is the source of energy for living creatures on Earth. As all our actions involve the hands, the prayer is a fervent plea to the Goddess to give strength to our hands. The lines are as follows: ‘Karaagre vasathe Lakshmi / Karamadhye Saraswathy / Karamoole sthitaa-Gowri / Prabhaate karadarsanam.’ Mon, 11 Mar 2019 05:22:36 GMT Know who benefits from wearing yellow sapphire The gemstone yellow sapphire has the power to enhance the positive influence of Jupiter. It is also able to increase the causative effects of the planet. Who can wear yellow sapphire? According to astrology followed in Kerala, this gemstone can be worn in the following circumstances: » If Dhanu, Meenam, Karkidakam or Kumbam is your ‘lagnam’ and Jupiter is stronger than other planets in your horoscope » When Guru (Jupiter) remains in Medam, Vrischikam, Dhanu and Kumbham according to the horoscope » If you were born under Punartham, Visakham or Pooruruttathi star signs » If your birth star is Pooyam and you were born on a Thursday » If Sun and Moon are on the ascendant along with Jupiter in your horoscope » If Jupiter is in the ‘mahadasa’ or ‘apaharam’ phase Yellow sapphire and various star signs If your ‘lagnam’ is Medam, this gemstone can be worn. Financial benefits, mental peace, honour and expansion of intelligence are the advantages. In addition, people having the ‘lagnams’ of Karkidakam, Vrischikam, Dhanu and Meenam too can wear yellow sapphire. For all other ‘lagnams’, the stone is harmful. How to know a fake yellow sapphire Less sparkle: Yellow sapphire that does not sparkle much will not be genuine. It is harmful for the wearer and may antagonize relatives too. Web: A web-shaped pattern may be seen inside some stones. Wearing such stones is bad for the children. The wearer may suffer from abdominal disease also. Scratches: If there are cuts and scratches on the yellow sapphire, it has a good chance of being stolen. Such a stone may even prove disadvantageous to relatives. Milky appearance: When milky colour is detected in the yellow sapphire, it is considered inauspicious. Moreover, the stone may cause injuries to the person wearing it. Spots: If the gemstone has spots, it can lead to disease or depression. Mica: If the yellow sapphire has the colour of mica, it may cause disease. Red spot: When the gemstone with a red spot is worn, it could lead to financial loss. Black spot: A yellow sapphire with a black spot can cause monetary loss owing to animals like cow and financial setbacks and accidents. How to identify a genuine yellow sapphire Some methods to identify yellow sapphire that is blemish-less is as follows: » When a genuine gemstone is kept directly under the sun on a white cloth, yellow rays will spread on the cloth. » Even if a real gemstone is immersed in milk for a couple of days, its sparkle will not be affected. » When a genuine sapphire is rubbed against a touch-stone, its glow increases. » Fake yellow sapphire will have the shine of a mirror. Wed, 06 Mar 2019 09:02:49 GMT Read fortune, character from the life line on your palm People have a general notion that the life line on the palm indicates longevity. However, instead, it reflects the quality of life the person enjoys and how he or she leads it. The effect of the different shapes of the life lines on a person is quite evident. In fact, the life line influences the energy, enthusiasm, courage, confidence, enterprising nature, logic and sense of judgment of each person. life lines of various shapes and their significance Staircase lines A person having a staircase-shaped life line would be seeking sincere love and friendship. Such people may have to face many painful experiences while engaged in the search of a friend. Hurdles may be created in their lives by intrusive persons who disregard proper behaviour. Keep such interfering people away. A man or a woman with a staircase-shaped life line can witness their energy level rising by wearing blue-coloured clothes, using a blue handkerchief, working in an office cabin painted with blue colour, staying in rooms with a blue-toned interior and fixing paintings having predominantly blue shades. Wearing blue clothes for job interviews and while proposing would produce positive results. life line close to the thumb People having such a life line may show an inclination to stay away from others. Even if handsome or beautiful, such people keep off admirers and fans and may be ignorant of the appreciation others have for them. This may force people to consider them as disinterested, uncouth and ineffective. If you have such a life line, you may easily feel hurt. You may also break friendships easily. On the positive side, your friendships in the artistic field are likely to be strengthened and prove beneficial to you. For instance, your connections in music, art, dance and acting sectors are likely to bloom. life line starting near ‘lower Mars’ In case your life line starts from the ‘lower area of Mars’ (Thazhe chovva), that is area near the base of the thumb, it suggests that you have no inhibitions regarding sex and is interested in forming emotional relationships. To describe it succinctly, it would be sex life that provides the most enjoyable moments to such a person. By getting too much involved in such matters, you may lose focus on your career and may turn out to be a failure. In case you can desist from engaging in romance and divert your animal energy to build your career, great heights can be achieved. life line protruding towards the centre of the palm People having such a life line are likely to attract public attention by displaying boldness, energy and altruism. They will be prepared to do anything for others. However, they have to regain the energy spent for others by engaging in activities like meditation, ‘pranayama’ and enough rest at frequent intervals. If your life line has this shape, you prefer to be the leader in every venture and make all efforts to achieve that position. You will have the upper hand in all relationships, either personal or social. In business-related matters, you may develop differences with partners but that will not harm your prospects. During a long period of observation, it has been proved that a life line of this shape is present on the palm of people holding leadership positions in various sectors. life line starting from below the area of Jupiter life line starting from below the area of Jupiter, that is near the base of the forefinger, suggests that you have a good control over the senses as well as actions. Others will approach you seeking advice to overcome difficulties in life. You have a strong desire to succeed and tackle hardships. This makes you survive situations during which many others falter. Such activities and dedication will ultimately lead you to glory. Evidence to prove this is the life line on the author’s hand itself. Starting directly from Jupiter People occupying the highest positions usually have such a life line. They will have the habit of dreaming about success, extraordinary determination and inclination to work very hard. Such persons usually have a distinct and attractive personality. They will wish to grow, improve and earn fame, going to any extent to achieve victory and acceptance. Major successes await them, either immediately or in the near future. About author: M Nandakumar retired from the Indian Administrative Service in 2016. He is a well-known speaker, quiz master and an expert in the fields of numerological predictions, palmistry, ‘tanthra’ and ‘manthra’. Hailing from Ernakulam, Nandakumar now lives in Thiruvananthpuram. Phone: 9495551142, 9496447755. e-mail: Sun, 03 Mar 2019 10:58:02 GMT Read your fortune from bracelet lines on the wrist Check your hand and count the number of bracelet lines. Palmistry attaches much importance to each line and points out its significance. Bracelet lines can be seen at the joint of the palm and arm. They are horizontal and curved. Usually, a maximum of four bracelet lines are seen in people. In fact, the fourth line is a rare occurrence. These lines are reflections of health, longevity and wealth of a person. One bracelet line An important line, it highlights the healthy condition and enterprising nature of the person. If the bracelet line is thick and deep, it suggests that the person will lead a long and healthy life. However, if the line is thin and broken, it means ill health haunts the person. A line having several gaps can be inferred as reproductive problems. Two bracelet lines An unbroken and straight second bracelet line means that the person will enjoy life, along with being wealthy. They are likely to earn more money in future. A thick and deep line is a sign of affluence. People having an irregular line may have to struggle a lot to improve their condition. Three bracelet lines When the third bracelet line is clear and straight, the person will be influential and known for good deeds. Such people will be remembered forever thanks to their actions related to philanthropy. They will be most sincere and responsible at workplace. Top positions in society await them. Four lines A very rare occurrence, it is also known as the luck line. The fourth line is usually an exact copy of the third line. Success in life awaits these persons. Their extraordinary courage would help such people earn the respect of family members and society. Fri, 01 Mar 2019 05:59:33 GMT Where to grow money plant inside house to bring in wealth Money plant is grown inside houses based more on the belief that it would bring in wealth than for decorative purposes. According to scientists, the money plant not only adds to the beauty of the interiors but also purifies the air. All these reasons make the money plant the most preferred greenery in homes. Feng shui, the Chinese vastu sasthra, gives much importance to the money plant. When the plant is placed at the right spot, it attracts luck, say feng shui experts. However, when the position is wrong, it would be bad luck that befalls the residents of the house. Position The ideal spot for the money plant inside the house is the south-east side. This is believed to fill positive energy in the interiors. But the money plant should never be placed at the north-east corner, according to feng shui practitioners as it would collect negative energy. Care of the plant Money plant needs proper care. The best spot for the plant is near windows as sunlight is essential for its growth. The plant is kept in flower pots as well as ornamental bottles filled with water. Experts say that having the plant at the workplace also has several benefits. While having the money plant in the interiors, it should be ensured that sufficient water is provided. In case the plant dries up, it brings negative energy. Feng shui experts consider drying up of money plant as a warning that the wealth in the house could disappear. Many people believe that a money plant would make them rich, even though such a premise is not backed by scientific evidence. However, as mentioned earlier, unless the money plant is placed as per feng shui specifications, wealth is unlikely to flow into the house. Mon, 25 Feb 2019 04:55:16 GMT Wearing a ring on each finger and the result Everyone loves to wear finger ring, be it gold or otherwise. Most people prefer the ornament on the ring finger, but it can also be seen on the thumb, index finger and middle finger. Different results are produced by wearing the ring on each finger. Thumb A ring is worn on the thumb as a fashion trend. When the ring is on the right thumb, wishes will be fulfilled and if it's on the left thumb it will result in agony. Index finger When a ring is present on the index finger, it will help boost leadership qualities. Moreover, it will inspire the wearer to act with confidence in all matters. It is ideal for women to have the ring on their left index finger and for the men on the right. Middle finger On the middle finger, a ring is expected to enhance sincerity and responsible behaviour. It is also a sign on beauty. Ring finger As the ring finger is related to love and courtship, a ring here is believed to improve the warmth between partners in a relationship. This gave rise to the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on this finger. Small finger If a ring is worn on the small finger, it stimulates thinking as well as intelligence. For perfect results, a gold ring is ideal here. Fri, 22 Feb 2019 07:24:52 GMT A wedding at Guruvayur Temple and what it means Hundreds of wedding ceremonies take place at Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple on auspicious days, making it one of the most popular shrines in this regard. It is believed that a wedding conducted at Guruvayur Temple, often referred to as the Vaikunda on Earth, would lead to a long marital life. In addition, the couple would have the blessings of Lord Krishna during their entire life together. Newlyweds are not allowed into the shrine immediately after their wedding. So, the bride and the groom pray to the Lord inside the temple before the wedding. Devotees believe that Guruvayurappan would certainly answer earnest prayers. Most people are familiar with the blessings showered by the Lord on Melpathur, Poonthanam and Kurooramma. Such legends are drawing more and more people to Guruvayur Temple, where the rush of devotees is rising every year. It is believed that the idol at Guruvayur Temple was worshipped by Vasudeva and Devaki in Dwaraka. It was installed at Guruvayur by Brihaspati, the Guru of the Gods and his pupil Vayu Deva, the God of air. As per belief, the idol of Krishna acquires 12 different forms in the course of a day. Some couples offer prayers at the temple every year after their marriage ceremony. Others visit once every month. Krishnanattom is a noted ritual held at Guruvayur which is considered to help devotees fulfill their wishes. Praying during the ‘deeparadhana’ also leads to success in marital life as well as in love. Thu, 21 Feb 2019 06:54:47 GMT The four names of Goddess that should be recited during Pongala Attukal Devi fulfills the wishes of all devotees who pray to the Goddess sincerely. Thousands attest to this fact and suggest offering of the ‘pongala’ ritual to the deity to attain prosperity and achieve their goals. As multitude of women devotees take part in Attukal Pongala on Wednesday here are some interesting aspects of the festival. Concept of the deity The Goddess at Attukal Temple in Thiruvananthapuram is considered to be the teenage form of Kannagi. However, devotees pray to the deity as a divine mother. How long should the fast for offering ‘pongala’ last? Everyone who wishes to offer pongala should observe fasting, ideally for nine days. However, the number of days can be restricted to 7, 5 or 3. How to observe fasting? The fast involves controlling food intake as well as the physical activities and the mind. Prayers have to be offered to the Goddess on all days of fasting. Control on food When prayers are offered sincerely, a devotee may not even feel hungry. No tiredness will be felt. Meals with rice can be had once a day and if feeling hungry, prefer fruits. Fish, meat and addictive substances have to be totally avoided. Purity of mind and body has to be maintained. Clothes and purity Cotton ‘kodi’ clothes are ideal wear while offering the pongala ritual. However, ordinary cotton clothes which are washed can also be preferred. Mind as well as body should be pure while conducting the ritual. Good words, thoughts and deeds should accompany the offering. Women cannot engage in the ritual if they are under menstruation period. They can do so seven days after the last day of the menstrual cycle. If there is a death in the family, the pongala should not be offered for 41 days. Women who have given birth to a child can perform the ritual after 90 days. Method of preparing the hearth A traditional hearth has to be set up on the ground under the hot sun that blazes overhead during the Malayalam month of Kumbham. On it, the pongala has to be offered in a fresh earthen pot. Items needed for the ritual Rice, coconut, jaggery, bananas, honey, ghee, sugar, sugar candy, dried grapes, green gram, cashew nuts and sesame seeds. A lamp is lit in front of the hearth and a vessel filled with paddy is kept before the ritual starts. It is believed that there is presence of the Goddess in the hearth. The lamp and other items are kept accompanied by prayers to the respective family deity and ancestors for deliverance from misery, increase in wealth and overcoming setbacks in property disputes. What inference can be made when the pot boils over? The overflowing of the pot when it boils is considered a good sign. When this takes place towards the East, all wishes will come true. But if the pot overflows in the North direction, delay may occur in fulfilling wishes. But in case the offering boils over to the West or South, it suggests that the adverse situation persists and prayers to the nine planets have to be carried out earnestly. What is the importance of offering ‘mandapputtu’? This offering is made to overcome illnesses affecting the head. This dish is a favourite of the Goddess. What is special about ‘thirali’? This dish is prepared as an offering to propitiate all Gods and Goddesses. Wishes will come true. Can food be taken before the pongala pot boils? No food can be taken before the pot boils on the day of Pongala. In olden times, no eatable item was touched before the pongala ritual was completed. However, considering the health condition of present day devotees, they can have tender coconut water, milk or banana when the offering is ready. Afterwards, they can taste the offering. Can a devotee take bath after pongala? After offering pongala and praying at the temple, avoid a bath that day. As per belief, there is divine presence and fasting has to be observed. Is there is any ban on people belonging to other religions from offering the ritual? There are no restrictions at all in this regard. Only faith matters. What is the significance of using a fresh pot for the ritual? The ego one feels has to be shed while offering the pongala. The pot symbolizes the human body and the offering (payasam) the mind. The divinity in each person is hidden beneath bad qualities such as anger, greed, covetousness, arrogance and unhealthy competition. Pongala is a ritual that virtually boils these aspects and turns them into vapour. Pongala prepared using the eight sacred items (ashtadravya) is considered more divine. The offering seeks to propitiate the eight forms of Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity – Adilakshmi, Gajalakshmi, Vidyalakshmi, Dhanalakshmi, Dhanyalakshmi, Dhairyalakshmi, Santhanalakshmi and Vijayalakshmi. Another point to note is that the rice in the pongala pot has to be offered by facing the East. Can the pot used to offer the ritual be re-used? After the ritual, the pot can be cleaned and used to store rice at home. When preparing rice every day, a little from this pot can also be taken. There is no harm in making rice in the pot. What should be done with the pongala that is made in excess? It has to be distributed among other people. Never discard it in the drain or resort to digging a pit and depositing the pongala in it. If it is dropped in a clear and flowing water body, the pongala will be food for the fish. The offering can be given to animals and birds also. Is offering the ritual at home effective? Certainly. The offering can be made on the premises of the house or institution. What is the connection between pongala and the ‘Pooram’ star? It was on the ‘pooram’ day in the Malayalam month of Kumbham that Mullaveettil Parameswaran Pillai offered pongala to the Goddess for the first time. This was while Kannagi reached Attukal while travelling from Madurai to Kodungallur. Meanwhile, the ‘kappukettu’ ritual is held on Karthika. On every Karthika day, ‘laksharchana’ is offered at the temple. Which are the prayers to be recited while conducting the ritual? Four names of the Goddess mentioned in the Lalitha Sahasranamam have to be recited continuously as the offering is made. The names – ‘pancha kosantharastithaye namah’, ‘payasannapriyaye namah’, ‘sarvamangala mangaleya’ and ‘devi praseede devi praseede’ should be chanted Wed, 20 Feb 2019 06:15:19 GMT Predicting fortune, character from triangles on your palm Triangle formations from intersecting lines on the palm hold a vital clue to the personality and future of a person. The exact shape of triangles and its position can give indications about the person’s character as well. Sukra mandalam ‘Sukra mandalam’ or the area of Venus lies below the ring and middle fingers. If there is a triangle here, such people may be leading simple lives. They may also take care to maintain their living standards. However, in case the triangle here is not of a clear shape, it suggests an immoral life, according to palmistry. Chovva mandalam This is the area of Mars and lies below the little finger. A clearly defined triangle here may mean that the person is a fighter. If you have this sign, it suggests that you have the courage and the ability to tackle any adverse situation. Recognition for acts of bravery will come to you. But if the triangle in this area is not defined well, it may mean that the person lacks courage. Vyazha mandalam The area of Jupiter is below the index finger and persons having a clear triangle here are likely to be diplomatic. They will also be willing to work hard for self-improvement. But if the triangle is not properly defined, arrogance and selfishness may be displayed. Shani mandalam Below the middle finger and above the heart line lies the area of Saturn. People having a well-defined triangle here are likely to be proficient in conducting rituals. However, if the triangle is not clear, it suggests that the person may be a fraud. Soorya mandalam This is the area on the palm below the ring finger and above the heart line. A clear triangle here means that the person may be giving much importance to religious issues and could be great devotees. They will be concerned about the well-being of others also. But a hazy triangle in this area means that the person may find it difficult to succeed in life. Moreover, such a person is likely to face criticism from others. Chandra mandalam Situated on the lowermost area of the palm below the small finger is the region of Moon. In case you have a clear triangle here, an opportunity to be employed abroad and be successful in life is evident. Triangles and different lines » A triangle over the life line suggests a long life. » If the life line and head line join to form a triangle, it is considered much auspicious. » People whose health line and life line intersect to form a triangle would achieve great heights in life, according to palmistry. » If there are breakages in any of the lines forming the triangle, it could mean that the person is selfish and a seeker of pleasure. » Suppose the marriage line on the palm appears as a triangle, it is considered inauspicious. Such people may have to face several hurdles before entering into matrimony. The marital life of such people may also not be a smooth affair. Thu, 14 Feb 2019 07:33:35 GMT Do mango trees in bloom drop a clue on drought? Nature provides us with various signs that give indications about future events. For instance, when the sky becomes overcast and birds fly to their nests, everyone realizes that it would rain soon. There are several such clues in the surroundings that can be studied to foretell upcoming incidents. People of earlier generations in Kerala had noticed that when the bamboos blossom, a drought would be witnessed in the area the following year. Similarly, if the golden shower tree (konna) blooms in February instead of April, it indicates that the hot season has set in and that the mercury would shoot up during the following months. People in Tamil Nadu also follow such beliefs. According to them, if a bumper crop of mango is harvested, a drought would hit the area during the coming year leading to poverty and hunger. However, according to Tamil Nadu natives, if it is tamarind that produces a good yield, prosperity will prevail in the land during the following year. It could be inferred that this knowledge was acquired by the residents of the neighbouring state based on years of experience as both mango as well as tamarind grow abundantly there. At present, mango blossoms have appeared all over Kerala. It is certain that a bumper mango harvest awaits farmers in the state. But one also wonders whether the blooms are not a sign of a severe drought and crop loss during next year. Such premises have no scientific basis, but the people can pray for a normal rainfall and a regular harvest. Author’s contact details: Dr P B Rajesh, Rama Nivas, Poovathum Parambil, Near ESI Dispensary, Eloor East, Udyogamandal PO, Ernakulam – 683501. email: Phone: 9846033337, 0484 2546421. Fri, 08 Feb 2019 08:47:00 GMT The shape of eyes can predict your character Eyes can reveal many aspects of a person’s character. Their movements as well as looks are crucial. Often referred to as the reflection of the mind, eyes give an idea of a person’s thoughts and feelings. Moreover, the shape of eyes also contain clues to personality traits. Large and wide eyes People with such eyes are likely to have a broad mind and are willing to accept different viewpoints. They will also be keen to help other people. Such persons are most likely to be blessed with artistic talents. However, others may take advantage of the people with large and wide eyes as they maintain honesty in relationships. Small eyes Such people will always display their true emotions. They have a special ability to focus on the task at hand and complete it on schedule. They will acquire expertise and excellence in the field of choice. Another trait is their intelligence that helps them foresee matters. However, people with small eyes do not trust others easily and are often accused of being insolent. Almond-shaped eyes Eyes that are a little wide at the middle and joining evenly at both ends like an almond is a sign of beauty. Such persons maintain an alert in all activities. This makes them capable of tackling any adverse situation. Though they may not be willing to express their true feelings, they are good at heart. Round eyes Creative persons, people with round eyes try to engage in activities that they love in order to spread happiness in the world. But they are haunted by different kinds of emotions on various occasions and show a tendency to engage in impractical thoughts. They easily attract the attention of others and are loved by all. Wide space between eyes The space between two eyes is a major pointer to one's personality. Having the space of an eye's length is considered auspicious. However, not all eyes are placed in this manner. It is found that people having a big gap between both eyes are eager to take up new things. They will be the first to follow new trends and fashions. But it is seen that this makes such people struggle to complete their regular daily chores. Still, they can adapt to any new situation and would be broadminded. Eyes placed close to each other It is noticed that people having a very small space between both eyes maintain a conservative attitude. They love to follow the traditional customs in the family and may be unwilling to accept change easily. Their strong points are discipline and determination. This often makes them struggle to achieve success in real life. Mon, 04 Feb 2019 05:11:01 GMT Know the gemstone that can keep your love glowing Diamond is the gemstone one should keep to sustain a love affair and strengthen the relationship. So it makes for an ideal gift for your loved one. According to Western mythology, diamond represents Venus, the goddess of beauty. Indian astrology also supports the view that diamond is a symbol of Venus. Recently, the offering of a diamond-studded crown to Guruvayur Temple had created news. This is the best example for the love shown by a devotee to the Lord. Diamond helps maintain love and also find the ideal match. Wearing a diamond ring during the engagement ceremony has become a tradition these days. It is believed that diamond enhances the wearer’s beauty. Excellence in artistic pursuits can be achieved by wearing diamond. The precious stone can be worn on a ring, chain, earring, locket or nose ring. Changes will be visible in the life of a person from the day he starts wearing it. Ensure that good quality diamond is purchased from a reputed dealer. Always fetching a good resale price, the stone can be returned only to the shop from where it was purchased. So remember that if diamond is bought while travelling abroad, one may have to head to that country to return it. Diamond can be worn for the entire lifespan of a person and can be handed down the generations. The sparkle of the gem stone will remain as long as it is maintained properly. A new trend has emerged in Kerala, which is wearing a diamond ‘mangalsutra’. Women who do not have diamond on their ‘mangalsutra’ are even buying a new one with a diamond. Author details Dr P B Rajesh, Rama Nivas, Poovathum Parambil, Near ESI Dispensary, Eloor East, Udyogamandal PO, Ernakulam – 683501. email: Phone: 9846033337, 0484-2546421 Wed, 30 Jan 2019 07:15:52 GMT Toes can tell the character of a woman According to ‘Lakshana Sasthra’ (astrology), the characters of a person can be learnt not only from the face and hands but also from the feet. The shape of the toes, their length, shape of the feet and size of the toes play a crucial role in the character formation of a person. A brief look at the character science of women’s feet: Big toe shorter than second one In some women, the big toe would be shorter than the next one. Such women are most likely to be reluctant to follow the husband’s wishes. They may also be short-tempered. However, even though they do not obey others, these women could be capable and carry out all necessary tasks on their own. They may have leadership qualities and become noted figures in society. Second toe longer than big toe If the big toe is longer than other toes, the woman is likely to be energetic and hard working. She could have a special ability for multi-tasking. She also has the necessary tact to convey her ideas to others as well as turn her wishes into reality. Such a woman is seen to stick to deadlines and carry out tasks to perfection. She is also most likely to make attempts to earn the goodwill of the spouse. Thu, 24 Jan 2019 06:54:11 GMT Can a change in name as per numerology ring in fortune? Changing a name or adding or dropping a letter from it can make a big difference to a person's life. The perfect example is former President the late A P J Abdul Kalam. It was during his schooldays that his teacher modified Kalam’s name from Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen A K to A P J Abdul Kalam. The name became the initials and the initials the name. The teacher certainly would have wanted his student to reach the topmost levels in every field that he entered. That indeed changed the life of Kalam, who came to the school every day after distributing newspapers early in the morning. A name change can produce amazing effects on a person’s as well as institution’s life. Product names can also be modified along similar lines. Celebrities in the filed of cinema and politicians engage in this exercise often, some openly and others covertly. According to numerology, the name A P J Abdul Kalam translates to the number 37. Each letter is related to a specific numeral and the figure is arrived at in this way. The number 37 is considered lucky. When 3 and 7 are added, the number 10 is obtained. The 1 and 0 of 10 are again added, 1 is the final result. Persons having 1 as the lucky number would reach the top – the number one position in whichever field they enter. This will be a reality even if they start from very humble circumstances. They will reach the peaks in their domain of activity very fast and along with it enjoy a very comfortable life with all luxuries. Artistic talents will also be displayed by them. Needless to say, these people will be famous personalities too. Taking these matters into consideration it can be examined whether your name and those of your kin are lucky according to numerology. If not, suitable alterations can be done for a better life. Author details: Name: Dr P B Rajesh, Address: Rama Nivas, Poovathum Parambil, Near ESI Dispensary, Eloor East, Udyogamandal PO, Ernakulam – 683501. Email: Phone: 9846033337, 0484-2546421. Wed, 23 Jan 2019 06:14:58 GMT 2019 is a lucky year, if you are born on any of these dates The year 2019 is an auspicious, according to numerological calculations. Jupiter is the dominant planet of the year. With Jupiter presently moving through the ‘Vrischikam rasi’, people will be able to overcome adverse situations this year. India was born on the midnight between August 14 and 15, 1947. The nation celebrates August 15 as Independence Day but the astrological influence of both 14 and 15 will impact the course of free India’s destiny. The lucky birth numbers of 14th are 5 and 7, while those of 15th are 6 and 8. As per numerology, the entire benefits of Jupiter may not be felt in India. All good things occurring would be hard-earned. This effect will be felt in politics too. In the face of severe adversities, hard work will produce good results. While making numerological predictions for the year, the numbers 2-1-9 constituting 2019 also need to be considered. If you are going through ‘chandra dasa’ (moon phase), ‘aditya dasa’ (solar phase), ‘chovva dasa’ (Mars phase), ‘vyazha dasa’ (Jupiter phase) or have the star signs Rohini, Atham, Thiruvonam, Karthika, Uthram, Uthradam, Makayiram, Chithira, Avittam, Punartham, Visakham or Pooruruttathi, you may need to exercise self-restraint, work hard and pray to God to make the year advantageous. You will obtain suitable education, spouse, job or house as per your age. If you were born on the first, 10th, 19th or 28th of a month and are under the sun phase, progress will be seen in life depending on the dedication you show. However, care has to be exercised to take matters with equanimity and not to make a problem worse. Caution needs to be maintained if your birth dates are 2, 11, 20 or 29 or in the moon or ‘Rahu’ phase. Otherwise, there may be cause for remorse or overcome by grief you may not carry out your responsibilities. Extra care has to be adopted regarding issues related to foreign affairs. If born on 3, 12, 21 or 30, in Jupiter phase or having 3-9 lucky birth numbers, your situation can improve at lightning speed if Jupiter is strong. However, if Jupiter is weak, you may have to face difficult days. Birth dates 4, 13, 22 and 31 may remember the adage that ‘Mind is the basis of everything’. If this thought is put into action, progress can be witnessed. There is another saying, ‘Don’t waste your time gossiping; do some work.’ It is this thought that needs to be practiced in 2019. In case 5, 14 and 23 are your birth dates, or are in the phase of Mercury, never forget your responsibilities. There was a well-known leader who set apart his life for the good of the world. Once, when he came home, the leader’s aged and sick mother asked him, “You are doing great things which are all very good, but you forgot to bring my medicine. Is that because it was such a bad thing?” A lesson can be learnt from this incident. If responsibilities are fulfilled, 2019 can benefit you. Birth dates 6, 15 and 24 in Venus phase call for self-restraint. Otherwise, your reputation may be lost. This factor has to be kept in mind during the entire year. Recall how Sukracharya lost his eye and Indra attracted a curse after falling prey to emotions. If you were born on 7th, 16th or 25th or in the Ketu or Venus phase, be prepared to face unexpected developments. Ketu does not need a cause to act. Things may go awry without reason this year, changing the course of your life. Eight, 17 and 26 birth dates and the lucky birth number of 8 signify enjoyment of the fruits of hard effort. Work hard, but avoid legal complications. However, with a lucky number of 8, there may be a temptation to be arrogant, which could land you in trouble. Patience pays. Be patient and reap the rewards. Self-restraint is the best policy if your birth date is 9, 18 or 27 or you are in the Mars or Rahu phase. Keeping off traits like valour, arrogance, smartness as well as over-smartness would make 2019 a productive year. Author details: Prof Desikom Raghunathan, Desikom, Near Sastha Temple, Pathamkallu, Nedumangad PO, Thiruvananthapuram – 695541. Ph: 0472281340 Tue, 22 Jan 2019 08:46:05 GMT Relevance of diamond in one's life Sometimes is seen that though some affluent people try to own as much jewellery as they can, may not be possessing a diamond ornament. On the other hand, others, who may not be well-off, can be seen wearing diamond jewellery regularly. It is said that difficulties, one is destined to face in life, can be avoided by wearing a gem. But most people in bad times would give no notice to the matter. “Why waste money on a stone,” would be their contention. But such people will not realize that more money has gone down the drain in other ways. A gem, in fact, offers a path for those who are looking for opportunities and the means for further growth. In a situation where a person fails to complete certain tasks, diamonds help. Similarly, if achievements of colleagues cannot be matched, the gem brings about a difference. Lack of faith in the matter is cited by many as the mainreason for not wearing gems. But as lack of belief does not prevent a person from improving the vision by wearing spectacles, the right precious stone can produce the necessary result. So, it is advisable to wear a diamond as per the horoscope, to bring about better results in one's life. About author Name: Dr P B Rajesh, Address: Rama Nivas, Poovathum Prambil, Near ESI Dispensary, Eloor East, Udyogamandal PO, Ernakulam - 683501 e-mail: Phone: 9846033337, 0484 - 2546421 Fri, 18 Jan 2019 07:17:36 GMT Choosing lucky mobile number as per numerology Most people have more than one mobile number, some of which would be favourable according to numerology. In fact, by checking the mobile numbers many characteristics of the owner can be learned. Take the mobile number 8267110032 for instance. When each digit is added together, the sum 3 would be obtained (8+2+6+7+1+1+0+0+3+2 = 30, 3+0 = 3). By examining this number we can decide whether it is lucky or unlucky. One A very energetic number, ‘one’ increases the positive energy we possess and makes us optimistic. This is the ideal figure for business persons and people who are eager to build a glittering career. However, ‘one’ is not suitable for lovers. Two The most preferable number for people in love, ‘two’ evokes tender feelings, diplomatic behavior and a cooperative attitude. It is best suited for people engaged in sales also. Three This number is related to creativity. Artists and literary persons can choose ‘three’. But ambitious people may avoid this numeral. Four ‘Four’ denotes trust and stability and so is ideal for investment firms and institutions dealing with law. People living in joint families can also choose this number. Five Adventure seekers can go for ‘five’. It is also suitable for independent thinkers, travel lovers and people who prefer living alone. Six People who love a family life may find ‘six’ to be a number that fits them perfectly. The figure gives warmth and strength to family relationships. ‘Six’ also favours people who travel a lot for business purposes, but not those seeking love. Seven Strength and mystery are the characteristics associated with ‘seven’. Students and philosophers are the ideal owners of this figure, which helps maintain a balance in life. Eight The perfect number for those engaged in business, ‘eight’ helps everyone who seeks improvement in their job as well as life. Nine Generally, a lucky number in every way, ‘nine’ symbolizes kindness as well as principles. But it may not favour people having health problems. Sun, 13 Jan 2019 06:03:30 GMT Jewellery and the problem with number 8 in numerology Women usually buy jewellery items like earrings without counting the number of precious or other stones on them. What influence their decision to purchase them are the beauty and design of the ornament. It is, in fact, the designers who decide the number of stones in a jewellery. Earlier, only earrings that had an odd number of stones were available but now that is not the case. It has been found that women who wear ornaments with seven stones and a second stud faced problems in life. In fact, several hardships are posed if there are eight stones in one ear. According to numerology, eight is a problematic number. There is a belief that if the registration number of a vehicle is 8, it may meet with an accident. As a result, many people are reluctant to purchase a vehicle with that number. Incidentally, a businesswoman used to wear earrings with eight stones. She was advised by an astrologer that this was not auspicious. The lady replied that she had no belief in such matters. But soon the woman was arrested in connection with a case filed against her husband. Immediately, she removed the earrings. In another case, a woman received such an earring as a gift for her wedding anniversary. When she wore it, relations with her husband worsened which almost led to divorce. In earrings, the number of stones has to be ideally one, three, five or seven. Many diamond earrings with eight stones are now available. It is better not to purchase them and invite trouble at a high cost. Many women have faced adverse situations over the number of stones. They have now kept such jewellery in the locker or have exchanged it to buy new ones. Earrings with eight stones have also been found to lead to conflict between loved ones and pose hurdles before single people who wish to get married. So, care should be taken regarding this aspect too while choosing earrings. But in case there are numerous tiny stones in an item, they need not be counted. This criterion can be applied while buying rings and lockets also. Author: Dr P B Rajesh, Rama Nivas, Poovathum Parambil, near ESI Dispensary, Eloor East, Udyogamandal PO, Ernakulam 683 501 e mail: Phone: 9846033337, 0484-2546421. Wed, 09 Jan 2019 08:51:49 GMT Place mirror as per vastu and note the effect Everybody takes a look at the mirror at least once each day. But while arranging the interiors care needs to be taken regarding the position of the mirrors. Mirrors reflect all kinds of energy and they should be placed in such a way that only positive energy remains in the house. Otherwise, the residents of the house may face setbacks. The maximum amount of positive energy flows into the house from the east. If a mirror is placed facing east, this beneficial energy would be reflected away and lost. For this reason, fixing mirrors facing east should be avoided. Meanwhile, north is considered the direction where Kubera, the God of wealth, resides. Suppose a mirror is kept facing north, the wealth coming into the house may be scattered away. If mirrors are already present in the house facing east and north, they have to be covered with a cloth. The mirror can be used by removing the cloth but it has to be immediately covered again after the purpose is served. Mirrors should also never be fixed facing the main door, the most important part of a house, as the positive energy coming in may be reflected away. Meanwhile, the wealth of the residents would double if a mirror is placed opposite to the almirah where money is kept. According to Vastu, the ideal position for the money chest in a house is the southeast corner and facing north. A mirror can be placed facing south so that it reflects the chest. Keeping a mirror near the locker would also prove beneficial. On a wall, the mirror has to be 4-5 feet above the floor level. The shape of a mirror has to be rectangle or square, according to vastu. For best results, the mirror needs to have a frame. Another aspect regarding mirrors is that if scratch or dirt is present, they should never have a place in the house. Similarly, remove all cracked mirrors. It has been noticed that in case two mirrors are kept facing each other, problems may arise between family members. The southeast part of a house is considered to be the ‘Agnikone’ (fire angle). So it is not where a mirror should be placed. If the bedrooms have mirrors, they have to be covered before the residents sleep. Other areas which are not ideal for mirrors are behind the cot and sofa. Residents will be blessed with good health if the mirror is fixed on the east or north wall of the bathroom. In many houses, objects emitting positive energy like Laughing Buddha are kept. If mirrors are placed reflecting these articles, positive energy will fill the house. At the same time, mirrors on verandas scatter away the positive energy and should be avoided. According to vastu, the central portion of a house has to be an open area. If mirrors are present in this area, they will reduce bad effects. Many houses have rooms set apart for children. But if mirrors are kept in these rooms, the children’s focus on studies may be diluted. Tue, 08 Jan 2019 07:15:01 GMT Prediction for Malayalam stars in 2019 Here is the prediction for you in the year 2019 as per Malayalam stars. Aswathi Fame and fortune awaits you in the New Year. People who trade in rice or other food grains may have a particularly good time ahead. Your wife and children may be a cause of happiness for you. Yet you may find yourself lethargic and be a source of disturbance for others. If you are diabetic, your disease may be aggravated this year. Your father is also likely to be taken ill. You could do well by practising disciplines such as astrology. Bharani A time to secure your career. If you have been looking to enter the government service as a last-grade clerk, you can expect to pass the recruitment exam this year. You may be in want of constant prodding to get you across daily chores. Your friends may drain your monetary resources. Be careful not to bicker with your father or elder brother. You may be asked to act as a mediator. You are likely to increase your business acumen. You are likely to live a life of luxury. You are likely to be a winner in whichever field you choose. Karthika You are firing on all cylinders. Your search for a top government job may be fruitful this year. You are likely to excel your father's record in generosity. If you are a banker or a chit fund manager, you can expect to reclaim money due to you. If you have been seeking out an alliance, take heart: wedding bells are ringing. You can expect auspicious ceremonies in your family. However, pay extra attention to your married life. You are likely to squabble with your partner. Rohini You couldn't ask for more. Trade and commerce are expected to pick up. People who run textile shops, factories and other businesses can expect to turn in more revenue. Building contractors and other entrepreneurs can also expect to boost their businesses. Students are expected to pass out in flying colours. You are likely to indulge in charitable acts. On the flip side, you may be down with kidney diseases. Your expenses may shoot up. Be wary of extra marital affairs. Makeeriyam You are about to get a lift to your career. If you are a student, count on this week to mark your academic milestone. You are likely to finish all your tasks with contagious energy. You are likely to remain in good terms with your neighbours. If you are a poet, you can expect your works to bring laurels to you. You may be asked to act as a mediator. Trade and commercial activities are expected to pick up. The public sector is also in for a good run. However, be on the side of caution and keep your temper under control. Thiruvathira You have a prosperous period ahead of you. You are likely to join a force such as army or the police. It is a good time to buy gold or vehicles. The stellar arrangements are favourable to movie directors. Students can expect to pass in flying colours. You may finish all our tasks energetically. Factories may turn in more profits. Trade partnerships can expect a wind in their sails. You may be expected to travel all too frequently. Punartham You are on a roll. Your financial stature will improve. If you work with the conservation department, you can expect a lift to your career. You may be delighted to get a pat on the back from influential personalities. Lovebirds can expect to fulfil their promises. You are likely to sell your old vehicle and buy a new one. Men, be wary of tempting affairs. You may prosper in your trade or professions. You can anticipate a rift in your family. Expatriates have a particularly great year ahead. Pooyam If you have been trying to be appointed as a judge or a revenue officer, the year ahead can work wonders for you. Cooks or other professionals in the gastronomy business can expect a flavourful time too. Yet the new year will be a demanding one. Hard work is the key to survival. You have to fend of your lethargic mode. You can expect a visit from the storks. If you are into dance or any other art form, awards and recognition may be on your way. You are likely to rub off the others the wrong way with your harsh words. Ayiliam Art entrepreneurs can expect a lift in the new year. Fame and fortune may multiply for you. Even political leaders have a great time ahead. Your friends may stand by you like a rock. Your opponents will have a run for their money. Your daughters may be source of happiness for you. You can expect a visit from the storks. You may visit great masters to seek guidance. Be wary of indigestion and related diseases. Makam Top government officers can expect to be appointed to key posts such as an ambassador. Comedians can expect a raise and more fame. Travellers may yearn to go to hills and vales. Poets and story writers may be inspired to write. You can expect the company of sincere friends. You are likely to respect your father and elders. Pooram Government officers can expect a promotion and transfer. Trade and commerce sectors are expected to look up. Spice merchants are likely to record more revenue in the year ahead. You may be required to travel often. Comedians can expect more stages to perform. You are likely to be blessed with loyal subordinates. You can expect a visit from the storks. Be wary of thefts. Uthram Fame and fortune await you. You can expect success in your pursuit for a better job. If you are a student, you can expect to pass tests in flying colours. You can expect ample support from loyal subordinates. Contractors and entrepreneurs can expect higher incomes. If you are a self-employed professionals, you may have to travel for work. Company executives can expect wind in their sails. Even public sector employees have great time ahead. You are likely to buy home appliances. Atham A great year ahead for traders and merchants. Building contractors and other self-employed persons can expect favourable winds in their sails. Students may perform brilliantly. Newlywed couples can expect a visit from the storks. You are likely to settle disputes related to ancestral properties after amicable talks. You are likely to do good for the others yet you may be prepared to face some blues. Chithira Your lucky stars are shining bright. You can expect ample support from loyal subordinates. Building contractors and other self-employed persons can expect favourable winds in their sails. You may be in good terms with your mother. You may be expected to stay away from family for some reasons. Writers can expect awards and other recognition. You are stronger physically and mentally. You may be taken ill because of women. Chothi People who work in the arts sectors can expect a boost to their careers. They can even expect awards. You are likely to be more charitable in the year ahead. You are likely to record impressive victories. Trade and commerce sectors are expected to pick up. People who trade in meals such as silver can expect excellent returns. You may mingle in friend circles that do not suit you but you can expect ample support from loyal subordinates. Vishakham The new year brings a time of prosperity for your family. Metal merchants, particularly gold and silver sellers, can expect to add sheen to their businesses. Building contractors and other self-employed persons can expect to increase their incomes. An altogether great time of financial prosperity. You are likely to increase your business acumen. You are also likely to construct a house. Your uncles may face some troubles. Your opponents will have a run for their money. It is a particularly great year if you are someone active in the public sector. Anizham You are firing on all cylinders. You can expect multiple sources of income yet you may find yourself wanting in confidence. Trade and commerce sectors are expected to pick up. You can expect to perform better with the help of sincere women friends. Your sons may be faced with some tough patches in the immediate future. Newlywed couples can expect a visit from the storks. You may find yourself focusing on your academic career. You are likely to treat your mother affectionately. Thrikketta Government officers can expect improvements in their lives. You are likely to finish all your tasks cleverly and daringly. You may endear yourself in your neighbourhood by your smooth talking. Your family will stay blessed. If you are someone who follows your own career path, you may be required to work away from your family. You can expect a visit from the storks. Commerce and agriculture sectors are expected to pick up in the year ahead. Moolam If you have been looking to find a job as a chartered accountant or a company executive the year ahead is a time of wish fulfilment. Students can expect to record a brilliant performance. A particularly great time for arts. You are likely to consult your wife before doing anything important. You can expect revenue from land and property. People who work in trades such as welding and plumbing can expect a good time ahead. Pooradam You can expect to find employment as a clerk or an accountant. Real estate dealers can expect to do brisk business. Iron and steel factories may increase their revenue. So do gas companies and furnaces. Be ready to receive some encouraging news from abroad. Time to go on pilgrimage and temple hopping. Uthradam You can expect all kinds of prosperity in the year ahead. You may be faced with some initial losses but you are likely to compensate for that with your hard work. You will finish all your tasks with vigour. Your father may be a cause of worry for you. You can expect a visit from the storks. You can count on unexpected gains. Agriculture and commerce sectors are expected to pick up. Thiruvonam A time for success and happiness. Your dreams may come true. If you have been seeking out marriage proposals, wedding bells are ringing already. If you have been searching for a job, pack your bags. You may find employment in a faraway town. Your father may be a source of worry for you. You may find yourself talking harshly. Be wary of high fever and dysentery. Avittam New year means you well. Your dreams will come true. Your finances will improve. You are about to go on a progress path that is sure to be the cause of envy. You can count on the counsel of your trusted friends. Your wife and children will mean a world of happiness for you. Retailers or iron and steel have a good time ahead. You may find yourself talking harshly. Your younger brother does not seem to have a comfortable time ahead. Chathayam Your star is on a favourable path. You can expect enviable victories. Government officers can expect promotion and transfer. Trade is expected to get a boost. You will be helped out by loyal subordinates. Participants of competitions can expect victories. Art is on the air. Your children may find suitable life partners. Pooruruttathi You could find employment as a teacher. You will have an opportunity to appreciate your parents. You could count on loyal subordinates. Contractors and other self-employed persons can increase their incomes. You could bridge a rift in the family and reconcile with your relatives. You are sure to receive wise counsel but be wary of friends that do not do you good. A good time ahead for scientists. Uthrattathi If you have been trying to get appointed as a judge or a revenue officer, this is the time for wish fulfillment. You will have an opportunity to play the good host. You will be helped out by loyal subordinates. Trade and commerce sectors are about to get a lift. You are likely to take up large projects and finish them on time. You are likely to lead a life of luxury. You are likely to succeed in whichever field you work in. Political workers may find their popularity soar. Revathi A good time to try for a government job. You are likely to earn handsomely from automobile deals. You may be blessed with a child. You may sell your old vehicle for a new one. Ministers can expect an elevation of status. Students may pass tests in flying colours. You are about to take up large projects and finish them in time. You may have an opportunity to play the good host. You are expected to succeed in whichever you field you work in. Mon, 07 Jan 2019 09:45:09 GMT Zodiac prediction for the month of January When is a good time to seek your goals? Is it time to lie low? Here’s your zodiac prediction for the first month of the New Year. Aries Meda kooru (Stars: Aswathi, Bharani and Karthika 1/4) New Year dawns on a happy note for you. You can expect fame and fortune from multiple avenues. You could step up your efforts to land a government job. Self-employed professionals have a particularly good time. You are likely to work hard this month and you are expected to strike gold, especially if you are working as a contractor. You may find an opportunity to learn arts. Poets and story writers can expect awards. You can count on your friends to help you in your hour of need. Students will pass out with flying colours. Traders can expect their work to pay back rich. They could expect surprise dividends. If you had been applied for a bank loan, it may be on your way. You will be known for your free thinking. You may be required to stay away from house but you are on an earnings spree. You have a lot of work to do. However, you are unlikely to heed your relatives' suggestions. You might bump into expenses related to your sons. It is a good time to visit temples and go on pilgrimages. You will take good care of your mother. You will have an opportunity to take part in a happy ceremony in the family. You are likely to disagree with your wife on several counts. Your children may find suitable partners this month. Take extra caution not to quarrel with your neighbours. Taurus Edava kooru (Stars: Karthika 3/4, Rohini and Makeeriyam 1/2) You couldn't ask for more. Your family is entering a phase of prosperity. Your wife and children have a good time ahead. It is a particularly good time for your wife and mother. You will respect your father and other elders. You may be closer to buying a house. You may exchange your old vehicle for a new one. You can expect a fortune from construction or manufacturing. Cinema or theatre personalities can expect awards. Bankers and chit fund managers can expect to reclaim dues. If You could expect great improvements in your education or employment. You can count on your friends. You are about to be loved as a do-gooder. You may get a chance to share happy moments with your relatives. You will respect your father and other elders. You could expect good news from abroad. If you are into business or commerce, you could make a killer profit. It is a good time to seek out a marriage proposal. A good time for re-marriage. You may be distracted by women. Blood-related discomforts may bog you down. Gemini Midhuna kooru (Stars: Makeeriyam 1/2, Thiruvathira and Punartham 3/4) Your life is entering a phase of prosperity and peace of mind. If you have been looking to join the police or the army, you can expect encouraging news this month. You are expected finish all your tasks energetically. Showbiz professionals also have it good. You may make a name for yourself as a do-gooder, often drawing comparisons with your father. You may nurse a grudge against women. You may be required to be a bit more cautious especially if you are a student. if you are working with work shops and furnaces, your incomes may go up. It is a particularly good time for those who work in the public sector. You could expect ample support from loyal subordinates. Your wife may find a suitable job. Your relatives will be all praise for you. Comedians can expect their popularity to soar. You are entering a phase of financial prosperity and happiness. You may be worried for your parents. You are likely to act in accordance with your wife’s wishes. Your relations with your siblings are looking up. You can also expect a visit from the storks. If you are someone who just finished your studies, you may have a brilliant start to your career this month. The month seems to be particularly good for commerce. Trade is expected to pick up. Beware of indigestion and related diseases. Cancer Karkidaka kooru (Stars: Punartham 1/4, Pooyam and Ayiliyam) Your family is proceeding to a prosperous period. Artists and performers can expect to get a boost to their fame and fortunes. Chefs and other professionals in the gastronomic business have a particularly good time ahead. Owners of textile shops and building contractors can expect good news in the near future. Your business will benefit from your expertise. You have a prosperous period ahead of you. If your work involves metals such as silver, you have all the more reasons to be happy. Jewellers can also expect brisk business. You will talk your way ahead. You will also be considerate to others and even make a few concessions. Your sons may have to face a few headwinds. You can expect a visit from the storks. Your friends may bring good tidings for you. You are likely to get ample support from your subordinates. You are growing strong even physically. You can expect honest counsel. Your progress may be so spectacular that you may be the subject of envy. You can expect earnings from multiple sources. A particularly good time for trade and commerce. You may be stressed out though. Your expenses may go up a bit. Wedding bells may be ringing for you. Your honesty will pay your back richly. Students can expect to pass exams with flying colours. You may encounter some blues too. Leo Chinga kooru (Stars: Makam, Pooram and Uthram 1/4) You are on a roll. Government officers can expect top postings. Ministers can expect to boost their popularity. They might even get better portfolios. A particularly favourable month for academics too. Comedians can also expect to get more stages to perform. Students can expect to pass with flying colours. MBA or similar professional course students can expect to do well in campus recruitment. You are likely to earn from real estate and other businesses such as automobiles. It is a good time to invest in property and houses. People who work in the art, music and dance fields have a particularly good time ahead. Those who have dance or music contests coming up can expect to fare well in those events. You may have to steel your will to tide over difficulties. Your women friends may be of particular help this month. Your children will make you proud. Merchants and traders can expect additional profits. If your trade has something to do with iron or fire, expect brisk business. You may be disturbed by the schemes of your opponents. Couples are advised to be careful with their relations for they are likely to fall into bitter arguments. You are likely to disagree with your father. Do not lose your temper and talk offensively. Beware of diseases of heart and stomach. Virgo Kanni kooru (Stars: Utharam 3/4, Atham and Chithira 1/2) Your dream run continues this month. If you are a clerk or an accountant, your earnings will increase. It is a particularly good time for poets too. People who work in the showbiz, especially cinema and drama, can expect to gain fame and fortune. Yet you may have a hard time finding suitable workers for your enterprise. Students can expect to perform brilliantly. A visit from the storks may be on the cards. You are likely to take up massive projects and complete them too. You seem to be on the way to a pilgrimage or a temple visit. You may buy vehicles and properties. You are expected to mediate in disputes. You are likely to build a house. You may be expected to stay away from your house. Overall the month promises to be a happy time for you. You will excel in whatever work you do. If you are into agriculture, your rewards may not be that great this month. Your public work is about to be rewarded. Your wife and children may be cause of happiness. You can expect a bundle of joy. Keep your blood pressure under control. You may be expected to do charity work. Libra Thula kooru (Stars: Chithira 1/2, Choythi and Visakam 3/4) Hardly anything to complain this month. You may even be rewarded by the government or the civil society for your works. Your health is on the mend. Your finances will get a boost and you will endear yourself with your good acts. You can count on loyal workers to carry your day but do not expect support from your family. Riches are on your way and your progress may be the cause of envy. You can expect peace of mind that lets you have a good night's sleep. If you are a student you can expect to pass exams in flying colours. You are likely to make a profit out of dealings in vehicles. People who work fire or metals have a particularly good time this month. You may buy a set of home appliances. You will endear yourself to other people with your honesty. Your hard work will pay well. You will find your hard work paying off. Your father may be ill. If your job has any international connection, you are in good hands. The stars are particularly benign on commerce this month. Industrial and agricultural sectors are set to improve. You may face some anxious moments because of a delay in diagnosis. Stay away from tempting extramarital affairs. You can expect a visit from the storks. You can expect good news from abroad. Scorpio Virchika kooru (Stars: Visakam1/4, Anizham and Thriketta) Success awaits in multiple fields this month. You are expected to buttress your financial situation. You may have many guests to cater to. You may find yourself indulging in luxuries. Political leaders of the ruling party can hope to boost their popular support. This is a particularly good month for those who work in the public sector. You may do good deeds this month. You can even expect your marriage to consummate but be prepared for a little squabble with your partner. Do not count on support from your father or brothers. Yet you could expect to go on a holiday. You are likely to be respected and your coffers may be fattened. If you are self-employed, you can expect a breakthrough this month. You can expect guests. You may be pleasantly surprised by good news from abroad. Exporters, importers and offshore workers can expect good news. If you had been looking for a life partner for your children, you may not be disappointed. You are inclined to be lazy this month. Your health is on the mend. Education is also expected to get a boost. Sagittarius Dhanu kooru (Stars: Moolam, Pooradam and Uthiradam 1/4) A time for prosperity. If you have been looking for a job as a nurse abroad, this month is likely to expedite your career. Students are expected to pass exams with good marks. Men will have a tough time fighting carnal temptations. Rice and other food grain merchants have a good time. Opposition party leaders are expected to get a boost to their career. You may indulge in charity and go temple hopping. You can expect a spike in expenses. Your friends may cause you lose money and your brothers may bicker with you. You are unlikely to pay heed to the words of your relatives. You may be in for a bit of worry. This is a good time for lovers. You are likely to buy gold this month. Be wary of diabetes. The disease is likely to aggravate. If you have been seeking an alliance, wedding bells are ringing. However, you don’t have an easy time with your relatives. You may choose to sell off your ancestral property. You may get a chance to appreciate arts and literature. You may find yourself climbing up the ladders at your workplace. You would get a chance to appreciate your parents. Capricorn Makara kooru (Stars: Uthiradam 3/4, Thiruvonam and Avittam 1/2) A particularly good time for people who expect to land a job with the central government. If you are into automotive, machine trade or commerce, you can expect the wind in your sails. As a politician, you have a good time ahead. Ministers have a fine period ahead. You may be required to act as a mediator in disputes. You are likely to appreciate your parents but take extra care not to rub your father the wrong way. You are likely to complete all your work with commendable cleverness. You are likely to pay attention to your studies. You could try to build your own house now. Your family has a festive time. Take care so that children do not hurt themselves. You may be inclined to join an opposition political party. You may feel like taking it easy sometimes but your work will not suffer because you are ensured of loyal subordinates. As a builder you are expected to strike gold. Your studies are doing good. But be wary of a loss of face. If you are looking for a pension or other benefits from the government, you may not be disappointed. You may find suitable alliances for your children. Be wary of a little physical discomfort. Take care of your health. Hypertension may be a threat. Aquarius Kumba kooru (Stars: Avittam 1/2, Chathayam and Pooruttathi 3/4) You are about to get a lift to your career. You may shore up your finance by being thrifty. If you are into construction or similar contract-based works, you can expect a boost to your finances. You will do many virtuous acts but you will make yourself a name with your thrift. You may have to stay away from home. If you are a student, count on this month to mark your academic milestone. Students of MBA and other professional course can expect to perform at campus selection. You are in good terms with your mother but you have reasons to worry for your uncles. Be ready for pilgrimages and temple visits. You maybe disturbed by wounds. A particularly good time for entrepreneurs. You are likely to set up your own enterprises away from your present base. Your wife could bring good tidings to you. You may act in tandem with your wife’s wishes. You are likely to be more respectful and even submissive to women. You can expect fame and riches coming your way. You may have to work hard even though you are in a mood to take it easy. You may have to stay away from your family. Women may expect gastric troubles. Pisces Meena kooru (Stars: Pooruttathi 1/4, Uthiruttathi and Revathi) Fame and fortune await you. You can expect success in your pursuit for a better job. Ministers can expect a lift to their career. If you are a student, you can expect to pass tests in flying colours. Scientists have a good time too. Men should focus on their work and resist the temptations of a wayward affair. You may be chosen to lead a community or religious organisation. You can expect good returns from your investments in banks and chit funds. Keep your temper under control You have a particularly good time if your job has something to do with fire or metals. You would be swift to finish your works though you would find little support from your family. You may even drift apart from your family. You are likely to spend a lot for your friends this month. If you are a writer of stories or poems, you can be assured of success. Fame and fortune are your way. Let the entrepreneur in you find his mojo. You can even expect a visit from the storks. Be wary of kidney-related diseases. Sun, 06 Jan 2019 11:25:05 GMT Some astrological tips before buying your new car Most people consult an astrologer before a wedding, purchasing land or building a house. Another crucial decision that can be taken with the help of astrology is buying a vehicle. Apart from the time of making the purchase, several other decisions taken in connection with the vehicle would prove crucial. According to astrology, a car or bike is closely linked to the horoscope of a person. The fourth planet in a person’s horoscope can tell whether he or she would own a vehicle or not. When making a vehicle purchase, the biggest anxiety of the owner would be related to accidents. Astrology says that the erratic behavior of Rahu and Ketu is the cause of mishaps. When both these celestial bodies reach the same path in a horoscope, accidents are likely. Colour of the car Even though the colour of a car depends on the owner’s tastes, remembering a few astrological points would be helpful. Each colour is ideal for a particular person. The colour can be identified by checking the horoscope and position of the moon during birth. A person can also decide the colour of the car by the planet ruling their zodiac sign. Registration number Certain facts have to be taken into account while applying for the registration number of the car. Each person’s lucky number and birth date are linked. For example, if he or she was born on the 16th of a month, the lucky number is 1 + 6 = 7. The ideal registration number of a vehicle can be either the lucky number or 9. In case the registration number is allotted by the authorities, add each digit of the number. If the sum is either the lucky number or 9, the registration number can be chosen. Most fancy number would be giving this result. Take 9999 or 3303 for instance. They give 9. A happy drive awaits owners if this method is followed. Day of vehicle purchase The day of bringing the car home is also crucial. The time of visiting the showroom for taking possession of the vehicle may be decided on the basis of the moon’s position. The ideal time is five days before and an equal period after the full moon day. Another favourable time is 6-10 days before and after the full moon day. But care needs to be taken to avoid taking possession of the vehicle 11-15 days after the full moon day. Suitable time Generally, people are aware that taking possession of a vehicle during the period of ‘Rahu kaalam’ is inauspicious. One-and-a-half hours each day are set aside as Raahu kalam. They are: Sunday – 4.30 pm to 6 pm Monday – 7.30 am to 9 am Tuesday – 3 pm to 4.30 pm Wednesday – 12 noon to 1.30 pm Thursday – 1.30 pm to 3 pm Friday – 10.30 am to 12 noon Saturday – 9 am to 10.30 am Deities in car Keeping tiny idols or figures of deities in vehicles is a common practice. The most suitable God for the purpose is Ganapathy, who is related to Ketu. Vigneshwara can be propitiated to prevent accidents or other dangerous situations. First trip The new vehicle can be taken on its first trip to a place of worship. Driving to a temple dedicated to either Vigneshwara or Hanuman and conducting vehicle ‘puja’ are beneficial. Thu, 03 Jan 2019 09:42:43 GMT Horoscope 2019: What your zodiac signs predict for New Year Aquarius (January 21 – February 18) The planet Saturn rules over your zodiac sign. You are known for honesty and fame awaits you this year. You may be broad-minded but suspicious of others at times. You will always search for truth. However, you may suffer some setbacks. Everybody will like your speech laced with humour and recognize the good heartedness that you reflect. Always willing to help others, you will earn a large number of friends. You are artistically inclined and will guide others. Your ideas will enrich the world. This year will be good for you. While income may increase, responsibilities will also become heavy. New ventures are likely to be launched. Exams will be cleared with top honours. Couples having no children can expect good news in this regard. If you are searching for a job a posting awaits you at the native place. Good health and cordial family life can also be expected. All ventures taken up will be successful. However, a lot of travelling may have to be carried out. Pieces (February 19 – March 20) Ruled by the planet Jupiter, you are a poet, dreamer or a person who knows a secret tactic. Your heart melts for others and so you will be a good doctor. As a person who does not hesitate to donate one’s money, you may wish others to do the same. However, take care not to become a slave to some addiction. While engaging in a task, there may be a tendency to think about the reverse situation. Thankfully, one bad habit that you will never have is laziness. A better year lies ahead and some gains may be obtained, thanks mainly to luck. Tasks sincerely taken up will be successful. If involved in legal issues, the court is likely to rule in your favour. While government officials can expect a transfer to a distant place, job seekers are likely to get a posting. In case you are planning to go abroad, the trip will take place this year. Some care has to be given to health as the work load will increase towards the end of the year. Some unexpected good news also awaits you. Aries (March 21 – April 20) The planet Mars, the God of war, lords over this zodiac sign. So you will be eager to meet any challenge head-on. Fresh ideas will crop up in your mind. As a brave person, you may have a sort of superiority complex. An honest person, others will trust you. Having an open mind, top positions in society can be expected. You are a self-made person. The coming year offers a mixed fortune to you. Property deals can be completed. If you are unmarried, wedding bells will be ringing. However, during the initial part of the year, strenuous efforts may be needed to complete tasks. More care has to be given for financial matters. By the end of the year, good times can be expected. Childless couples can expect a new arrival in their family. Employment abroad is likely to materialize. Taurus (April 21 – May 21) Venus, the Goddess of beauty, rules over this zodiac sign. You are more likely to be an artist as well as a foodie. You may prefer to work at places where money and people are abundant. You will not be short tempered. But when angry, you may find it hard to control the emotion. Keeping the house in an attractive way is one of your good aspects. You are a hard working person and a practical thinker. Though you may take some time to arrive at a decision, you will stick to it. The coming year is expected to bring happy news. Some matters which were pending for a long time will become a reality. In case you are single, wedding bells will ring soon. Minor ailments may trouble often. Financial situation will improve. There is nothing to worry as divine blessings will be strong. However, bad luck can bring some small set-backs. A difficult period awaits you at the end of the year. Students will perform well in exams. New love affairs may develop. Property is likely to be acquired. Job seekers will earn a posting. Gemini (May 22 – June 21) Mercury, the messenger of God, is the ruler of this star sign. This makes you a cheerful person having an ability to make others happy too. Full of energy, you may excel in creative pursuits. As Mercury is the planet influencing intelligence, you will be strong in this regard too. Another unique character you display is two-way thinking. You may be sometimes late in arriving at decisions, but rarely go wrong. You love the company of people and may be spendthrifts. 2019 is not likely to be as favourable a year for you like last year. Money may be in short supply. However, opportunities for a foreign trip are there. Students will join institutions away from the home town. You may have to move to a new house. If you are a government employee, a transfer can be expected. Single persons can look forward to a wedding and estranged couples will be reunited. Partnership business will be profitable. Friends will be helpful. Cancer (June 22 – July 22) Moon, the queen among the planets, reigns over this star sign. You love your family but could be prone to sudden emotional outbursts. You have a knack for achieving impossible goals and get rich. But you may be haunted by a fear of losing your money. You are very clear about your likes and dislikes. Always interested in making money and enjoying sumptuous food, you have a special ability to understand situations beforehand. A new job can be expected during the New Year. Relatives will support you. More sources of income will be available and new positions earned. Prosperity will prevail in the family. Wishes will come true. Your children will excel in studies. However, take care of your health and be alert over interference by enemies. You are likely to purchase a new vehicle. Issueless couples can expect good news. Generally, divine blessings will be present. Business will be expanded and earnings from investments improve. Leo (July 23 – August 23) Sun, the king of the zodiac, lords over this sign. You have a special ability to forgive people who have erred. You will achieve great heights in life and display leadership qualities. Taking up responsibilities, you will carry out tasks on your own. Dealing cautiously with others, faithfulness is your major character. Love and honesty are your strong traits. You will have an interest in arts and sports. However, you may exhibit a superior attitude. Prosperity will prevail in family during the New Year, which will be better than last year in all respects. A new house will come to your possession. If an employee, you can expect a promotion. In case of a job seeker, good news awaits you. Exchange of old vehicle with a new one is likely. Chances of a pleasure trip are seen. Jewellery may be purchased. Praise of superiors will be earned. Students will secure high marks in exams. But take care of enemies. Minor ailments are also likely to bother you. However, with divine blessings, everything will be smooth. Virgo (August 24 – September 23) Mercury is the ruler of this star sign. Leading a disciplined and systematic life, you plan everything in advance and complete your tasks accordingly. You have a critical mind and may hurt others at times. A very intelligent person, you are a good speaker too. Working sincerely, you will be able to guide others. During the New Year, a shift to a new house is on the cards. Unexpected gains await you. But take care to avoid accidents during journeys. Special care has to be given to the health of your mother. By the end of the year, better gains can be expected. Financial situation will improve and a job abroad awaits you. Small investments will lead to big returns. You will enjoy good health and a happy family life. Libra (September 24 – October 23) With planet Venus ruling over this zodiac sign, you have an artistic bend of mind. You will also excel as a mediator. As the balance is the symbol of Libra, you take care not to show favours to any particular person. Diplomatic behaviour is a major trait of yours, but no hesitation will be shown to move away from anyone. Hard work is not one of your virtues. A good year on the financial front, promotions in job can also be expected. Students will clear exams with flying colours and media personnel will be in the limelight. However, colleagues may make things difficult. A dispute may arise with a close relative. If searching for a job, your plans will be realized. The last phase of the year may not be smooth. However, unmarried persons can expect a new life with a partner. Purchase of a new vehicle is likely. Scorpio (October 24 – November 22) The planet Mars rules over this zodiac sign. A born leader, you are also spiritually inclined. You will be faithful to your friends. You have a special ability to foresee future events. However, some of your own actions may later harm you. Don’t expect help from others. You may have a number of enemies but they won’t cause any trouble. Their presence may only lead to anxiety. If you are in the medical field, you will shine. The New Year is beneficial to you. If unmarried, wedding bells will ring. Expenses can be brought under control. Gold ornaments are likely to be purchased. There are chances for buying a new vehicle also. But students may show a lackadaisical attitude towards academics. Job seekers will get a posting. A problem that was bothering you for long is likely to be solved. Ancestral property will come to your possession. The financial situation will be much better towards the end of the year. You will maintain a good health throughout the year. Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) Jupiter is the lord of this star sign, which is also known to favour judges and philosophers. A person set to achieve great heights in life, you will never sit idle. You are also a nature and animal lover. A straightforward person, you are also known for your honesty. You value friendship much. A lover of freedom, your interaction with others will be friendly as well as joyful. A mixed fortune awaits you this year. Expenses will mount. You may go on a pilgrimage and modify your house. But lethargy will be felt for many tasks. Special care has to be given to health. Students should give more attention to academics. A happy event is likely to take place in the family. Things will be much better by year end. Birth of a child is likely. People in love will get married with the support of relatives. Generally, family life will be happy. Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) Saturn rules over this zodiac sign. You are not known to be a very ambitious person and will always act cautiously. But you will work hard and earn a lot of money. Still you may not interact much with others. Due to the influence of Saturn, many of your activities will be slowed down. As a result, the benefits of your actions may be delayed. Most of the time, you will maintain a sad countenance. This is the period when many long-felt needs will be realized. Honours and benefits which were delayed will finally reach you. Income will increase and promotions expected. Jewellery is likely to be purchased. A property that you had considered lost would come to your possession. There are chances for a foreign trip. By the end of the year, expenses will increase. A good period for spiritual activities, you will undertake pilgrimages. But take care of your health. Wed, 02 Jan 2019 04:55:06 GMT Ideal days to visit different temples Religious places are considered to be areas filled with devotion as well as positive energy. A temple is considered to represent the human body. Similar to God’s presence in human body, divinity exists in temples too. Man can lead his mind, intellect and action to goodness only if he can gain mastery over the five senses. Temple visits is said to help a person retract his five senses from evil and direct it towards good. Various organs of the human body are stimulated by different items in a temple. For instance, the radiance of the idol and the light of the lamps have an impact on the eyes; the fragrance of the incense sticks and the camphor on the nose; the ‘theertham’, ‘prasadam’ and the chanting of the God’s name on the tongue; the sound of the temple bells, conch and chanting on the ears; and the sandalwood paste, sacred ash and other items applied on the body on the skin. In other words, offering prayers at a temple stimulates the five senses, removes impure thoughts and fills the mind with positive energy. Many people wonder whether there is a specific day to visit a temple. In fact, prayers can be offered any day at a religious place. However, each deity would have a special day and praying there on that particular day is believed to be very auspicious. Ganapathy The Vinayaka Chaturthy in the month of Chingam and the first Friday of each Malayalam month are considered auspicious for the elephant god. Saraswathy The navarathri season, especially Vijayadasami, is ideal for the Goddess of Learning. Soorya ‘Pathamudayam’ and the first Sunday of the Malayalam months are best to propitiate the Sun God. Shiva It is believed that Lord Shiva will be pleased if prayers are offered at shrines dedicated to the God on the Sivarathri day in Kumbham, Thiruvathira in Dhanu, the ‘pradosha’ day and the first Sundays of the Malayalam months. Devi Special days at Devi temples are the Karthika star in Vrischikam month, Tuesdays and Fridays, ‘Bharani’ in Kumbham month, ‘Pooram’ in Meenam and ‘Bharani’ in Meenam. Subrahmanya The ‘thaipooyam’ day in the Malayalam month of Makaram, ‘shashti’ day of all Malayalam months, ‘skanda shashti’ in the month of Thulam, ‘kapila shashti’ in Kanni and the first Sunday of all Malayalam months are ideal for offering prayers at Subrahmanya temples. Nagaraja The most auspicious days for visiting the shrines of the serpent god are the ‘ayilyam’ day of all Malayalam months, especially the ‘ayilyam’ in Kanni and Thulam. Vishnu It is believed that Lord Vishnu would be pleased if devotees visit the God’s temples on the ‘Ashtami Rohini’ of Chingam month, the first Thursday according to the Malayalam month, on ‘ekadasi’ day, on ‘Thiruvonam’ day, the Kuchela day – the first Wednesday in Dhanu and on Vishu. Sastha Lord Sastha can be propitiated by offering prayers to the god during the ‘mandalam’ season and on Saturdays. Tue, 01 Jan 2019 06:58:14 GMT Infer the character of person from facial features Cheeks can give indications of a person’s character. For instance, a fleshy cheek is a sign of artistic talents and sudden display of emotions. A weak and flat cheek denotes a person who is keen to keep things secretive. A round cheek points to a spiritually-inclined personality and a hollow cheek could mean that the person is either short tempered, depressed or suffering from some disease. Lips There is also a relation between the shape of the lips and a person’s behaviour. Thick lips reflect a happy personality. When the lower lip is thin, such a man or woman would love to be accepted by others and can be trusted. Suppose the lips seem to cut the cheeks, the person is likely to be lazy and selfish. A well-sealed lip indicates a courageous and determined personality. However, those with small lips may not have a soft heart and could act without compassion. In some people, the upper lip would cover the lower lip. They are most likely to have a sterling character and will be optimists. It has been noticed that people with thin lips are reluctant to take up philanthropy and may be even selfish. Heart-shaped lips show that the person has high self-confidence and loves freedom. In a yet another section of the people, the lower lip would cover the upper lip. They may be blessed with creative talents and excel in satire, having the talent to find the faults of others. Jaws Meanwhile, the jaws too have a link with personality. A jaw that lacks flesh shows that the person has a strong personality. But a square jaw indicates reflects courage and short temper. People with a protruding jaw are likely to be greedy. A person with a sharp jaw may be selfish and those with a sharp as well as small jaw are probably eager to be praised by others. In case the jaw is round in shape and protruding the person may display determination, wisdom and farsightedness. Their self-confidence will be reflected in simple and attractive behaviour. A round-shaped jaw suggests an interest in entrepreneurship. Those with a long and square jaw are likely to be competent in financial affairs. In case these people have small and closed lips, they may show no kindness towards others. On the other hand, a square jaw with cleft may mean that the person is brave and short-tempered. A double jaw and large cheeks indicate an optimistic personality and love for good food. Teeth A person’s traits can also be learnt from the shape and number of teeth. If all the 32 teeth are present, it is considered ideal. Thirty teeth is also a good sign. However, in case a person has only 28 teeth, it is not auspicious. If the teeth are even, such people are most probably prosperous. In case a person has long teeth, he or she may be well-off by appearance but is not in reality. Teeth with black marks and / or are uneven reflect a life riddled with numerous problems. Persons with all 32 teeth are likely to be fortunate as well as benevolent. However, money woes may affect those with 30 teeth. People having less than 30 teeth are likely to face severe financial problems. Meanwhile, a long life may await those whose teeth fall off on their own. Women with even and sharp teeth are likely to be lucky in life. Suppose their teeth are milky white in colour and are placed close together, it is considered perfect. In contrast, women with tiny teeth are likely to be unhappy in life. Wed, 26 Dec 2018 07:23:16 GMT Small ears, curved eyebrows; read character from appearance The features of a person indicates his or her character. The size and shape of the forehead, eyes, lips and eyebrows influence a person’s personality and behaviour. In addition, the ears, space between eyes etc. are also good pointers, according to ‘Lakshana sasthra’ in astrology. Ears Small ears indicate respect, discipline and affection. If the lower part of the ear is thick, such people are likely to be emotional. People having small ears will be shy and introverts. These traits will be more pronounced in persons having long and narrow ears. Those sporting medium-sized ears may be energetic and determined personalities. If the ear is big and the lower part fleshy, the person could be strict as well as lovers of pleasure. On the other hand, courage and strength are indicated by a sharp ear. Ears are normally seen at the level of the eyebrows. But in some people it may extend upwards. Such people are likely to be hot-tempered and may carry feelings of revenge. They may even show criminal traits. Meanwhile, if the ears are far from the eyes, the person may be blessed with high intelligence or have artistic talents. Eyebrows There is a crucial link between the eyebrows and personal traits. If they are curved, such persons will be able to judge others easily. Straight eyebrows are a sign of straightforward character. They will adopt a systematic approach and are not likely to become emotional. In case of curved eyebrows people will be capable of managing any difficult situation. They will also have a number of friends and show leadership qualities. Some people have eyebrows that are located further up from the eyes than normal. They are likely to be farsighted and may show proper judgment while taking decisions. Adopting a wait-and-watch attitude, they will acquire new knowledge quickly and use it later when the need arises. When the eyebrows are very close to the eyes, it shows impulsive behaviour. However, such people would be able to take decisions quickly and complete all tasks in advance. They are optimists, but when others contest their stand, they may react incoherently. Lack of patience is their worst character. Nose People have different types of nose and checking its link with behaviour is interesting. The perfect nose is considered to be as long as the width of the forehead. A curved nose signifies determination and commanding powers. In case the tip of the curved nose is bent downwards, the person is likely to be proud and brave. They may not have a sense of humour, but will ensure that they exude charm while carrying out any task. There are many people with a thin nose. They are most likely to show behaviour that is exactly opposite to those with curved nose. Autocratic temperament may also be displayed. If the nose has no curve at all, the person may show patience, kindness, simplicity, fortitude and similar traits. However, they may be dispassionate and unfocussed at times. An open stand on social and religious issues too can be expected. A very high nose that is curved at the tip indicates an extremely active personality. Such people will stay focused and achieve their goals easily. They may face challenges with a pleasure. Some people have a flat nose. They are most likely to be dominating persons who detest simplicity. However, they may excel in literary fields, including poetry. On the other hand, a bent nose is sign of vigorous activity. They are likely to pick fights with others. In case the lips and mouth of these persons are thin, they may be rumour mongers. Fri, 21 Dec 2018 07:36:24 GMT Fixing new year's calendar in the right spot as per vastu With yet another New Year all set to arrive, houses and offices will be receiving fresh calendars. Most people hang the new calendar at the same spot where the previous year’s calendar was displayed. However, Vasthu Sastra specifies certain spots to fix the calendar. A calendar represents a certain time period and a calendar hung from different geographic directions is said to produce varied effects. East A calendar fixed on the Eastern side produces beneficial effects. East represents growth and success. In case the calendar has an image of the rising sun, the gain is expected to multiply. North North is the direction which the God of wealth Kubera presides over. A calendar hung on this side along with a picture having green colour, a waterfall or a wedding photo earns good fortune. West A natural source of energy is believed to exist in the West. Fixing the calendar in this direction is expected to boost business. This makes West the ideal spot to display the calendar in business establishments. South Generally it is thought that attaching the calendar on the South direction is inauspicious. Obstacles in making money and ailments of householder are expected. In short, a calendar can be hung in any direction, except the South. When the calendar is displayed in other areas, the effect will vary. Avoid calendars having the images of carnivorous animals or that which evoke sadness as they produce negative energy. Another spot where a calendar should not be fixed is the area which is clearly visible from the main door. This is considered to block positive energy. The most suitable place to fix the calendar is the wall. It should not be attached behind a door or on the ledge near the window. Thu, 20 Dec 2018 04:37:33 GMT Know why actress Urmila Unni is a staunch Ganesha devotee Belief is a tricky topic to discuss. Many people deny belief in any God, while others are reluctant to speak openly about their religious preferences. However, actress and dancer Urmila Unni stands apart by her boldness to explain her ardent belief in Lord Ganesha. How she became a Ganesha devotee Urmila says her admiration for Ganapathy began as she was person associated with the arts. “Distinct from Mahadeva and Krishna, Ganapathy has several ‘bhavas’ (states of being). There are 32 ‘dhyana slokas’ (stanzas helping devotees meditate on the God) for Ganapathy in Sanskrit and Hindi. It is believed that the God is present in all the 108 ‘karanams’ (actions). As a result, Ganapathy can be painted as a dancer and also as riding a lion. Never taking an angry form, he can be considered as our playmate. Building a house facing a temple is considered inauspicious. But this rule does not apply to temples dedicated to Ganapathy,” explains Urmila. It was around the year 1992 that Urmila developed her deep devotion for Ganapathy. “Once, while travelling through Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu, I saw several sculptures and idols of the God in various poses; sitting, lying down, reading a book and even dancing. Being an artist myself, I was instantly attracted to the sculptures. I was surprised to learn that Ganapathy could have so many states. Immediately, I bought ten Ganapathy idols from there. That was the beginning of my craze for Ganesha idols,” reveals Urmila. A house full of Ganesha idols Urmila feels that receiving a Ganesha idol as gift is something very lucky. “I consider it a blessing of the God whenever I receive it,” she says. The actress never allows dust to gather on her idols. “I myself take time to keep the idols spic and span. But when their number multiplies, I donate them to Sooryakaladi mana, a Ganapathy temple in Kottayam. There, regular rituals are offered to the idols,” says Urmila. Propitiating Ganapathy Urmila reveals that she regularly chants mantras in praise of her favourite deity. “At present, I am learning Ganesha Sahasranamam. All members of our family, including my mother, elder sister and niece – retired actress Samyukta Varma - chant Vishnusahasra namam and Lalithasahasra namam. However, Ganesha Sahasranamam is tougher,” says Urmila. Only by hearing it several times can it be learnt by heart, she adds. Fortunate to visit many temples Being a celebrity in the film field, Urmila gets regular invitations to take part in events related to temples. “Most often, it would be to light a lamp or inaugurate the cultural programmes organized as part of the temple festival,” she says. This has helped Urmila to pray at all major temples in Kerala and also gives her the opportunity to visit several new shrines every year. “Sometimes, I am invited to speak on Hindu traditions. My talk would be a general introduction to the prayers and chants which common people like to hear. I consider it a blessing to get a chance to impart the knowledge I possess in this regard,” says the veteran actress. Ganesha’s grace Everyone knows that Urmila is an ardent devotee of Ganapathy and new entrepreneurs often invite her to inaugurate their ventures. “They request me to pray for their ventures and enable the blessings of Ganesha to benefit their business too. This makes me wonder If I were a personal assistant of the God,” she says. But such incidents make Urmila realize how reverentially people treat her. “Sometimes, I offer ‘pushpanjali’ (offering of flowers to the idol) at my home. I also never set out for a programme without lighting a lamp before Ganesha in my house,” she reveals. The prayer room Interestingly, Urmila’s house does not have a prayer room. “My house is full of idols of various gods and I cannot light a lamp before Ganesha alone. So, I light a lamp on a table placed at a convenient spot and pray. In addition, Ganapathy ‘homam’ is conducted at home every year. Ganapathy ‘pujas’ too are offered regularly,” she says. A childhood belief It was in a ‘pathinaru kettu’ (a palace with 16 sections) where Urmila was born. There was a room in the house where ‘Maha Sudarsanam’, a sacred object, was buried. “It served as a sort of labour room and the children born in the room were believed to earn fame and prosperity,” she discloses. The secret of Urmila’s positivity Every day, Urmila chants the ‘Maha Sudarsana mantra’. “It helps me overcome any obstacle in life and ignore all rumours and insults directed at me,” she says. “I prefer to approach everything with a positive attitude. These chants have supported me to maintain my poise during every crisis I faced,” she adds. “When the mantras are chanted earnestly, a positive aura surrounds you. We need to create this aura with a firm resolve of mind,” is Urmila’s advice. A more devout daughter Uthara Unni, Urmila’s daughter who is also a dancer and actress, is more devout than her mother. “Though she belongs to the new generation, she is a very religious person and has already created the positive aura around her,” says Urmila. “I am amazed at the beautiful manner in which she recites the Vishnusahasra namam. She teaches all her dance students the chanting of ‘nama japam’. I usually chant short mantras but Uthara is adept at reciting long hymns,” says the proud mother. Meanwhile, Urmila is engaged in writing a comprehensive book on Ganesha. She has already completed 18 chapters of the book, which would be the biggest work on the deity in Malayalam. “I consider it a blessing to be able create such a volume,” winds up the multi-talented actress. Tue, 18 Dec 2018 09:35:19 GMT Choose gemstones wisely for a better future Wearing the apt gemstone can change your fortunes. But many people believe that only one gem is suitable for an individual. They may ask an astrologer about the gem that matches their birth star. Others arrive with their horoscope and point out that since they are under the influence of Saturn (kandaka shani) they should be wearing blue sapphire. Another group of people may meet the astrologer after being told by the temple priest that they were going through bad phase astrologically. Still others would want to know their birth stone and lucky stone. But if an astrologer is approached repeatedly, he is likely to suggest different gemstone each time. There are many reasons for this. For instance, if the birthstone is to be learnt, the gem that is related to the ‘lagna lord’ would be suggested by the astrologer. But if the lucky stone is asked, the gem of the ninth house lord (bhavadhipan) would be told. In case the astrologer bases his selection on the ‘dasa’, the gem would be different. Similarly, to overcome bad times like ‘kandaka sani’, ‘sani dasa’ and ‘ezhara sani’, gems like blue sapphire have to be worn. In addition, gemstones can strengthen the weak planets in our horoscope. According to astrologers, this would be more effective. Suppose the influence of Venus on your horoscope is weak, wearing diamond, the gem related to the planet, would change your future for the better. Unmarried persons will enter matrimony and married people will see their relationship with spouse improving. Another benefit of wearing the gem is that your looks would improve. In addition, artists are likely to create a bigger impact in their respective spheres of creativity. If Jupiter also is weak in the horoscope of these people, they may have difficulty in begetting a child. In such a situation gems related to Venus and Jupiter should not be worn together. This is because these two planets are opposing forces and the influence of one planet would be rendered ineffective by the other. So, for the wedding to take place, diamond alone has to be worn first. After marriage, this gemstone needs to be removed and yellow sapphire should be worn till the couple is blessed with a child. However, the position of the planets also has to be taken into account for deciding the gem that can be worn. If the planet is in the adverse position, wearing the gem related to it has to be avoided. Astrologers also suggest wearing ‘navaratnas’ (the nine gems) together in certain situations. For example, when more than one planet is weak it casts a negative influence on all the other planets. Setbacks may occur if the gem connected with the planet which is placed in unfavourable position is worn. When an astrologer suggests wearing a gem among the ‘navaratnas’, he may choose one that would be beneficial but related to a weak planet. Sometimes, more than one gem may have to be worn. In that case, the gem that meets the most urgent need would be prescribed. For example, for a student the gem that helps studies would be suggested. For a person seeking a job the gemstone that helps in this regard should be worn. In such cases, the specific need has to be mentioned to the astrologer. Many people check the internet after an astrologer suggests a gemstone and find that the results do not match. They may think that the astrologer had gone wrong. But the fact is different. An astrologer suggests that more than one stone among the ‘navaratnas’ have to be worn if several planets are weak in your horoscope. Suppose each gem is worn separately, fix one on the ring, another on the locket, yet another on the earring or on the nose stud. There is nothing wrong in consulting more than one astrologer or seeking one expert’s advice several times. If you point out to him that he had suggested different stones on different occasions, he would explain the reasons. Meanwhile, wearing a gemstone is a fashion for a section of people. Others try to show off their gem. Both these are not wrong. Fri, 14 Dec 2018 11:44:04 GMT This green plant is sure to bring good luck and happiness Feng Shui, originating from China, is a pseudoscience which is almost 5000 years old. This ancient architectural practice states that the energy surrounding the universe can positively influence the human beings. Feng Shui has become incredibly popular in India too, where vastu rules play a prominent role while constructing a building. There are many practices in Feng Shui which is believed to bring wealth and good luck. One of the most important among them is keeping a lucky bamboo in homes and offices. More than a decorative feature, lucky bamboo fills the indoor spaces with positive energy. Like the name indicates, the bamboo indeed brings good fortune and luck. The Chinese believe that the lucky bamboo is closely connected with the Wu Xing or the 5 elements. The bamboo itself signifies the tree, while the pebbles in the pot denote the earth. The red ribbon tied around it symbolizes fire while the Chinese coin placed inside the pot or attached on the ribbon signifies the metal. The bamboo is placed in a pot filled with water, which is one of five main elements. It is believed that the lucky bamboo which represents all the forces of the nature can bring fortune and luck. The effect of the Feng Shui may differ depending upon the number of stalks in the lucky bamboo. Usually 1 -10 stalks of the plant are kept inside the house. One stalk represents growth, so it will turn lucky for businessmen/women or entrepreneurs. For a prosperous and successful marriage, lucky bamboo with two stalks should be grown. Three stalks bring peace of mind, fortune and longevity. It is wise to avoid keeping four stalks of lucky bamboo as they are believed to bring bad luck. Six stalks tied together with a red ribbon will surely bring luck and prosperity. Those who are struggling with health issues can keep lucky bamboo with seven stalks for good health and well being of the family. Eight stalks represent growth and ten stalks in a lucky bamboo signify accomplishment or fulfillment. Five and nine stalks of the lucky bamboo are usually not placed indoors. It is important to place the lucky bamboo at appropriate places to achieve the desired effects or good luck. Placing the lucky bamboo in the East would bring good health and keeping it in the South results in good fortune. Fri, 07 Dec 2018 07:01:09 GMT Forehead tells a lot about your character The shape and size of the forehead have a major influence on the behaviour of many people. This helps others to understand the character of the person by looking at his or her forehead. Onmanorama tells you some common types of forehead and their significance. Horizontally shaped forehead without slopes People having such foreheads are most likely to be progressive thinkers. However, they are usually not suitable for jobs which involve much work pressure. These persons try to complete all engagements in a perfect manner. As a result, they may find it difficult to finish emergency tasks. Sloped forehead Quick thinkers, such persons may have a tendency to take action too fast. However, in situations which demand deep thinking, these people may take their own time. Bow shaped forehead Being controlled by others is usually detested by people with such a forehead. Most of them are likely to be engaged in creative pursuits. Artists, these people loathe mathematical sciences. However, they most probably have talent along with intelligence. Small and broad forehead It is believed such people have deep insight as well as imagination and talent. They may prefer acquiring knowledge from experience rather than education. High and slightly wide forehead This is considered the ideal forehead. It is seen that persons blessed with this facial feature are successful in life. The elongated eyebrows denote that they are honest and sincere. Forehead with lines and folds Such people are seen to be keen observers and often engage in research activities. Forehead without lines and folds In contrast to people with lines and folds, those lacking these features may be cold personalities who are selfish and devoid of compassion. Forehead with a perpendicular line between eyes It is believed that such people will have enhanced powers of concentration. Wed, 28 Nov 2018 08:59:14 GMT Make some minor changes at home and see how wealth flows in Everyone loves to usher in prosperity to their homes. By following some simple steps, we can create a situation which is conducive to creating wealth and well being at home. Avoid broken items Broken items like mirror or idol should never be kept at home. Similarly, broken utensils or damaged furniture should be repaired fast. Or else, such furniture shouldn't be used. Remove photos on display A photo or replica of the Taj Mahal is often in many houses. But you may remember that the Taj is not only a symbol of love but also a mausoleum where the body of Mumtaz is interred. Any representative figure of the memorial in a house should be avoided. Similarly, images of war, sinking ship and so on should also be discarded. Pictures of animals, especially ferocious species, in bedrooms will adversely affect family life. Other images to be avoided are those of a crying baby and a solitary bird. Keep out thorny plants Cactus and other thorny plants are not advisable to be kept in the house. But rose plant is an exception as it causes no harm. Say ‘no’ to artificial plants According to Feng shui, keeping artificial plants and flowers in the interiors is not auspicious. Avoid Nataraja idol Another religious object that has to be avoided inside a residential building is the Nataraja idol. Change damaged clocks Attention should also be given to clocks in the house. Immediately remove clocks that do not work and the damaged ones. Domestic appliances that need repair should also be mended or discarded soon. Motors and mixer-grinders that are not in working condition should be taken out of the house immediately. Clear area under cots Many people consider the space under the cot as a storage area. But nothing has to be kept there, not even footwear. Another suitable place has to be identified for such items. Main door The colour of the main door of a house also merits attention. Black colour has to be avoided at any cost. With such minor rearrangements, you can witness wealth and prosperity coming in. These tips can be also be shared with others facing financial issues. Author details Dr P B Rajesh Rama Nivas, Poovathum Parambil, Near ESI Dispensary, Eloor East, Udyogamandal PO, Ernakulam – 683501 Email: Phone: 9846033337, 0484-2546421 Wed, 21 Nov 2018 10:21:39 GMT There is a lot in a name, even your fate and fortune There exists a close link between a person’s name and the fame he or she achieves in life. It is believed a person's fate and fortune is largely dependent on his or her name. By the influence of the magnetic power associated with a name, negative factors in life can be kept at bay. In addition, such a person can venture into new fields of activity. For instance, the transformation of Narendranath when he became Swami Vivekanananda is sparkling. But one needs to be lucky to be given such a good name. A name that brings fame has to match the date, year and star sign of a child. Each of these aspects needs to be studied thoroughly before giving the newborn a name that radiates energy. As per the law a child’s name has to be registered with the relevant government body within a few days of its birth. But many people feel later that they should change the child’s name as it grows up. To avoid such a situation, the couple needs to prepare a list of female and male names for their baby before its birth. With this list, they can approach an expert in name prediction and select the apt name as soon as the baby is born. When this name registered, legal hassles can be avoided later. More examples of the importance of names can be obtained from history and epics. Lives changed when Padmanabha Pillai became Mannathu Padmanbhan, Nanu Asan turned Sree Narayana Guru and Kunjan Pillai took on the name of Vidyadhiraja Swami. In mythology too, names can be seen closely linked to the fortunes of a person. Sakuni, Aswathama, Khadolkacha, Mandhara, Kamsa and Kumbhakarna can be remembered to notice how their name and actions influenced each other. Yet another striking example is Pareekshit, son of Abhimanyu. His entire life was a ‘pareeksha’, a test. When in the womb, Aswathama directed the deadly weapon ‘Brahmasthra’ at him, but Pareekshit was saved by Lord Krishna, who destroyed the Brahmastra with his ‘Chakrayudha’. Pareekshit had to take over heavy responsibilities of ruling the country after his grandparents, the Pandavas, abdicated and left for the forest. Once Pareekshit was wandering in a forest. Exhausted of thirst and hunger he saw a sage meditating under a tree. The king pleaded with the sage for water, but neither did he get water nor did the sage utter a word in response. Enraged, Pareekshit took a dead snake and hung it on the sage's neck. The hermit woke up from meditation and cursed the king that he would die of a bite from the snake Thaksha. Pareekshit would undergo another trial. In this case, Shuka, the son of Sage Vyasa, approached Pareekshit and conducted the first public discourse on the Bhagavatha (Bhagavatha sathram). This was not aimed at avoiding Pareekshit’s inevitable death, but to fix his mind on devotion and equanimity and overcoming the curse and sin. Note Shuka’s name also. It means a parrot, a bird which is known for its attractive speech. But he led a lonely life and finally merged with the creator, achieving salvation. We realise that a name and fate of a person are interlinked. Parents can ensure a fruitful life for their child by selecting the apt name for them. Fri, 09 Nov 2018 04:34:24 GMT Things you should know before wearing a navratna ring The practice of wearing jewellery encrusted with the Navratnas is widely popular in almost all parts of India. Navratnas or the nine gemstones represent the nine planets on which Indian astrology is based. The most common piece of Navratna-adorned jewellery is the Navratna ring. The popularity of the ring has also been marred by blemishes. On the one hand, wearing the nine gems together is believed to attract good vibes from all the nine plants. Critics, however, point out that the combination of certain gems can be problematic. The placement of the stones on a ring should be in accordance with ‘vastu’ principles. The ruling deity, direction, stone and the corresponding planet is as follows: Inshanya corner –Northeast – Emerald – Mercury (Budha) Indra – East – Diamond – Venus (Sukra) Agni – Southeast – Pearl – Moon Kubera – North – Yellow Saphire – Jupiter Wind – Northwest – Cat’s Eye – Ketu Sun – Brahmasthan – Ruby – Ravi Yama – South – Red Coral – Mars Varuna – West – Blue Sapphire – Saturn Niruthi corner – Southwest – Garnet – Rahu The gemstones should be in the above order when the person wearing the ring extends his hand towards the east. The diamond, emerald and pearl should point towards the wearer’s nail and the sapphire towards the body. Emerald The bluish green stone is associated with the planet Mercury, which plays a vital role in aspects like education, intellectual abilities, mental alertness and communication skills. The stone is placed in the ishanya corner since Mercury is the ruling deity of the Northeast direction. Diamond Diamond is placed in the space corresponding to that of Indra, King of the Devaloka. Diamond attracts power, wealth and marital bliss. Pearl Peace, mental well-being, motherly affections and a general sense of happiness is to prevail where the moon is worshipped. The intensity of Agni (Fire God), which rules the direction of southeast, is mellowed down by the presence of moonstone or pearl. Yellow Saphire North is the direction of Kubera, the God of Wealth. Prosperity and luck are attributed to the direction, both of which are enhanced by the ruling planet, Jupiter. Yellow Saphire attracts the qualities of Jupiter such as wisdom, judgement, jocundity, enthusiasm and so on. Ruby Ruby, which represents the Sun, is placed at the centre of all Navratna rings, with the rest of the gemstones surrounding it. The design is modelled on the solar system and Ruby takes the vital position called ‘Brahmasthana’. Just as the Sun, Ruby is considered as a source of energy, power, longevity and success. Red Coral South denotes the position of Mars. According to myth, Lord Shiva sent Karthikeya to the South to slay the asuras. Red coral, associated with the planet, is worn to ward off the doshas in this direction. Physical strength and beauty, agility and happy marriages are the attributes associated with Red Coral. The ruling deity of the direction is Yama. Cat’s Eye Ketu, the planet associated with knowledge and spiritual awakening, is represented by Cat’s Eye. Wearing the ring stone as part of the Navratna ring is highly beneficial for people who do not have well-placed Ketu in their ‘jataka’. Ketu also represents the snake and has the power to affect an individual’s life substantially. Wearing the stone will safeguard them from scandals and bad reputation. Blue Saphire Ruled by Lord Varuna, the direction of the West is associated with the planet of Saturn. Blue Saphire can cure all doshas associated with Saturn. Grosular Garnet Southeast is the direction of Rahu. The southeast corner is named after the asura called Nairuthi. Garnet can tap into Rahu’s quality of attracting power, fame, legal and political success. The doshas related to Rahu such as excessive worldly desires, hindrances to conjugal relationship and marital discord can be cast off by wearing Garnet. General rules for wearing Navratna ring Diamond is considered as the most powerful stone among the Navratnas. It is advisable to wear the ring for the first time on Friday which corresponds to the associated planet of Venus. The ring can be worn within the first hour of sunrise on ‘shukla paksha’ days. Sunday mornings are also considered auspicious for wearing the ring for the first time. On both days, the sunrise hours between 5am and 7am is ideal for a wearing Navratna ring. If the Navrtana ring does not bring you good results, or, in the worst case, causes problems in your life, then it may be wise to consider the following aspects: » gemstones maybe arranged in the wrong order on the ring »The planet Venus, represented by diamond - the most powerful stone in the ring – maybe not be in your favour as per your ‘jataka’ » The doshas from Sun can render Navratna ring powerless » You may be wearing the ring in the wrong way. For instance, the Blue Saphire should point towards your body and not your nails. Fri, 02 Nov 2018 11:11:52 GMT Do money plants bring wealth? Find the best spot Money plant is commonly seen in most houses and enjoys an important status according to Feng Shui. The plant is believed to bring luck and wealth to the residents of the houses where it is kept. Suitable for growing outdoors as well as indoors, money plant also plays an important role in purifying the air. Though it attracts wealth, care has to be taken regarding the place where the plant is kept in or around the house. Positioning the plants wrongly may cause setbacks. The best spot to grow the money plant at home is the south-east side. Avoid keeping it on the north-east side as the health of the family members may be affected. If money plant is grown on the east and west sides of the house, differences of opinion may crop up between the couple who live there. Another point to note is that the money plant should never be allowed to wilt and dry up. Do not keep it at a place where direct sunlight falls. Take care of the plant every day. Also, never allow anybody from outside the house to prune or cut the plant. If it grows healthily, the plant is believed to bring much money to the house. According to Vaastu Sasthra, more than the wealth that it attracts, the money plant is considered important for being a source of much positive energy. This makes the plant ideal for growing not only inside the house, but also at workplaces. Wed, 31 Oct 2018 04:10:29 GMT When should one wear yellow sapphire? The gemstone yellow sapphire can enhance the beneficial effects of Jupiter. The gem has the powers to strengthen the causative effects of the influence of this planet. When can you wear yellow sapphire? If your birth star comes under Dhanu, Meenam, Karkidakam or Kumbham, this gem can be worn when Jupiter is stronger than the other planets When the planet is in the Medam, Vrishchikam, Dhanu, Meenam, Karkidakam or Kumbham ‘rasis’ People born under the star signs Punartham, Visakham or Pooruruttathi If your sign is Pooyam and were born on Thursday When Sun and Moon align with Jupiter in your horoscope If Jupiter is in ‘Mahadasa’ or ‘Apaharam’ Star signs and yellow sapphire If your ‘lagnam’ is Medam, this gem can be worn as Jupiter will bring luck. Money, mental peace, respect and increase in knowledge will come to you. Karkidakam is also good for Jupiter. For Vrischikam, Dhanu and Meenam too Jupiter is favourable. But for the other 'lagnams,' the planet need not be beneficial. Ways to identify fake yellow sapphire Less sparkle: If the gemstone does not sparkle much, it could be a fake. Wearing it may harm your health and invite enmity from relatives. Web: Look at the interior of the gem. If a web-like formation is seen, avoid wearing the stone as it is not good for your kids. You may also develop abdominal diseases Milky appearance: If a milky appearance is seen in the gemstone, it may be the cause of injuries to your body Spots: Avoid yellow sapphire stones have spots or dots as disease, sadness etc. may follow Golden colour: If the yellow sapphire has a golden appearance, it may cause health issues Red dot: If this is visible, the wearer may face loss of wealth and property Black dot: If a yellow sapphire with black dot is worn, loss will occur due to animals like cow and damage to vehicles How to identify good quality yellow sapphire When pure, blemish-less yellow sapphire is kept under the sun on a white cloth, yellow rays will spread on the cloth Immerse a good gemstone in milk for two days. Its lustre will remain the same It is believed that when good yellow sapphire is placed over injuries caused by poisonous creatures, the effect of the poison will be negated When a real yellow sapphire is rubbed on a grindstone, its sparkle will increase Fake gemstone will have the shine of a mirror Fri, 26 Oct 2018 08:21:38 GMT See fingers and know the person Just like reading the lines on one’s palm, the personality of a person can be predicted by observing the length of fingers as well. Experts say that people with long, slender fingers like to make friends and would approach issues with patience and restraint. However, those with short fingers wouldn’t hesitate to openly speak out their minds without bothering what others would think about them. Besides, they are likely to be short tempered and tend to get angry even at the slightest provocation. The little fingers are usually the smallest ones for most people. However, in some people the little finger would be as long as the ring finger or longer than that. They would have a great sense of humor and would perceive any matter with easiness. Those with the ring finger longer than the index finger would be adventure enthusiasts and value family relationships with great reverence. They are sensitive and would enjoy comfortable economic status as well. They would stand out for their physical beauty. Though they get angry very easily, they, however, would relax instantly and forget about all the unpleasant things they may have said in anger. Extremely honest, they would enjoy successful careers as well. Impeccable leadership qualities are displayed by people who have their index finger longer than the ring finger. They would always try to solve problems by approaching it in a rational way. They are honest and extremely optimistic. Those with their index finger and ring finger in the same heights have the capability to find an amazing balance between their personal and family lives. Wed, 24 Oct 2018 04:24:29 GMT Check these vastu tips to place almirah, set kitchen Owning a house is sure among the top goals in every person’s life. When the dream home finally comes up in brick and mortar, we imagine life unfolding there like in the movies. But it isn’t unusual for families to complain about how the stress of building a house and shifting has taken a toll on the imagined happiness. A vital reason why this happens could be vastu dosha or disturbances in the equilibrium created by the elements of nature. Bringing certain basic vastu principles in alliance can help channel peace and harmony into your homes and hearts. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an old one, vastu lays down certain rules about placing almirahs and shelves containing money and jewelry. Such almirahs, cupboards and shelves should face the east or the north. If this is not possible, an alternative is to place the cupboards in the southwest or the south and place the door to the room in such a way that it opens towards the north. Adhering to this vastu stipulation will enable the flow of wealth into your home. The northeast part of the house should ideally be left open and clutter-free. Avoid noisy activities in this space. The northern region should never have stairs that lead to an upper floor. Neither should this direction be the location of toilets and kitchen. Leaking faucets are a strict no-no in any home. Get them fixed at the earliest if they stubbornly let water drip from them even after closing. With leaking faucets around you might notice your purse draining out too quickly despite of your earning well. The southeast region of the house is called the agni/agneya corner. This is the designated spot in any home for the kitchen. Food prepared in the agneya corner of the home will be suffused with positive energy which is bound to reflect in the general health and demeanour of the people eating it. An auspicious agneya corner in a house will also bring financial prosperity to the residents. On the other hand, setting up the kitchen in the northwest corner is considered inauspicious. This will cause deterioration in health and relationships. The northwest corner is a good spot to store goods and articles that the family uses frequently. This will aid in making help available when necessary for the members of the family. vastu sastra assigns the northwest corner to the family deity or ‘kula devata’. If this corner is maintained clean and well-lighted, the family will experience grace and blessings being bestowed on them. The governing deity of the northeast corner is Lord Shiva according to vastu sastra. This area is called the Ishanya corner and is considered as the most auspicious of the eight corners. While building a house, assigning proper importance to this energy centre will go a long way in bringing prosperity into the lives of family members. It is advisable to set up a pooja space in this corner with importance to Lord Shiva. The home should ideally have a pooja space, even if it is not located in the Ishanya corner. The southwest corner of the house, which represents the earth element, denotes stability. Tools, heavy furniture and other household items can be arranged neatly in this area. By keeping this corner heavier than the other corners, you will be able to strike a balance in the flow of energy. You can include items that represent the earth element to help the accumulation of positive energy in this region. The southwest corner of the house represents love, marriage and stability of relationships. Imbalances in this region can sour relationships and create stress in the minds of family members. Keeping this corner clean, well-lighted and adorned with earthy elements and colours will strengthen relationships and heighten the feelings of harmony among family members. Wed, 17 Oct 2018 11:52:37 GMT Navarathri ‘vratham’ to propitiate Supreme Goddess Navarathri, which translates as nine nights, is the time to propitiate the nine forms of the Supreme Goddess (Adi Parashakti) over as many days. Observing a fast during Navarathri (Navarathri ‘vratham’) is the ideal way of offering prayers to the Goddess and seeking the divinity’s blessings. The fast has to start in the month of Kanni according to the Malayalam calendar on the day after the new moon day (Amavasi). In other words, the first nine days of the bright lunar fortnight are the Navarathri days. This year, the fast has to start on Wednesday, October 10. The first three days of the Navarathri festival are dedicated to Parvathy Devi, the next three days to Lakshmi Devi and the last three days to Saraswathy Devi. The Supreme Goddess is also revered as Durga on the Durgashtami Day, as Lakshmi on Mahnavami Day and as Saraswathy on Vijayadasami Day. It is believed that people under the influence of Moon (Chandra dasa), Mars (Chovva dasa) and Venus (Sukra dasa) can overcome their difficulties by observing the fast. There is a misconception that only students need to observe the Navarathri fast. In fact, people of any age can do so for seeking the blessings of the Supreme Mother. Those who are unable to fast on all nine days can observe the ritual for 7, 5, 3 or one days. In Kerala, the seventh, eighth and ninth day are given much importance and many devotees observe the fast on these three days. Still, fasting on all the nine days is considered ideal. Navarathri is the occasion for cleansing the body and mind by fasting. Devotees observing the fast may wake up early before dawn, carry out their morning ablutions and light a traditional lamp. They have to then recite prayers dedicated to the Goddess. The most preferred prayer is the chanting of Lalitha Sahasra Namam. During the Navarathri, avoid eating fish and meat. Rice or food items made of rice may be taken only once a day. Apart from food, purity should be ensured in speech and actions. Devotees may pray at a Devi temple immediately after a bath on all the nine days, to invite divine grace. It is believed that when the Goddess is pleased through the Navarathri fast, devotees can obtain wealth, prosperity and success. Wed, 10 Oct 2018 10:32:18 GMT Jupiter transit and predicted changes on your zodiac signs Come October 11 and Jupiter will enter the Scorpio zodiac. Jupiter's entry into Mars's sphere is expected to be benevolent because the planets are considered compatible. The transition starts at 6.30 pm on Thursday. Jupiter will move to Sagittarius between March 29 and April 23 before turning back to Scorpio. It will enter Sagittarius on November 5. Let us see how these changes will affect different zodiac signs. Aries Meda kooru (Stars: Aswathi, Bharani and Karthika 1/4) The realignments of Jupiter do not augur well for people who count Aries as their zodiac sign. The bad effects are particularly visible on the financial front. Beware of debt traps. Take care of your health. Forgotten diseases may reemerge. Do not jump into conclusions and land in trouble. The higher you are the greater the fall is going to be. Try to avoid untimely travels, hasty drives and untimely house visits. You may be insulted publicly. If you plan to participate in competitive exams this year, be vigilant. It is not advisable to perform auspicious rituals between March and May of 2019. If such ceremonies are unavoidable, do them after performing suitable remedies. However, some people could expect a windfall. Chit funds or lotteries could surprise you. Legal hurdles, hospital stays and defamation cannot be ruled out. Include lentils in your diet and worship Vishnu and his avatars. It is advisable to worship Dakshinamoorthi in the Tiruchendur temple in Tamil Nadu. Taurus Edava kooru (Stars: Karthika 3/4, Rohini and Makeeriyam 1/2) The period of Jupiter's transitions is a good time to conduct marriages. You could expect to pass exams in flying colours or build a house. A visit from the storks may be on the cards. The planetary realignments could also lead to unexpected monetary rewards, overseas travel, promotions at workplace or favourable transfers. Overall this is a favourable period. If you have been wanting to consummate your marriage, you could step up your efforts by offering worships and pujas. You can expect favourable verdicts in disputes related to the sharing of ancestral properties and other litigation. Medical treatment may have the desired results. Your love affairs could bloom into marriage as obstacles are cleared. It is a good idea to recite Bhagavatham and offer palpayasam to Sre Krishna. Gemini Midhuna kooru (Stars: Makeeriyam 1/2, Thiruvathira and Punartham 3/4) Time to be cautious if Gemini is your zodiac sign. Diseases, hospital stays, legal troubles, police interaction, defamation and involvement with undesirable matters may be on the cards. Stay away from unnecessary adventures because you are inclined to meet with accidents. You may be at the receiving end of the ire of your elders and teachers. You may be the target of political vendetta. You may lose litigation. Be prepared for a fall from grace. You can even expect attacks by venomous creatures. You may be required to spend a lot of money on your children's medical treatment. Medical treatment could go awry. You may be saddened by the departure of your parents and teachers. Greed could land you in further trouble. Worship Vishnu and his avatars. Dhanwanthari puja could keep your spirits up. Eat more carrots and chickpeas and wear yellow dress. Cancer Karkidaka kooru (Stars: Punartham 1/4, Pooyam and Ayiliyam) You have a good time ahead. You are closer to marrying your sweetheart. The coming months are most suited for organising marriages. You could explore new avenues of earnings. You could embark on new academic pursuits. Competitive exams may be a cakewalk. Expect to be rewarded with lotteries or chit funds. Court cases may be judged in your favour. Your standard of life is expected to go up. Social recognition and even rewards are on the cards. This is a time when your efforts are going to pay. You can boost your chances by making offerings to Lord Vishnu and stepping up charity. Leo Chinga kooru (Stars: Makam, Pooram and Uthram 1/4) The changes planetary positions present a mixed bag for Leos. You may be expected to start house construction or at least set in motion the process. You may be dragged into disputes between your relatives. Even legal ones. You may be required to act as a mediator in disputes related to financial affairs which are likely to be a thorn in the flesh. If you had acted as a guarantor for loans, you may be in trouble. You may find yourself in soup because of your previous associations in life. You will yearn to go on a pilgrimage. You may find yourself in an embarrassing situations related to your mother's family. You may exchange your vehicle for a new one. The auto enthusiast in you may become restless. Worship Narasimhamoorthi or Varahamoorthi. Visit Vishnu temples on Thursdays. Virgo Kanni kooru (Stars: Utharam 3/4, Atham and Chithira 1/2) Be careful with your words and deeds. Broken promises may lead to personal problems. You may be taken ill with diseases related to your neck, including tonsillitis or thyroid problem. You may have reasons to bicker with your friends and family members. Jupiter's change of positions does not augur well for your siblings. You may find yourself unnecessarily competitive. You may be perceived as a public enemy. You may put yourself in an unenviable position by offering to act as a mediator in disputes. You may be the target of various allegations and counter allegations. You may be saddened by the departure of your elders or teachers. You may break up with friends due to your uncompromising stands. Keep your expenses tightly under control. Worship Sri Ram or Parasuram. Libra Thula kooru (Stars: Chithira 1/2, Choythi and Visakam 3/4) The movement in the skies means a time of financial prosperity. You can count on chit funds and lotteries to fatten your purse. You can also expect to lay claim on ancestral properties. You might even come victorious in court litigation. A promotion at your workplace or a change of job may be on the cards. You can also expect to win over your love interest or marry your sweetheart. A visit from the storks may be likely. Friends may call on you. Your works may be recognised by the government and the civil society. You could buy a property or a house or a new vehicle. You can avail of a bank loan. You may be able to close previous loans. But do not let your success get into your head. That will lead to your downfall. Overconfidence and overeating may prove detrimental to you. This is a favourable time for you. You may be able to finish works that had been pending for a long time. Recite from Narayaneeyam, Jnanappana and Vishnusahasranamam and worship Lord Krishna. Scorpio Virchika kooru (Stars: Visakam1/4, Anizham and Thriketta) You have a few headwinds. You may be left worried over some affairs. You may not be in great terms with your folks. Your colleagues may distrust and even detest you. Prepare for some backlashes at the workplace. Your superiors may not be all ears for you anymore. You are likely to bicker with women. Legal troubles, financial setbacks and thefts may bog you down. Your uncompromising attitude may lead you to trouble. You may land yourself in trouble by challenging the mighty. Stress and forgetfulness may disturb you. As a remedy, worship Hanuman every Thursday. Offer Sahasranamarchana and palpayasam naivedyam to Lord Krishna. Be on alert at least until November 5, 2019. Sagittarius Dhanu kooru (Stars: Moolam, Pooradam and Uthiradam 1/4) You may put your money on undesirable affairs. You may have to abandon your post and move to safer havens. Foreign travels may bump into troubles. Legal proceedings may be a cause of heartburn. The debts incurred by your ancestors may bog you down. Be prepared for a revenue recovery in the worst case. You can expect to stay in and out of hospitals either as a patient or a bystander. You may be worried by the illnesses of your relatives. You may be required to go on useless travels and your time is accident-prone. You may end up losing money, gold, silk or other valuables. You may land yourself in trouble when you go to testify in a court of law. You have to get involved with the police as a guarantor for an accused. Your marriage seems to be on the rocks. You may have to scrap contracts. However, if your jatakam has a favourable Jupiter, you may be immune to many of these maladies. Make offerings to Narasimha. Pray to Lord Krishna. Capricorn Makara kooru (Stars: Uthiradam 3/4, Thiruvonam and Avittam 1/2) Rejoice for happy days are here to stay. You can expect to achieve something you have been planning for a long time. You can expect a favourable ruling from the authorities. Your family may finally approve of your proposal. You could expect to win over your love interest. Marriage seems to be on the cards. You can also expect to build a house or sell property. You may buy a new vehicle. You could win in competitive exams. You can expect a promotion at workplace. If you had been estranged with your partner, a patch-up is on the anvil. You could expect courts to rule in your favour. Political affairs may be good for you. Power is up for grabs. Your success is dependent on your hard work. Worship Lord Vishnu to boost your chances. Visit legendary Vaishnava temples and offer puja. Aquarius Kumba kooru (Stars: Avittam 1/2, Chathayam and Pooruttathi 3/4) Aquarians are likely to change jobs. You may get your share of the ancestral property and move out. You may even wind up a partnership in a firm. You may be resign from your official position. Foreign travel is on the cards. You may be required to shift your residence for some purpose, including the education of your children. You may have to fly abroad to make some inquiries regarding your relatives. You may have shoulder the expenses of a funeral of a relative. Hospital expenses can also come up. You may encounter tax-related issues. This is a time to be extra careful about your work. Pray to Lord Krishna to keep you safe. Make offerings to Narasimha. Recite Vishnu prayers on Thursdays. Wear yellow dresses. Pisces Meena kooru (Stars: Pooruttathi 1/4, Uthiruttathi and Revathi) If Pisces is your zodiac sign, the planetary movements augur you well. Your hardships will be compensated in this phase. You can look forward to a festive time in your house. Your health is on the mend. You are likely to construct a house or buy a new vehicle. Be prepared for a visit from the storks. Your work will pay back richly. You may go on a picnic or attend a party. You are likely to make it big in the stock market, chit funds or lottery. Yet the Kandakasani may eclipse your good run. As a remedy, make offerings to Sastha. Worship Mahavishnu, Sree Krishna, Varaha Moorthy and Narasimha Moorthy. Wear yellow and put on golden topaz stones. Non-Hindus can explore their own belief systems to seek divine protection. Sanjeev Kumar is an astrologer based in Thiruvananthapuram Mobile phone: 8078908087, 9526480571 email: Sun, 07 Oct 2018 11:34:11 GMT Some simple ways to let positive energy waft through your homes Do you wish your home to bring prosperity and positive energy to the inhabitants? Then here are some tips to make your abode a place where lady luck showers her blessing in abundance. Your broken spectacles, unrepaired flashlight, a leaking tap or even the broken lock on your almirah may be reasons why you feel restless and unhappy in your own home. Vastu experts say that though it may seem trivial, these simple things play a significant role in making your house a happy and prosperous place to live in. Replacing broken spectacles would make your vision and perception right. The leaking tap or the broken lock on the almirah may be the reason why your pocket too gets empty. The photographs of those who have died shouldn’t be hung on the walls. An almirah with mirror on it shouldn’t be placed facing the main entrance. The cobwebs on the ceilings should be cleared and the rooms should be kept tidy. If the clock on the wall stops working, replace it immediately. Else, your activities or dreams too would lag behind like a broken clock. Similarly, watches which stop working should either be repaired or thrown away. Electronic household equipment like iron box or blender which do not work should be thrown away. If the old clothes cannot be discarded, it should be taken out and washed often. Old and stinking clothes would never let prosperity make its way into the house. Fused electric bulbs should be immediately replaced, and worn out slippers should not be kept in front of the house. A well-kept and clean house would attract lots of positive energy into it, giving happiness and prosperity to the inhabitants. About the author Dr PB Rajesh Rama Nivas, Poovathum Parambil Near ESI Dispensar, Eloor East Udyogamandal PO, Ernakulam 683501 Email: Phone: 9846033337, 0484 2546421 Wed, 03 Oct 2018 11:55:36 GMT Gowli sastram: When a lizard hints about likely events Gowli sastra or the astrology of predicting the immediate future based on movements and sounds of lizard is quite popular in Kerala. Predictions are made depending on the shape of the lizard seen each day and how it falls. There are several types of lizards. When each type falls on a particular part of the body, a certain incident may occur. Even then, there are some general effects mentioned in the lizard astrology. According to the ‘puranas’, snakes and lizards are considered auspicious. It is believed that killing or even harming lizards in any way invites danger to your coming generations. Destroying the eggs of lizards can also bring a curse on you. Another premise of this branch of astrology is that if a lizard gets inadvertently crushed between the doors, some misfortune awaiting us would have passed. However, seeing a dead lizard is not auspicious. In that case, remedial measures like praying to the family deity and making an offering may be resorted to. Another point to remember is to never invite other people to see a dead lizard. The most inauspicious sign is a lizard falling on a traditional oil lamp. If a lizard falls on a vehicle while travelling, it's believed that a mishap may occur. So, stop the vehicle for some time and then resume the journey. A lizard falling on the bed is a sign of some misfortune in the future. If it falls on the chair, a mixed fortune awaits you. A lizard falling in front of you while starting a trip is not considered a good indicator. In such a situation, cancel the journey if possible or resume it after a prayer and an offering of a coin to your deity. Disputes between family members and relatives are predicted if two lizards fall down together. The following chant will help you overcome misfortunes: Agrato Narasimho me/ Prishto Garudadhwaja/ Paraswayostu Dhanushmanthau/ Sakarau Rama Lakshmanau/ Agratah Prishdhaschaiva/ Parswayoscha Mahabalau/ Aakarnapoorna Dhanvanvau/ Rakshataam Rama Lakshmanau/ Fri, 28 Sep 2018 09:52:43 GMT Why is vastu so important when it comes to building a new house Everyone has a dream home which they desire to build promptly. However, vastu experts say that rushing in while the construction of a house may lead to many problems. Those who live in the house would be restless and unhappy if the house is not built according to the laws of vastusastra. Though there are many remedies for a house that has been built without conforming to vastu, most of the times these last minute remedies are unlikely to be effective. Vastu experts say that it is important to meditate about the structure and features of the plot thoroughly with a clear mind. An honest, experienced and learned vastu expert should be consulted before the beginning the construction. He/ she should be invited to take a look at the plot to assess it on the basis of vastu. Thus, if there is a plan to follow vastu, the blue print of the plan for proposed house should be prepared on the basis of instructions from a vastu expert. If the vastu expert is consulted only after drawing the blue print or securing permit from the local governing bodies, the imperfection in terms of vastu would prevail in the plot. Besides, it would be impossible to change the features in the blue print of the house once the permit is secured. So it is important to analyze the plot as per the laws of vastu before constructing the building. The remedies instructed by a vastu expert should be fulfilled before building the house in that plot. Building a house on the basis of vastu laws would attract lots of positive energy. It is also important to conduct the house warming ceremony at an auspicious time, so that the house would act as a shield against misfortunes for the people residing in that home. Besides, it would also bring in lots of wealth and good luck to the family. A house built as per the laws of vastu can be a storehouse of positive energy which would bring prosperity for many generations. Mon, 24 Sep 2018 04:59:55 GMT The right way to place laughing Buddha Feng Shui suggests several figurines which could fill a house with prosperity and positive energy. ‘laughing Buddha’, which makes everyone energetic and happy, is one of the most popular among them. This Buddhist monk distinguishable with a pot-belly and knapsack has close resemblance to Kubera, the Hindu God of wealth. So, Indians consider laughing Buddha as another deity of prosperity. Families believe that laughing Buddha will remove all causes of grief and usher in wealth. In offices and business establishments, the image is thought to ward off threats from competitors as well as reduce work pressure. According to another theory, laughing Buddha developed a pot-belly after consuming all the negative energy in the house where it is kept. laughing Buddha is one of the most popular lucky charms and many people are curious about the right way to keep the image at home. A crucial stipulation is that laughing Buddha has to face the main door. Placing the image on top of a one-rupee coin ensures financial stability, it is said. In case the statue cannot be installed facing the front door, it can be placed close to the wall so that a clear view is available from the front door. Care should be taken not to place laughing Buddha on top of electronic appliances. It has to be kept at a considerable height from the floor which should be clean,” he said. A laughing Buddha in bedroom, kitchen or dining area will do more harm than good. Keeping the image in the drawing room facing the East will strengthen the bond between family members. Placed in the South-East direction, laughing Buddha is believed to increase the good fortune. In offices and business establishments, laughing Buddha has to face the person concerned to make plans come true. Another belief is that wealth will accrue to the person who places laughing Buddha on the Northern side. The image should never be kept in the South. Fri, 21 Sep 2018 06:49:54 GMT Know yourself using numerology Numerology is a branch of knowledge that connects numbers and letters. It has been proved that numerology can play a crucial role in the lives of the people. This knowledge helps understand the personality of an individual and his character. It also gives us an idea of the ‘energy’ surrounding a person. Apart from the personality of a person, numerology can be used even to suggest the best profession he or she could choose. Most people are curious to know what the future holds for them in terms of health, money and matrimony. Numerology can easily satisfy the curiosity of such persons. In India, numerology designates each letter of the English alphabet with a numerical value. It is as follows: While the letters A, I, J, Q and Y have a value of 1, B, K, and R are assigned 2, C, G, L and S given the value 3, D, M and T are equalized with 4, E, H, N and X designated 5, U, V and W are equal to 6, O and Z equal 7, F and P are considered to be equal to the number 8. These numbers decide the good fortune or bad luck of a person, according to numerology. Numerology is gaining wide popularity and people are keen to learn more about it. Many follow numerology for taking crucial decisions in their lives like naming a baby and so on. The first letter of a person’s name reflects his personality, desires and other behavioral traits. Meanwhile, the influence of relatives on his character can be learnt from his family name. In case a child is named according to numerology, the number will reveal whether he or she would be successful in life. Other pointers to the child’s future, including personality traits, confidence level, whether optimistic or pessimistic etc. could be obtained using numerological methods. An idea also can be formed on the type of people who could influence the child, the standard of living it might enjoy, the threats the youngster may face in future and the opportunities that would present themselves before the newborn as it grows up. Numerology considers the number related to a person’s date of birth as distinct from that derived from his name. In fact, the former is given more importance. It is based on this number that a child should be given a name, says numerology. A strong sounding and meaningful name will enable a child to be successful in all his ventures. Some numbers suggested by the Vedas also prove to be a pointer to an individual’s personality. For example, a person assigned with the Vedic number 3 is most likely to be someone who is keen to learn new things in life. Similarly, the Vedic figure 7 suggests that the individual is a studious person. Along with numbers, each letter of the alphabet is also a significant pointer to the character of the individual. While the letter ‘S’ indicates a friendly and emotional personality, ‘R’ denotes an energetic person who always does justice to his or her occupation. The letter ‘T’, meanwhile, reflects a person’s sense of purpose as well as his short-tempered nature. Another interesting aspect of numerology is that it assigns much importance to the first and last letters of the name. The first letter explains how that person tackles challenges in life, say numerologists. They also suggest that the last letter stresses on the determination shown to complete a task. Noted practitioners of numerology are of the opinion that as this branch of knowledge can influence several key factors of a person’s life, why not name a child according to its stipulations as success is certain to follow. Thu, 13 Sep 2018 09:38:44 GMT How to solve the knotty problem of ‘Chovva dosham’ The position of the planet Mars (Chovva in Malayalam) is the most important factor considered while matching horoscopes before a wedding. If Mars is in an unfavorable position (Chovva dosham), many people refuse to proceed with the proposal. However, only a few people realize that if there is the presence of benevolent planets, there is nothing to be concerned about Chovva dosham. In fact, instead of becoming panicky over Chovva dosham, one should engage in some tasks which would please Mars and reduce the harmful effects of the planet. It is believed that there are no harmful effects (doshams) which do not disappear in the face of deep and heart-felt prayers. Devotion to Subrahmanya The ideal method to please Mars is praying to Subrahmanya, the general of the army of Gods. According to astrology, Subrahmanya is the presiding god of Mars and can be propitiated by offering ‘Kumarasooktha pushpanjali’, observing ‘shashti vrutham’ and wearing saffron attire. Visiting Subrahmanya temples during ‘pakkappirannal’, Tuesdays or ‘shashti’ days is also auspicious. Subrahmanya Gayathri It is also believed that the harmful effects of Mars will fade away if Subrahmanya Gayathri is recited. The prayer goes, “Sanalkumaraya vidmahe; Shadhananaya dheemahi; Thanvo skandah prachodayat.” Astrologers say Mars should be pleased by people in whose horoscope the planet’s position is in Medam, Midhunam, Chingam, Thulam, Dhanu and Kumbham ‘rasis’. The rites may also be performed by those having the planet in the second, seventh or eighth ‘lagnams’ along with people who have Makayiram, Chithira and Avittam as their birth stars. This section of people can recite Subrahmanya Gayathri 10 times every morning which may bring prosperity to their children. It can also help them earn the love of their young ones. Mars dominates over those born under the star signs of Makayiram, Chithira and Avittam. Against this background, reciting Subrahmanya Gayathri during ‘dasha kalam’ is propitious. In addition, the harmful effects of Mars can reduced by Aswathy, Karthika Pooyam, Makam, Uthram, Anizham, Uthradam, Moolam and Uthrittathi signs by reciting Subrahmya Gayathri during the period when the planet casts its influence over their lives. Mon, 10 Sep 2018 05:39:03 GMT These colours speak your character and trait Does our favorite colour reveal our character too? It is said that colours really can disclose a number of traits in a person’s character and personality. Experts say that every hue has its own ‘character’ and features which would be reflected in a person who prefers it. Blue Those who love the colour blue are generally considered kindhearted. They will always try not to hurt anyone even inadvertently. Though they may seem lazy and lethargic, they are in fact capable of fulfilling their duties efficiently and sincerely. They are meticulous and would think twice before acting. Admirers of art, most of them are artists themselves. Green Disciplined and down to earth, the admirers of green love to live in close contact with the beautiful nature. They are energetic, peaceful and are usually calm and composed. They are simple in their ways, often denouncing a luxurious life style. Kindhearted and honest, these people who love ‘green’ value their relationships dearly. However, they are always worried about other people’s opinions about them. They are particularly interested to use natural and organic products in their daily life. Red The colour ‘red’ denotes courage and bravery. Those who love this colour are determined, energetic and also dominating. They will never leave a chance to earn a name for themselves in public, and love to lead a life of pomp. Since shades of red are fierce, those who love this color are highly competitive. White White is the colour of peace, so those who love this colour are simple, kind and goodhearted. They like to lead a spiritual life, and try to be an inspiration for others. They are optimistic and more than their own happiness, they wish others to be happy. They usually love to be alone, reading their favorite book. Black They are strong willed, and prefer to be different from the usual ways of the society. Though they listen to others, they have their own strong opinions and like to live according to them. They are great admirers of art and are ready to do anything for their close friends and family members. They possess a special ability to understand others. Straightforward and candid, they wouldn’t hesitate to speak openly. Violet Those who love the colour violet are extremely artistic, and would be appreciated for their talents. They attract people with their charming ways of speaking, and give prime importance to family and relationships. They are foodies who love to try out different cuisines. Energetic and smart, they will always remain an inspiration for others to be strong during difficult times. Pink Lovers of pink are kindhearted and simple. They observe everything and are able to understand the characteristic traits of others very easily. Not shy at all, they are ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of family. Yellow They are always interested in learning new things and love to share it with others as well. They love to be happy always. They are friendly, calm and extremely forgiving. Sun, 16 Sep 2018 03:48:46 GMT What is in store for professionals in the coming weeks How goes your career? The planetary positions can tell you a lot about your work. Find out the projections that could throw light on your office life. Aries Meda kooru (Stars: Aswathi, Bharani and Karthika 1/4) People born on the Aries zodiac sign can expect setbacks in their professional life in the second half of September. However, you are not likely to end up in a life-changing crisis. Be confident about your abilities to complete your works even if you take a little longer. You can overcome the difficulties with a little bit of planning. You may find ruing a perceived lack of divine bliss in your life in some of the days. You can boost your confidence through good acts. Taurus Edava kooru (Stars: Karthika 3/4, Rohini and Makeeriyam 1/2) If your zodiac sign is Taurus, this fortnight is supposed to be mostly favourable to you. You can achieve whatever you attempt because the position of sun is favourable. You may achieve the way you expected. You can overcome the crises by controlling your mind. If you have been trying to find a new job, these two fortnights ahead may present you unforeseen obstacles. Gemini Midhuna kooru (Stars: Makeeriyam 1/2, Thiruvathira and Punartham 3/4) This fortnight presents a good time for the Gemini zodiac sign in term of professional life. Sun is shining on your prospects. You can expect good results from the workplace. You can expect fewer challenges at your workplace and your competitors do not have it good this fortnight. You are are likely to finish your tasks faster than you are expected to. You can also look forward to an intimation regarding a change of jobs or a new job. Cancer Karkidaka kooru (Stars: Punartham 1/4, Pooyam and Ayiliyam) This fortnight presents a mixed bag for the Cancer zodiac sign in term of professional life. You can expect slight delays in your works but you can overcome any crisis with a little bit of planning. You can stop ruing a perceived lack of divine bliss in your career and do good acts to regain your confidence. Leo Chinga kooru (Stars: Makam, Pooram and Uthram 1/4) This fortnight may be worse than the previous one for the Leos. Things may not be taking a course as you had expected them to. Strong will is the key though. You can get back your plans back on track with determination. If you have been looking to change jobs, you may have to wait a little longer. Virgo Kanni kooru (Stars: Utharam 3/4, Atham and Chithira 1/2) Virgos are entering a phase of professional boost. You are expected to do so well in your work. You are likely to finish the tasks you have been assigned to faster than your superiors expected. You can even expect an intimation regarding a promotion or a better job. You can count on a rise in your income from work. Libra Thula kooru (Stars: Chithira 1/2, Choythi and Visakam 3/4) These two weeks are a mixed bag for Libra sign as far as careers are concerned. Still positives are likely to outweigh negatives. People with the Libra zodiac sign do not face any hard crises at workplace. They could expect a transfer or a change of jobs though. Scorpio Virchika kooru (Stars: Visakam1/4, Anizham and Thriketta) This fortnight presents a prestigious period for you in terms of your work life. You could be leading your organisation’s fight against your competitors. Your efforts are likely to earn the praise of the management. Highly paid employees can find more avenues opening up. Sagittarius Dhanu kooru (Stars: Moolam, Pooradam and Uthiradam 1/4) This fortnight is going to be a mixed bag for Virgo in terms of professional life. You can expect divine bliss in your work. You are likely to steer clear of challenges in office. You are expected to get an upper hand in your duels with opponents. Capricorn Makara kooru (Stars: Uthiradam 3/4, Thiruvonam and Avittam 1/2) You have a particularly good fortnight ahead as far as your career is concerned. You can expect to switch jobs sometimes these two weeks. Prepare for challenges at your work place but be confident. You have the capacity to tide over the problems. Aquarius Kumba kooru (Stars: Avittam 1/2, Chathayam and Pooruttathi 3/4) Aquarians are supposed to do well this fortnight. You are likely to turn everything positive. You can expect encouragement and recognition from your superiors. Your wishes may be granted. You can expect to land a position with a fatter pay check. Pisces Meena kooru (Stars: Pooruttathi 1/4, Uthiruttathi and Revathi) This fortnight is not all that good for you. Proceed with care in terms of your work. That said, you do not seem to be heading for any crisis. If you have been trying to get a better job, the time is not ripe yet. Wed, 19 Sep 2018 10:57:18 GMT Wear the right nose stud to please Lady Luck Stylish nose studs in various sizes and shapes have now become an unavoidable part of the fashion statement among youngsters. In some communities, a woman wearing a nose stud is part of their beliefs. According to the Vedas, piercing the left nostril is ideal for a woman. Though gold, silver or many other metal nose studs are widely worn by women, experts say that gold is the most ideal metal when it comes to nose rings or studs. Gold is influenced by planets like Jupiter, which brings good luck, Ravi (soul as per the nadi astrology) and Mars which stands as brother or spouse. Besides, gold is considered to have the special blessings of Goddess Lakshmi in the Hindu mythology. Diamond nose studs too are quite popular among youngsters. However, this stone may not be astrologically suitable to everyone. Those who have Saturn on unfavorable positions as per their horoscope should avoid wearing diamonds. However, those who have Saturn on favorable positions or those who were born in the zodiac sign that correspond to the planet, can wear ornaments in diamond. The left side of the nose is linked to the reproductive organs of a woman. As per the ayurvedic texts, when the left side of the nose is pierced, it would affect the nerves in this area which are connected to the uterus and other reproductive organs. It significantly helps reduce menstrual cramps and eases pain during child birth. Mon, 03 Sep 2018 05:34:10 GMT Actress Mamta reveals her illness was predicted Mollywood diva Mamta Mohandas has become an icon of hope and resilience when she made a stunning come back into the movies after she survived her bout with cancer. In an interview to the popular women’s magazine Vanitha, Mamta opens up about a prophecy made on the basis of the ‘nadi’ astrology (based on the belief that one’s past, present and future lives were already predicted by learned men) at the Vaitheeswaran kovil in Tamil Nadu. “It was a relative of ours who told about the Vaitheeswaran Kovil in Kumbakonam. We did not believe when he told that the secrets of our birth could be revealed by the nadi astrology practiced there. However, we send our palm prints. Within two months the sacred palm leaf manuscript which contained the astrological details about my mother were found. The prophecies were recorded in three video cassettes and sent to us. The first cassette contained the details about my mother’s previous birth. In the beginning of the second one, which is about the present birth, it is said that my mother shares her name with a prominent river. The rest of what was said in the cassette was so accurate up until now,” reveals Mamta. Mamta says that her mother Ganga had begun listening to the part where it talks about her daughter with great interest. However, she switched off the tape and began to weep profusely when the part where the prediction, “daughter too would be diagnosed with the same ailment that the mother had suffered”, came. The actress says that her mother had continued listening to the tapes after being consoled by the relatives. “The prophesy video had said that her daughter would be beautiful, and would earn fame in a different area other than her chosen academic field. I auditioned for ‘Mayookam’, just out of curiosity when I came to Kerala for the holidays,” smiles Mamta. Meanwhile Mamta’s mother Ganga who has been listening intently to her daughter happily shares another secret, “It was also said in the tapes that we would become grandparents.” Thu, 30 Aug 2018 04:19:01 GMT The importance of astrology in our lives Astrology is facing criticism from various quarters these days. However, one should realize that it is a science based on the reality that man lives under the influence of various planets. Planets have a role in all sectors of human existence, covering the physical, psychological and economical aspects. Sadly, there is a campaign which claims that astrology is a fake science that spreads superstition. Those who are behind it have failed to accept the connection between planets and man. The astrological theories were formulated by wise men who observed the world through their inner eye and also learnt from own life's experiences. It is a fact that planets influence all objects. But to understand this relationship, a practitioner of astrology should have exceptional observation powers along with dedication. Celestial bodies cause the passage of days and nights, months, seasons and high and low tides. People are ready to accept that a day is the time taken for the earth to rotate on its axis once. They also believe several other instances demonstrating the link between planets and natural phenomena. There are no doubts over the fact that while the earth holds life, the sun is the source of light and energy. While recognizing the role of the celestial bodies in these phenomena, sceptics are not willing to accept the indirect influence of planets. Worse, they try to prove that planets have no impact at all on our lives. This is nothing but double standard. All objects in the universe are inter-linked and influence each other, directly as well as indirectly. For instance, a snake may induce fear with its shape and our preconceptions about it. This is direct influence. But we also know that a snake poses danger only if it is poisonous and so, our reaction to a rat snake or water-snake is different from that of an encounter with a cobra. This demonstrates indirect influence. Similarly, the heavenly bodies, which are responsible for the passage of time, also transmit beneficial and harmful factors which have an effect on our lives. Another example is electricity. Nobody has seen electricity with their eyes, but its effects – both good and bad – have been demonstrated innumerable times. Likewise, planets too are an inseparable part of our lives, though we cannot visualize their influence with our naked eye or gauge it with our inner eye. When sceptics are willing to accept this universal truth, blind opposition to astrology will end. Astrology examines the power of heavenly bodies on nature and man along with the effects it may cause. Around 180 planets have been identified, but only seven have a major influence on earth and life here. Two other celestial bodies – Rahu and Ketu – too were later found to be playing a role in man’s existence and are studied by astrologers. Kerala’s genius in astrology located yet another planet, Gulikan, which also has a strong influence on earth. Thus, there are in total 10 planets which are observed by astrologers. In short, astrology is a science and like all other sciences, is the truth. However, as any other profession, astrology too may have a few fake practitioners. Tue, 28 Aug 2018 01:48:08 GMT How to place cupboards, shelves as per vastu Vastu plays a prominent role when it comes to the construction of brand new houses. It is believed that the houses designed according to the vastu would bring good luck and prosperity to the residents. Besides the basic design of the house, no one care to apply the tenets of vastu at their homes. However, experts say that even the various storage spaces like shelves and cupboards too are to be built according to the vastu sastra. Building lots of cupboards and filling it with things that are seldom used would bring lots of negative energy into the house. There should only be minimum storage facilities in the house that just meets the requirements of the people residing in the house. It is advisable not to constantly shift or change the position of the cupboards and almirahs as it may adversely affect the prosperity of the family. As per the vastu laws, arranging things neatly and properly would elicit positive energy inside the house and it would bring prosperity. Kubera (God of wealth) rules the north side of the house, which receives lots of positive energy. It is ideal to leave the northern sides of the house open and vast in order to receive the positive energy which would work in favor of the house and the people living in it. So avoid arranging storage spaces in the north side of the house. Do not build storage spaces or cupboards on the north east and east sides of the house. If necessary, a few shelves could be arranged here. However, it is advisable not to block the energy rush at these directions by stuffing unwanted things in it. It is ideal to arrange the storage space and cupboards on south west side of the house. Even south or west too are favorable sides to build the shelves. It is at these sides of the house that heavier objects are stored. Building shelves and cupboards according to the vastu is not enough, one should be careful not to stuff it with useless objects in a messy and unorganized way. Mon, 27 Aug 2018 05:08:50 GMT Kerala astrologer admits to wrong rain forecast on Kerala Noted astrologer Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboothiri has admitted that he erred regarding the rains while making his predictions for the year. His 'Vishu predictions' are widely followed and discussed by several sections of the society, including regular social media users. After Kerala witnessed severe flooding, Kanippayyur was at the receiving end of trolls on the social media. In his hugely popular video on 'Vishu predictions', the astrologer had failed to make any mention of the calamity. In his explanation, Kanippayyur said that this was the first such instance in his career extending to 38 years. "Astrology is a science that never goes wrong. It is I who made a mistake; human beings are prone to error. The campaign that astrology is wrong is misleading. But this is not the time to explain the scientific aspects. Just consider it as my lapse, " he said. Kanippayyur's 'Vishu predictions' claimed that the state would witness very heavy rainfall from June 25 to July 4. The July 17 to August 1 period would have scanty rainfall. From August 1 to 17, there would be moderate showers, Kanippayyur had said. "The forests in the hilly areas will receive less rainfall than last year. The ministers should take note of this and adopt suitable measures to ensure steady generation and distribution of electricity," advised Kanippayyur in his predictions for 2018. Wed, 22 Aug 2018 08:41:41 GMT Consider these ‘vastu’ facts before planning a huge mansion There’s an old adage in Malayalam which says a goat need not be housed in a shelter meant for an elephant. A huge structure is built for an elephant considering its size and might. If a goat leads its life in an elephant shelter, it will become thin, goes the saying. According to ancient ‘vastu’ wisdom, a house should be built according to a man’s weight, height, width, birth star, his ‘dashas’ and birthday. The size of the house should match with these factors. However, if a person prefers to build a bigger house, he should plan a ‘nalukettu’ – a house with four sections. Each of the four parts of such a house would be aligned with the directions – east, west, north and south. Those dreaming to live in a still larger house should plan an ‘ettukettu’ – a building with eight sections. Kings and emperors can build a ‘64-kettu’, which has 64 sections, each distinct from the other. A mansion should never be one big structure, according to vastu. Sadly, very few people follow these instructions. The houses they build are meant to show off their wealth, status and false pride. Some even construct a single house in a plot extending to several acres. According to ancient architectural science, a single house should never exceed the specified dimensions. Even if such a building comes up, things will be smooth only for a maximum of six years after the house-warming ceremony. From then onwards, life will turn topsy-turvy. People wishing to build a big house can plan it in such a way that it is not a single structure, but comprises various segments. The house can look like a single building from the exterior, but each segment should be independent. We should not bring about our own downfall by building huge mansions. As a Sanskrit saying goes, everything should be in moderation. This applies to all facets of life, including the house we live in. Excess invites trouble, even regarding buildings. Sun, 19 Aug 2018 07:38:26 GMT Signs on the palm that can tell your future There are some who can read the lines on the palm and predict a person’s future. However, according to palmistry, certain signs and symbols on the palm do help foresee one’s fate. Let us examine how these symbols influence a person’s life. » Chain If this sign is seen on your palm, it suggests that you may lack a clear focus or goal in life. Even if a target is fixed, you may deviate from it or may lack the confidence or drive to go for it. » Tassels and grilles These features on the palm signify that you may have to face obstacles while pursuing your goal. A battle may have to be fought and there could be setbacks. You may find it difficult to utilize your full potential. » Breaks This symbol shows that you are going through a tough phase in life. Your weaknesses will be exposed. » Branches You have good support for the chief lines on your palm. That means you are on firm ground. » Islands Your plans may not take off on time. There may be delays during implementation too. There may be obstacles and you are at risk of suffering injuries while implementing your plans. Similar to the islands, which are separated from the mainland, you too may be isolated from society. » Crosses This sign on your palm suggests that you may reverse decisions you had taken. Problems like violent incidents, explosive situations and other severe difficulties in life may have to be faced. There may also be a tendency adopt foolish decisions and act without considering the consequences. » Quadrangles This symbol can act both ways. Depending on its size, a quadrangle can enhance or diminish a person’s skills. » Circles A circle is considered a good symbol which boosts virtuous aspects of a person’s personality. Circles improve the talents and skills of a person. » Triangles The symbol signifies that good fortune awaits you. However, you may be involved in disputes or face hurdles caused by your inconsistency or temptation to follow short-cuts. » Bar If there are bars on your palm, it means temporary obstacles may come up. » Asterisk or star It is an auspicious sign, which enhances your strong points. » Square It is a positive sign which can convert your weaknesses into strengths. The obstacles faced in life may ultimately turn favourable for you. (Author is an IAS officer who retired from service in 2016. He is a noted speaker, quiz master and an expert in numerology, palmistry, ‘tantra’ and psychology. A native of Ernakulam, Nandakumar now lives in Thiruvananthapuram. He can be contacted at 9495551142, 9496447755). Sat, 18 Aug 2018 05:39:46 GMT The importance of ‘Karkidaka Vavu bali’ The ‘Karkidaka Vavu’, which falls on Saturday this year corresponds with the 26th day of the month of Karkidakam according to the Malayalam calendar. It is on this day that prayers for one’s ancestors are ritually offered. This ceremony is termed ‘Pithru Sradham’ or offering of ‘bali’ in local parlance. ‘Sradham’ refers to symbolically feeding the late parents or elders similar to the rituals done to propitiate the Gods or deities. Many people conduct the ‘bali’ rituals based on the zodiac sign at the time of death or the ‘tithi’ (death anniversary). Among them, a majority lays stress on the star signs. Noted astrologer Kanipayyur Narayanan Namboothiripad explains the method of offering the ritual and its importance. A day of the ancestors is considered to be equal to our 365 and a quarter days. For instance, if a person passes away on the Aswathy star in the month of Dhanu, it would be one year for us when the same star arrives during next Dhanu, but according to astrology, ancestors would have spent only one day during this period. Departed souls would be pleased if the oblations are offered according to the star signs. However, the pace of modern living had made it difficult for many people to keep a track of the death anniversary of their ancestors. For them, the Karkidaka Vavu offers a solution. It is believed that offeing ‘bali’ on the amavasi (new moon day) in the month of Karkidakam is ideal for attracting prosperity and wealth and for the well-being of the progeny. Sat, 11 Aug 2018 07:06:13 GMT Placing the clock as per Vastu Clock is an integral part of our lives. With time management becoming crucial for carrying out daily tasks, people have a tendency to glance at the clock every now and then. Many of them get tensed observing the hands ticking away, especially during the morning rush hours. The placement of the clock in a house is subject to Vastu and influences the life of the residents. The clock should not be fixed at the south, south-west and south-east parts of the house as it will seriously affect punctuality of the inmates. Ideal spots to place a clock are north and east. While the gold of wealth, Kubera, is believed to rule over the north, Devendra, the king of Gods, is considered to be dominant in the east. The clock should be fixed below the level of door frames as well as doors. It should not face the main door as this would cause stress among the residents. Clocks which are not working, damaged or very old should not be kept on walls. This will spread negative energy in the house and have to be immediately removed. Moreover, all clocks in the house should display accurate time. In bedroom, the clock has to be away from the wall where the headrest of the bed is placed. Vastu finds clocks with pendulum and emitting sounds as unsuitable as it would cause illness to the residents. Avoid displaying clocks outside the house also. Wed, 01 Aug 2018 12:11:01 GMT Dos & don’ts in the month of Karkidakam Indian Astrology says that the Malayalam month of Karkidakam (July-August) belongs to the moon. Based on this premise, sun is considered the king as well as Siva, while the moon is the queen and Parvathy. So, Karkidakam is also a month dedicated to the Goddess. Households conduct rituals like Ganapathy Homam and Bhagavathy Seva during this month. The rites are offered every day in temples. People who have inconvenience in conducting these prayers at home can do so at a nearby temple. It is believed that these rituals ward off troubles and invite prosperity. During the month, Ramayana recital is done at temples and houses. The Karkidaka Vavu day is dedicated to the ancestors. Offering of the bali ritual is considered auspicious on this day. Arrangements for the ritual are made at Aluva Siva temple, Thirunelli, Varkala and all other temples dedicated to Siva. Karkidakam month is ideal for Ayurveda and beauty enhancement treatments. That the sunlight is not intense and it rains most of the time helps. Nowadays, it has become a trend even among the youth to consume Karkidaka Kanji (a mix of rice gruel and Ayurvedic ingredients). This is a preparation based on the medicinal components suggested by Ayurveda and is very beneficial to health. Making tubers like yam, colocasia and their leaves a part of the diet during Karkidakam is also good for health. The itching caused by colocasia will be less during this month. However, according to Ayurveda, drumstick leaves should be avoided. (Author’s contact details: Dr PB Rajesh, Rama Nivas, Poovathumparambil, Near ESI dispensary, Eloor East, Udyogamandal PO, Ernakulam – 683501. Email: Phone: 9846033337, 0484 2546421. Mon, 30 Jul 2018 05:43:59 GMT The connotations behind chanting 'Rama' There are certain key chants (Moola manthrams) which are used while offering prayers to each God. Rama’s name was derived from ‘Ra’, the main syllable of Maha Vishnu’s chant ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ (Obeisance to Narayana – Vishnu) and ‘Ma’ from ‘Om Nama Shivaya’ (Obeisance to Shiva), the chant dedicated to Shiva. In other words, Vaishnavite and Shaivite powers have come together in Rama. The main syllable gives the real meaning to the chant. In the present instance, when ‘Ma’ is removed from ‘Om Nama Shivaya’, the chant becomes ‘Om Na Shivaya’, which translates as ‘Let everything perish’. Similarly, when ‘Ra’ is absent from the chant to Vishnu, it turns ‘Om Namo Nayanaya’, which means there are no options before a person facing difficulties. Valmiki, who was a hunter, became a mendicant after chanting ‘Mara Mara’ continuously and later wrote the Ramayana, which is Sree Rama’s biography. It is Rama’s ‘ayanam’ – journey – in life. Valmiki composed the Ramayana as 24,000 stanzas in seven ‘kandas’ – chapters. Gayathri manthram (chant) is considered the mother of all chants and is dedicated to the Sun God. It is the most divine of all chants. Ramayana is the expansion of the 24 letters in Gayathri manthram into 24,000 stanzas. When a devotee chants Rama’s name, he or she is showered with blessings by Shiva as well as Vishnu. This is also considered the ideal option to attain salvation in Kali Yuga. The chant goes, ‘Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare… Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare’. Sat, 28 Jul 2018 07:31:06 GMT Exploring Sree Rama’s horoscope Would you like to read Lord Rama’s horoscope? Here it is, as mentioned in Valmiki’s Ramayana. Thunchath Ezhuthachan too has described Sree Rama’s stars in detail. According to his horoscope, Sree Rama was born on Punartham star in the Malayalam month of Medam. At that time, the Sun was in the Medam asterisk, Jupiter and Moon in Karkidakom, Saturn in Thulam, Venus in Meenam, Mars in Makaram, Mercury in Meenam, Rahu in Dhanu and Ketu in Midhunam. Five planets were in the ascendancy in the horoscope. Sree Rama has the five great blessings (yogams). He also has Gajakesari (elephant-lion) yogam (blessing). As he was born receiving the ‘eye’ of the planet Mars, Sree Rama would face difficulties caused due to his better half. As the evil planet Gulikan is present at the fifth spot in the horoscope, Rama’s life was to be devoid of pleasures and he had to make big sacrifices. Rama would have efficient children, but again Gulikan’s presence would make his parenting abilities poor. With the Sun is ascendant at the tenth spot, Rama would be extremely active. His life in the forest takes place during kandakasani – the period when Saturn passes through the fourth, seventh and tenth signs of the zodiac. According to the horoscope, Rama was born during the fourth amsam of Treta Age when the bright lunar fortnight started, which was a Monday. Fri, 27 Jul 2018 06:53:26 GMT Lunar eclipse: See prediction for your star A lunar eclipse will take place from the night of Friday, July 27, 2018 which corresponds with Karkidakom 11, 1193 of the Malayalam calendar. Astrologically, the Uthradam star will be ascendant on the day, which will coincide with Pournami thithi, preethinama nithya yoga, vishtikaranam and Pooyam njattuvela. The eclipse will start at 11.53 pm on July 27 (Friday) and will enter Thiruvonam asterisk at 12.34 am on July 28 (Saturday). At 1.51 am, the eclipse will be at its peak and by 3.50 am, the celestial phenomenon will conclude. People engaged in astronomy and astrology have many things to learn from the eclipse. According to astrologers, people born under the stars of Uthradam and Thiruvonam as well as Punartham and Pooyam will suffer the most during the lunar eclipse. Remedial rituals have to be carried out by those under Rahu-Kethu shadows. They include people facing moon and lagnam in Karkidakam and Makaram rasis. Severe difficulties will be faced by those in Makaram rasi stars Uthradam, Thiruvonam, Avittom ½; and Karkidakam rasi stars Punartham, Pooyam and Ayilyam. All auspicious rituals have to be avoided on the eclipse day – 27/07/2018. There is no muhurtham on three days – July 27, 28 and 29. In case any marriage, house warming or initial rice-feeding ceremony is scheduled, suitable damage control rituals should be conducted such as Jaladhara for Siva, Sankhabhishekam etc. Neither solid nor liquid food should be taken from three hours before the start of the eclipse. As the eclipse occurs after midnight, this issue does not arise. The lunar eclipse can be observed with naked eyes. However, one should not attempt to watch a solar eclipse as it will damage your eyes. There is a belief that those in debt can come out of their losses if they repay a part of their loans after the eclipse. In other words, one should have a bath on 28/07/2018 morning after the eclipse, pray at a Siva temple and repay a part of the loan. This will help them come out of the debt trap. Impact of lunar eclipse on various stars Medam rasi (Aswathy, Bharani and Karthika stars) For people born in this rasi, the eclipse takes place at the tenth rasi. As a result, their well-being improves and debts will be cleared. Moreover, new ventures will meet with success. They will rise in their profession and will get a surprise promotion. A transfer which they had wished for a long time will materialize. There is a good chance for winning chits and lotteries. Edavam rasi (Karthika, Rohini, Makayiram) The eclipse occurs in the ninth rasi for these stars. As a result, humiliation, financial loss, loss of opportunities and cancellation of a wedding that had been fixed, business setbacks and loss of contracts occur. Midhunam rasi (Makayiram, Thiruvathira and Punartham) Eclipse is at the eighth spot; so diseases, enemies, accidents, falls, fear of death and threats will have to be faced. Karkidakam rasi (Punartham, Pooyam and Ayilyam) This group of people will suffer significantly. They will face issues like marital discord, failure in love, loss of income, divorce, separation from families due to partition of property etc. As the eclipse occurs at the seventh rasi, extreme caution should be exercised. Chingam rasi (Makam, Pooram and Uthram) The eclipse is at the sixth rasi, which means victory over enemies, prosperity, financial gains and good health. Diseases which were haunting the individuals for a long time will begin to subside. Court cases and other disputes will end. Enemies will become friendly. In short, it is a favorable time. Kanni rasi (Uthram, Atham and Chithira) With the lunar eclipse at the fifth rasi, problems will be created by children. Diseases will affect children. Humiliation caused by children, legal problems etc. will have to be faced. Thulam rasi (Chithira, Chothi, Visakham) Injuries to body, falls, burns, threat of fire, damage to house and domestic problems will occur to people under these stars as the lunar eclipse occurs at the fourth rasi. Vrischikam rasi (Visakham, Anizham and Thrikketta) The eclipse is at the third rasi; so financial gains, new jobs, new business and commercial connections, monetary gain from foreign trips, support from siblings and prosperity will happen. Dhanu rasi (Moolam, Pooradam and Uthradam) The eclipse is at the second spot. This will cause injuries to the body. People may have to undergo surgeries. People may turn foes. Insults, debt trap and legal tangles will have to be faced. Makaram rasi (Uthradam, Thiruvonam and Avittam) The lunar eclipse takes place in the janmarasi. Diseases, injuries and other physical discomforts will be caused by the eclipse to people in Uthradam and Thiruvonam stars. Thefts, fines, humiliation due to attachment of property may occur. Care should be taken in all ventures. Kumbham rasi (Avittam, Chathayam and Pooruruttathi) For these stars, the eclipse is at the twelfth spot. This means loss of money, leaving a place due to humiliation, loss of important documents, diseases affecting feet and injuries. Meenam rasi (Pooruruttathi, Uthrittathi and Revathy) The eclipse is at the eleventh rasi. This will lead to unexpected financial gains, winning chits and lottery, obtaining ancestral property etc. New opportunities to gain an income will present themselves before the people under these stars. Remedial measures On the lunar eclipse day, devotees should head to the temple pond or holy ghats and take a bath, ideally by dipping in the waters. They should offer prayers at Siva temple, conduct rituals like Jaladhara, Sankhabhishekam, Mrithyunjayarchana and Mrithyunjayahomam. During the time of the eclipse, chant the Mrithyunjaya Manthra. Also chant Om Namah Sivaya. Songs in praise of Siva should also be recited. After the eclipse, engage in charity works. Those under the shadow of Rahu/Ketu should chant the Garuda Panchakshari manthra. Everyone should apply sacred ash and offer archana and abhisheka to Chamundi Devi and Ganapathy. The effect of the lunar eclipse will prevail for a year and people in an adverse difficult situation as per their horoscope will face extreme difficulties. Chanting of Siva’s name is important during this time. People belonging to other religions can carry out remedial measures according to their belief. (Author’s address: Jyothis astrological research centre, TC 24/1984, Lulu apartments, Opp. Thycaud police ground, Thycaud PO, Thiruvananthapuram – 695014. Ph: 8078908087, 9526480571. e-mail: Fri, 27 Jul 2018 04:54:54 GMT Read life from your palm lines Just the way a geographical map demarcates hills, valleys and rivers of a place, the mounts, lines and other configurations on your palm can tell a lot about your life. A trained palmist can tell you about yourself by analysing the lines crisscrossing your palm – the length of the lines, their shape, their depth, the way they branch out, the lines they cross, way they start or finish and so on. There are six major lines the palmistry is primarily concerned about. The three lines running from top to bottom are well known. They are the heart line, head line and life line. On your right palm, running from left to right are Mercury line, Sun line and Saturn line. It is also called the line of destiny. Each of these lines has an impact on your life and they lay bare your life’s course. There are minor lines too on your palm. They include marriage line, lines of influence and the girdle of Venus. Heart line The heart line governs emotions and thoughts. Love, empathy, kindness, insecurity, independence, servitude and dependence are governed by this line. Head line Look at the head line to know about a person’s job, profession, intellect, wisdom, grasping power, aptitude for work, chances of success and other mental faculties. Life line Many people would think that the life line denotes the longevity of a person. Not quite. The line denotes the quality of life and lifestyle. It tells you how energetic, creative, confident, strong-willed, logical or just a person is. Mercury line The Mercury line is where you look for anything concerning health, especially of the nervous system. Trade, commerce, adventure and inquisitiveness are also qualities linked to the Mercury line. Sun line A person’s internal energy, creative talents, thinking prowess and the development of creative powers are linked to the sun line. Saturn line The Saturn line governs a person’s character, glory, career, friendship, daily strife, his capacity to overcome the strife and other mental faculties. (The writer is a former IAS officer. He is a quiz master and palmistry expert in Thiruvananthapuram) Thu, 26 Jul 2018 06:45:28 GMT Place the stairs right as per Vaastu A Vaastu-compliant house is one which lets in abundant light and air. Stairs have become an integral part of a house design since the dominance of the concrete houses. The stairs are an all-important element in any Vaastu scheme. Stairs are ideally suited in the south or west sides of the property. Never build a stair on the north side for this could lead to squabbles among the members of the family. Never build a stair on the northeast corner called Easana corner. This could lead to financial troubles. The number of steps should always be an even number. This will help a person who puts forth his right hand at the first step to get to the top floor on his right hand. Do not build the stair opposite the main door. Make it a bit to the left or the right. Some experts insist that the stair should not be visible when looked from the main door. This argument is not tested though. Try to avoid building the stair in the middle of the house. The flight of steps should be in clock-wise direction. Some practitioners say that the steps should not turn sough but the experts do not throw their weight behind the insistence. Do not confine the prayer room to the cramped space beneath the stair. You can use it as a storage area though. Keep away footwear and other items which carry negative energy from beneath the stair. They are best stored in shelves outside the house. Some people turn the space beneath the stair into a toilet. This can be advised only on the basis of the location of the stair. Narrow stairs are no good to a design. Wed, 25 Jul 2018 04:28:44 GMT A good home is all about directions The Vaasthu guidelines offer ways to maintain the balance between man and nature. Our ancestors had a clear idea about the magnetic fields on earth and their effect on our lives. They based their findings on observations. One of the basic tenets of Vaasthu is the ideal position of sleeping. The position is based on the magnetic field created around us while we sleep. Never point your head to the north when you sleep. When you point your head to the north, the magnetic field of your body will be in the same direction as the magnetic field of earth. This will lead to magnetic repulsion. The result would be physical discomforts and mental problems. On the other hand, pointing your head to the south is ideal. Pointing your head towards the east is also advisable, while west is not an option either. Students should face north or east when they sit down to read or write. While praying, face the east or north in the morning and west or north in the evening. Sitting in the right direction is also important when eating also. It is always best to face the east. Facing south or west is also good. It is said that food would be tastier if you eat it facing the east. It is also believed to be aiding in digestion. Never place the cot under a beam that supports the roof. This may lead to diseases or discomforts. Try not to use metal cots. If the southeast corner of the house has the presence of water, the residents may fall sick often. Always face the east while cooking in the kitchen. The toilet should be placed in the south or north. When you block the magnetic field of your house due to ignorance, you are missing a contented life. Sat, 21 Jul 2018 06:00:49 GMT How to cast away nightmares the feng shui way? The dragon-faced wooden swords carved by Tao masters are one of the main props of feng shui. The magnetic field created by the peach wood sword offers complete protection to its owner. It also ensures abundant source of positive energy. The ancient Tao masters always had the swords by their side as they conducted mystical rituals. The Chinese had long relied on the powers of the sword for their various rituals. Many of the Chinese people still use the swords to keep fear and nightmare at bay. The swords are hung in the bedrooms to ensure contented sleep to the children and adults alike. Feng shui experts claim that the device acts as a protective cover against demons and evil powers. They say that the swords can ward off the evil spirits that could get into the body of people who have visited the sick or attended a funeral. Another important feng shui instrument is a treasure chest. The Li Yuvan Wealth Temple was discovered by Tao monks who were digging a megalith in ancient China. The Chinese still believe that the temple-shaped chest is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. This chest is believed to help in granting of wishes, tiding over poverty and ushering in the good times. This chest should be kept in the southeast direction with all the necessary preparation. Read more: Latest in Astro Thu, 19 Jul 2018 06:00:49 GMT Even a cow figurine can bring you prosperity Kamadhenu in Indian mythology is the ultimate wish giver. Sage Vasishta’s pet cow can make all dreams come true. The cow is a symbol of prosperity and holiness in Hindu mythology. Even Mandarin legends attribute similar qualities to the cow. The Chinese wish cow that presides over treasures is a symbol of wish fulfilment in feng shui. The Chinese keep an icon of the wish cow on their office table or in the prayer room to keep misery away and to usher in prosperity. The Mandarin literature is full of stories about the cow that feeds the world with its milk. Feng shui has acknowledged the prime position of the cow in Hindu and Buddhist mythologies. The icons of the wish cow accompanied with several calves on a heap of gold coins are believed to bring in good fortune and good offsprings. Feng shui masters recommend waking up to these figurines or keep looking at them for the improvement of our children. The Chinese culture consider cows as a versatile symbol of harvest, survival and nurturing. Cow figurines are believed to bring confidence, hard work and strong wills to humans. Feng shui masters say that wish cow figurines can ensure success in business ventures and success in examinations by boosting confidence. Read more: Latest in Astro Wed, 18 Jul 2018 04:27:09 GMT Chime in the good times with Tibetan magic bells Tibetans have been using the Om bell for worship for centuries. The monks augmented their chants with the sound of the bell. Even the Chinese believe that this bell is magical and auspicious. Chiming the bell at daybreak and the evening will fill your house with positive energy. Feng shui recommends keeping these auspicious bells along with Dorje diamonds so that they provide the owner with health, wealth and peace of mind. The Dorje diamondss mentioned in feng shui has the same properties as the vajrayudhas mentioned in Hindu mythology. The eternal Dorje diamonds have their origin in Tantric Buddhism. Dorje diamonds are two diamonds connected through a rod. Metallic Dorje diamonds are also available in the market these days. Yet the best ones are made with diamonds or other precious stones. Keep these diamonds in your suitcase or wear them as a pendant in a chain around your neck to remove hurdles on the way. It is a good idea to hang a Dorje diamond at the main entrance of your house or office. Read more: Latest in Astro Mon, 16 Jul 2018 17:15:25 GMT Vaastu-compliant and still facing problems? What could go wrong? A house is everyone’s dream. Many people rely on Vaastu directives when they build their own house. Even Vaastu compliance does not ensure a peaceful living. Why so? Homemakers seldom give as much stress on placing furniture and home appliances as they give on home building. Misplaced furniture and accessories could have an effect on the quality of life of the people living in the house, feng shui experts say. Feng shui has many directions offer when arranging furniture and home appliances. Foremost among them is never to place a mirror opposite the main door. When you place a mirror against the main door, you are letting the light from the outside bounce off it. Many people incorporate the garage into their house. There may be rooms built on top of the garage. Never do this. Strong and unfavourable energy may pass on from the automobiles to the house. The kitchen is the most active part of a house. A kitchen should always be kept clean. Keep the hearth clean too. You will be ensuring prosperity and good fortune in your house. Most of us can’t let go of our mobile phones, even inside the bedroom. Banish all electronic devices from the bedroom to ensure happiness in your house. Never place a cot against the door of the bedroom. Keep the guest bedrooms clean and clutter free. Keep away squabbles from the house. Keep the kitchen table spotless to ensure prosperity in your house. It is not a good idea to let the children use the kitchen table to draw pictures or do some other activity. Fri, 13 Jul 2018 04:34:27 GMT What if you have a gap between your teeth Perfectly lined teeth adds to a person’s charms. People go to any length to maintain the quality of their teeth and even to “correct” minor asymmetries. A gap between front teeth is cause for a massive complex for many people. Many people are wary of smiling for fear of exposing the “fault”. Yet they may be lucky in a sense, some astrologers say. The gap between front teeth is a sign of fortune. If you have two upper teeth far enough to let the tongue slightly protrude between them, count yourself lucky. You may find yourself acceptable in every forum. You may be an icon of confidence and self-respect. People with a visible gap between upper teeth never shirk from responsibility. They tend to strive until the last moment to do a good job. The larger the gap, the greater such persons’ willingness to go the extra mile. They never disown their decisions no matter how adventurous the path awaiting them. Such people are likely to be intelligent and creative. They have a habit of making it big in life. They tend to be hardworking and yearning for knowledge. They are adventurous. They are talkative and they can keep alive a conversation for any amount of time. They could easily win their goals if they use their smooth talk positively. Such people are likely to possess business acumen. They tend to have a knack for amassing money and saving it. They always spend their resources wisely. Sometimes they spend too fast, one of the few negative points attributed to people with gap between their teeth. So the next time someone tells you to “correct” the gap between your teeth, you know what to tell them. Thu, 12 Jul 2018 05:02:38 GMT Will sacred thread help you ward off trouble? Most people tie threads to their wrist. Some sport is as a fashion statement while others do it out of religious beliefs. It is believed that tying sacred threads will help people ward off drishti dosha (evil eye), shatru dosha (enemy evil effects) and badha dosha (evil effects of spirits). Will tying the scared thread help ward off these evils? Positive energy is in abundance at religious places. When a priest ties the thread after saying prayers it is believed that the thread will have power and energy, according to astrology. It could be a lifeline to those who are neck deep in troubles while giving more confidence to believers to face challenges in life. Threads of several colours are tied to body parts. Colours have a big influence in our life. Each of the nine planets have a favourable colour. It is believed that even if you tie a thread without saying any prayers it could bring positive energy. Each colour has its own benefits. Black thread Most people use black thread. It denotes Shani and Rahu of the nine planets. By wearing a black thread, one could stave off the evil effects of Shani and Rahu. Black thread also helps block evil eye. For babies, the black thread is tied with panchaloha (traditional five-metal alloys) on their waist. It is believed that the energy from both the black thread and the panchaloha protects the child from negative energy in the surroundings. Red thread Red is the colour of Chovva (Mars), one of the nine planets. Tying red threads from Devi temples will help ward off evil effects of enemies. It also aids removal of evil effects of spirits. Yellow thread The yellow thread is integral to wedding functions. The wedding chain is entwined with the yellow thread for marital bliss. Yellow is also the colour of Jupiter, which brings prosperity. Orange or saffron thread Orange/saffron thread wards off all problems in life and provides calm and peace. Some people tie all these threads together on their wrist. This could foil all evil effects and bring prosperity and health. Wed, 11 Jul 2018 11:37:05 GMT Win lord Krishna's grace; give him a pride of place at home Lord Krishna is the ninth incarnation of Vishnu. According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Krishna has several forms. Their popular representations include images in which child Krishna is stealing butter, sucking toe while lying on a banyan leaf or playing along with Balaram. It is believed several benefits accrue if certain icons of Krishna are kept in your home. A few are the following: » Butter thief Krishna - For child birth » Toe-sucking Krishna lying on a banyan leaf - Cure for children’s distress. » Baby Krishna suckling milk from a cow - Boost the health of children at home. » Krishna playing flute - For household unity and to avoid clashes. » Krishna and Radha - For a happy married life. » Kaaliyamardhanam - To evade machinations of enemies and curses of snakes. » Govardhan Dhari - Freedom from sufferings and overcoming obstacles. » Rukmini wedding - For marriage. » Krishna and Kuchela - To avoid poverty, discharge of debt and maintain friendships. » Parthasarathy - For enhancing knowledge and eliminating enemies. » Guruvayoorappan - Overall prosperity. » Sudarshana - Elimination of enemies. » Lakshmi Narayana - For prosperity of the household and happiness in the family. Tue, 10 Jul 2018 05:33:31 GMT What is your lucky colour? The stars have a say We all have our own favourite colours. Your choices may be governed by your zodiac sign too. You could choose your lucky colour based on your zodiac sign. Wear these colours or have them near you and you could experience positive changes in your life. You may be surprised by fortunes and riches. Your lucky colours could help you overcome difficult times if you have chosen them in accordance with your zodiac signs. Here is a guide to help you pick your lucky colour. Aries Meda kooru (For people born between March 22 and April 20) People born between March 22 and April 20 who count Aries as their zodiac sign tend to be gentle and principled beings. They are likely to be honest and innocent. They could boost their chances by sporting blue or dark red. Taurus Edava kooru (For people born between April 21 and May 21) You can count on people born between April 21 and May 21. They are likely to be credible and practical. They are also likely to indulge in worldly pleasures. They can choose between a range of colours to stay lucky. Light brown, green and cream can prove to be lucky for them. Gemini Midhuna kooru (For people born between May 22 and June 21) People who count Gemini as their zodiac sign tend to take intelligent decisions. At the same time, their characters are likely to be volatile. They could be unpredictable at times. Pale yellow and light green are the lucky colours for them. Cancer Karkidaka kooru (For people born between June 22 and July 23) People who are born between June 22 and July 23 are generally soft. They tend to be emotional and easily offended. They can choose their lucky colour from a palette of purple and light blue. Leo Chinga kooru (For people born between July 24 and August 23) Leos may have a reputation of being short-fused but they often yearn for love and recognition. They tend to be mysterious. They can choose their lucky colour from a palette of golden, orange and pink. These colours could help them find a fortune. Virgo Kanni kooru (For people born between August 24 and September 23) People born between August 24 and September 23 tend to be hardworking. Yet they may be haunted unnecessary anxieties and their progress may be limited by shyness. They could expect a lift by sporting green. Any dark shades are favourable to Virgo. Libra Thula kooru (For people born between September 24 and October 23) Libra sign belongs to those people who are known to be gentle and kind. They do crazy stuff for the people they love. Their lucky colour is pink Scorpio Virchika kooru (For people born between October 24 and November 22) People born between October 24 and November 22 unnecessarily worry about their reputation. They keep wondering what the others would think of them. They always strive to earn a good name for themselves. Their lucky colours include wine red and maroon. Sagittarius Dhanu kooru (For people born between November 23 and December 22) Sagittarius belongs to those people who are known to be friendly and strong-willed. They always take their own decisions. They do well by relying on lighter shades. Yellowish orange or tawny shades could boost their chances. Capricorn Makara kooru (For people born between December 23 and January 20) People born between December 23 and January 20 tend to be calm and composed. You would seldom hear them complaining about anything. They are almost always happy. Their lucky colours are dark green and dark blue. Aquarius Kumba kooru (For people born between January 21 and February 19) Aquarians stand by the truth. They always tend to align with the just cause even at the cost of antagonising people. They look after their families. Greenish blue is good for them. Pisces Meena kooru (For people born between February 20 and March 21) People born between February 20 and March 21 tend to be selfless in their relations. Their empathetic attitudes may cause disturbances in their family life though. Their lucky colours are sky blue and light green. Thu, 05 Jul 2018 03:52:01 GMT What a broken coconut tells you Coconut is an unavoidable ingredient in Kerala cuisine. Almost all households break a coconut for cooking every day. The breaking of coconuts may have other unintended benefits as well. If you manage to break the coconut into two equal parts, you could hope for all things to fall into places that day. If the part with the eyes end up bigger, you could expect a slowdown in your domestic affairs. If the other part is bigger, the result of the cooking may not be great. If the coconut splinters while breaking, it is not a good omen. You could expect roadblocks and hindrances. You have to break open another coconut while praying to Ganesha to solve the problem. You have to follow up while breaking open a coconut when you visit a Ganesha temple later. Read more: Latest in Astrology Wed, 04 Jul 2018 04:37:57 GMT